Thursday, October 1, 2015

Thursday's Shoot - Riley

Yesterday Riley and I shot a workout themed set during a light drizzle (see blog: "Wednesday's Shoot - Riley"). Since it was calling for rain all day today, we decided to play it by ear on whether we'd do our planned set during our break today.

When I woke up it wasn't looking good. There was a steady rain fall with no immediate signs that it would end. As a matter of fact, they're calling for rain over the next few days with a hurricane headed our way at the tail end of it. So yeah, I wasn't sure what Riley would think about shooting today.

After I got to work I was able to talk with her. She wasn't keen on the idea of getting wet again. She didn't get soaked yesterday, but we were in the drizzle long enough to get pretty damp. The rain today was much heavier. Add in that it was also chilly, and Riley was worried that it would be miserable.

Throughout our afternoon shift we tossed around some ideas to see if we could still make this happen. I proposed the idea of shooting somewhere where we could take cover from the rain. She asked if she could wear a jacket too. I said of course. She was fine with both ideas, so we were on after all!

We made a quick stop at Riley's place for her to get changed and grab her flats. I then drove us to a park where I remembered there being a small covered area overlooking a nearby marsh. I was counting on the rain not blowing through since it really wasn't windy. Once we arrived, I checked the out the location and it was dry just like I had hoped.

I promised Riley we'd shoot this one quick. She gets cold easily and I didn't want her freezing her pretty little toes off. Add in the fact that I was wearing shorts and a T-shirt and I was worried I'd be cold too. Luckily for us, the trees and bushes all around us cut off the majority of the little bit of wind that occasionally blew.

Riley giving her flats a quick sniff. Jealous?

Riley began the set in her flats. I really like these shoes and I'm glad she brought them with her. I did a number of photos with them on her feet to start off. From there I had her do a number of shots with dangling, or heel pops.

Once the teasing part was over, I asked Riley to start pulling off each flat, one at a time. I prolonged those poses as well, but eventually she'd have both flats off and on the bench beside her. That's when those heavenly soles of hers became front and center.

Obviously I'm a sole guy. I love the entire foot, but I have a preference for the bottoms. Seeing Riley's soft soles and watching her wiggle her toes every which way is just the cutest thing. The best part is watching her toes spread, but then slowly collapse as she tries to hold them apart for the shot. We spent a few minutes here and there watching her try to keep them spread while laughing at how certain toes just didn't want to stay that way.

Before wrapping up the set I had Riley pose her feet up on the railing for a few shots and then some of her laying on her stomach for a few more. The ones of her looking back over her shoulder weren't ones I always do, but I really liked how they came out - something different.

When it was time for us to end up, we shot a quick video clip. In the clip I asked Riley to wear her flats, and this time with her socks. During the clip Riley pulled them off slowly before giving each item a little sniff. After smelling them, she threw them at the camera man (me), even hitting me in the head with the last shoe. I know she was aiming for me!

Although the weather wasn't amazing today, I'm glad I was able to shoot both the days that Riley and I had planned. I still want to plan something with her when we can get out and do several all at once too. Just do something where we don't have to schedule around work shifts. Hopefully we are able to do that here before the weather just gets too cold. This girl can pose for me whenever she wants.

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