Thursday, October 1, 2015

Wednesday's Shoot - Riley

A few weeks ago I was finally able to shoot my friend Riley for Soles of Silk (see blog: "Thursday's Shoot - Riley). I was super excited to have her in front of my camera that day and ever since, I've been just as excited to make it happen again. Today I was able to do just that.

Once again Riley and I squeezed in a set during our break between split shifts at work. We planned our idea and location in advance because we'd only have a couple of hours to shoot and get something to eat. Today's theme, a work out.

We drove to some basketball courts after our afternoon shift ended. It had been raining off and on all morning and afternoon and hadn't yet stopped when we arrived. We debated on eating first to see if the rain would stop. We decided not to, however, because we didn't want it to start raining harder and not get in any photos at all. Better to deal with the light drizzle than anything heavier. So we began.

Riley doing a little stretching in the rain.

Riley sat on her yoga mat and before long was showing off those adorable little feet of hers again. I swear, I really love her feet. They're so cute with their chubby toes and soft soles - just how I like them. And the best part about this set was seeing them get a little pruned up due to the rain and humidity. One of the comments on the Soles of Silk Instagram (@SolesofSilk) mentioned it as well.

"They look like they have been in the bath," wrote @DueceBigglo.

I mentioned this fact to her while shooting. She just rolled her eyes and laughed. Riley is used to me and my odd little quirks. I assured her other people would notice and certainly love that little extra tidbit about this set. Looks like I was right since @DueceBigglo wrote that shortly after the sample shot was posted on Instagram.

Overall we shot this set pretty quickly. We weren't sure if the rain would hold out, or if it would let loose at any moment. We did our photos and then a video clip and called it a day.

We probably would have had time to do a second set, but we didn't plan on doing another one. Our original plans were to do one set each on both Wednesday and Thursday. Sadly, the forecast is saying there is an 80-100 percent chance of rain tomorrow, all day, depending on which source you look at. I'm hoping we can catch a break though. Our plan for the next one? Flats.

I know I said this above, but I'm going to repeat it again. I'm so very happy that Riley is posing for Soles of Silk. She and I have worked together for a few years now and we've been getting to know each other a little better recently. Even when we bicker, or I go and get all work-related mad at her, we both blow it off and let it go. I have a ton of fun hanging out with and shooting her. I wish she had been doing it for a longer period of time, but that's not how it played out. I'm hoping, however, to do a lot of catch up work and make Riley one of Soles of Silk's regular models. It seems like she has a ton of fun posing too, so I look forward to many more shoots, fun themes, and hopefully, interesting little excursions with her. And oh yeah, a foot rub! She denied me one today. It will happen! I promise!

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