Thursday's Shoot: Part 2 - Mindee & Cierra

In the days leading up to shooting with Mindee today she mentioned that Cierra would have a couple of hours open if I wanted to shoot her too. I've been itching to get these two back together again after having such fun shooting them together back in June (see blog: "Sunday's Shoot: Part 2 - Cierra & Mindee").

Mindee and I had just finished up doing two solo sets today when we were on our way to meet up with Cierra. If you didn't get a chance to see how those sets went, I suggest giving the first part of this blog a read, "Thursday's Shoot: Part 1 - Mindee."

When the three of us arrived at the park we knew we didn't have a bunch of time to shoot. I had my fingers crossed that I'd be able to squeeze in a solo set of Cierra after her and Mindee shot one together. That didn't work out, however. The set of them together though... talk about fun times! These two just can't help but clown around when with each other. It started in the parking lot as the two of them had to get changed prior to the shoot and lasted until we got back after we finished.

This set would see both girls in dresses and thigh high stockings. I wasn't sure what color to go with, so I started thinking about what colors the girls have done in the past. Mindee has done nude stockings twice and Cierra had done black. That's when I decided to have Mindee do black and Cierra do nude. Two shades in the same set and each girl doing the one she hadn't yet done.

Eventually the girls would be ready to go. We made our way down onto a boardwalk area overlooking a river. The spot is generally never too populated, and that's how it was today... well, for the most part. More on that later.

Mindee & Cierra swapped a stocking off of one of their legs with each other.

I had the girls start off sitting next to each other in this one before kicking out their soles. When I finally got to see their soles though, it was so cute! Cierra's, of course, were sweating, even though it wasn't even hot. Mindee's were darkened by the black stockings, but when her feet flexed, you could see her skin tone showing through. It just looked neat with the two different shades. I'm glad I didn't have them both match.

As I mentioned above, the girls did a bunch of playful things throughout this set. At one point they removed one of their stockings and placed it onto the foot of the other. Seeing each girl wearing two shades of stockings was unique and something I think I might have to explore again in the future. You can see what I mean in the sample photo above, actually, as Mindee puts her stocking onto Cierra. You can also see Cierra's stocking already on Mindee's extended left foot.

As it does with each set, the girls' feet would eventually end up bare toward the end. I would have been snapping away as many photos as I could at this point, but that's when we got stopped. A woman and four small kids came by and literally stood right next to us. I'm talking reach out and touch them distance. I had my camera out and the girls were way over dressed for a day at the park, so it was obvious there was some photography going on. Still, she had kids with her and I always just let them enjoy their day at the park and put the shoot on hold. This time, unlike most other times this has happened, however, these people weren't leaving. It pretty much killed any hope of getting in a second set with Cierra afterward. Oh well, we decided to try to get in another one or two next week instead. I'll keep everyone posted.

A short while later the woman and the kids finally were on their way. I put the camera back around my neck and the girls kicked their feet back up. I shot a bunch of barefoot shots to finish up the set. A few even saw the stockings come back into play for a sniff or two and some stretching around all four of their arches.

Now that the set was finished, we headed back to our cars to call it a day. Between the two sets I got today with Mindee and the one of Mindee and Cierra together, I had a much better day than I would have had going to work! There is no doubt about that!

As for next week, I'm really hoping to meet up again with Cierra. I miss seeing her and those little feet on a regular basis. Seeing them next to Mindee's just spoils me! Those four adorable feet and 20 wiggling toes, all of which belong to girls who have been posing for me since this site started... yes, I'll call that spoiled! Hopefully I am continuously spoiled by these two for many more years to come.

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