Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Monday's Shoot - Mindee & Marcy

So I'm betting some of you saw what was posted to the Soles of Silk Instagram (@SolesofSilk) and Twitter (@SolesofSilk) accounts yesterday afternoon. I wonder how many of you have been waiting, and wondering, when the normal shoot blog would be published? Well, if you were, the wait is over. I do apologize for the delay. I had plans with some friends to attend Terror Behind the Walls at Eastern State Penitentiary in Philadelphia after the shoot. I didn't get home until just a few minutes ago.

If you're in the dark about who shot today, it was the cousin duo of Mindee and Marcy. This is the third time I've been lucky enough to have these two together in a set. Just like the past two times, it was just so relaxed and an overly goofy experience! Here's how it went.

I met up with the girls at Mindee's place around 1:30 p.m. Right away the atmosphere was one of fun. The girls were joking around with each other, and of course, I had a few tossed my way. I'm sure I deserved a few of them for things I happened to say though.

Marcy goofing off her cousin, Mindee's feet.

The girls put on their M&M's gear and Mindee cleared off her bed. We've had the idea for this M&M's set for a few years now and I've had the items purchased for over one year. If you haven't figured it out, the idea is based off the fact that both these cousins have names that being with the letter "M," so hence, "M&M." Brilliant, I know!

After the girls took to the bed and the bowls of M&M's were put in front of the them, they began eating them right away. I gave them a look and said to be sure to save some. They laughed and asked me if I wanted any. I said yes, but I'll get mine slightly used in the middle of the set. The girls just laughed.

Mindee and Marcy started this set off in toe socks, which is the first time I've done toe socks since Lisa Tyler's debut set back in 2004. To be honest, they're not my favorite kind of socks, but I do get some requests for them. When I saw these socks at the store, I knew they'd be perfect for the set theme and bought them.

The girls did a number of poses in the socks when we began. I kept shooting and quickly realized that we were already a bunch of photos in. I joked that it's time to get these socks off. The girls gave me crap for giving them orders, but the socks soon came off. 

Once they each had one foot bare, I shot them with all their feet out to get that mix of socks and barefoot all in one set. I also got in my first good long foot rub on those bare feet too - one belonging to each girl. Yeah, I was loving life. The girls sure seemed to be too as they both laid back and talked about what was going on with life. Marcy claimed the foot rubs were her favorite part of doing the shoots and even asked if I remembered the time I gave her a foot rub that lasted longer than an hour at a park on a past shoot. Of course, I remembered that day!

Eventually the foot massage would end and our shoot would get back underway. The girls went at each other's feet, sticking M&M's between each other's toes and then finally tugging off the remaining socks. I kept stealing the M&M's for a snack. Hey, I was hungry! That's also when the girls told me the newly bare feet needed the same massage treatment their other feet had gotten earlier. Back to rubbing these girls' feet I went. No complaints either!

This massage lasted a very long time. It got to the point where I had to actually stop it because if it went on much longer, I would have been late for my event that evening. Sadly, I had to give up the four feet before me and get back to finishing up the set.

The final photos of this set involved all barefoot shots. The girls stuck them into the bowls full of M&M's and then out toward the camera as well. The photo count on the set was so high by this point, but I kept shooting until the last minute.

The finale for the on camera fun came after the photos were finished. I told the girls to have at it with a pillow fight and tickle fest. I'm surprised these two didn't fall off the bed at any point. They were all over the place.

When the tickling was over, Mindee had to run out for a few minutes and I was supposed to get my stuff packed up and go meet with my friends. Well, that turned into a 20 minute foot rub with Marcy instead. She wouldn't even let me stop for a minute either. She stuck her feet right out to me, giving me the hint if I paused. 

Marcy and I used the foot rub time to talk about getting together, hopefully next week, for more photos. The original plan was to shoot a solo one of her after the M&M's set, but all the foot rubs and large photo burned a lot of time off the clock. Again, no complaints! 

Be sure to check this blog and the site's social media accounts to stay informed about Marcy's impending shoots. I'm super excited and I'm sure you're eager to see anything we do.

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