Monday's Shoot - Kaycee & Reagan

A few weeks ago I was finally able to get both Kaycee and Reagan together to shoot. It was something they've both been wanting to do since Reagan joined the site a few months after Kaycee. Well, I was able to do it again today as both were kind enough to give me some of their time after my original plans fells through.

I picked up Kaycee first as Reagan had classes. I figured I'd use time to get Kaycee's solo set out of the way first. We drove around to a couple of parks and finally decided to use a pier that a few people were leaving.

Kaycee started off the day doing a solo set with flats.

Kaycee brought a pair of interesting shoes with her for this set that I really liked. They looked like a cross between flats and bowling shoes. I couldn't wait to see her pulling her feet out of them!

I had Kaycee pose for a bit with her shoes. It wasn't a hot day, but I still wanted her feet to sit inside those shoes for a bit. She did numerous poses, but before long I had her begin to dangle the shoes off her feet. Still, I didn't have her take them all the way off right away. Kind of like a slow tease!

Eventually Kaycee would have those shoes off and those lilac toes would be on display. Between those 10 piggies and her soft soles, Kaycee did what she's done numerous times this year and posed her feet every which way she could think of.

We would end up having to pause due to some people coming onto the small pier at one point mid-set, but before long we were back shooting again. Well, that was until it was time to shoot the video clip. As we were finishing that up, someone else came down to go fishing. Sometimes you just can't win.

With Kaycee's set finished we were off to go pick up Reagan. After the short drive, I had both girls in my car and we were off to go shoot Reagan's first set on the day.

I didn't have an exact plan for Reagan's set. I told her to just wear something casual. I did, however, bring a bag of goodies that she could use, if she wanted to, for her set. In that bag was some cheap gags like a whoopie cushion, some glasses with googly eyes, and some fake mustaches. Reagan loved them and that's what she wanted to do.

Reagan got to act a little silly for the second set.

We found a little spot away from everyone and I figured it was a good place to go ahead and let her have some fun. She posed her little feet with the whoopie cushion between them, wore the googly eyes, and even put on the mustaches. She spent most of this set laughing her ass off.

A lot of Reagan's set had her dainty little feet sticking her feet out to the camera with those soft soles in view. My favorite poses, however, were when she stuck them up on the railing. It put those soles right in your face, which is right where I like them.

Once Reagan's set was finished, it was time for the girls to do another one together. I had come up with the idea weeks ago to do a set with snowballs and the girls have been wanting to do that ever since I mentioned it. Since it's mid-September, we were still able to hit up a snowball stand and make this happen.

We bought a pair of jumbo snowballs that matched the socks Reagan brought with her for them to wear. Yup, snowballs and socks together! That's something the girls also wanted to do, so Reagan went out and picked up two pairs the night before.

Once again, these two friends had a blast goofing off in a set.

By the time we began this set we were against the clock for shooting. We'd have a little over an hour, so we had to get underway. We drove to another park where I thought we'd have plenty of space to shoot. There ended up being a few people around, but overall, we weren't bothered - unless you count some bees. Damn... those bees! I guess they liked snowballs because that's all they were interested in.

This set started off with the girls in the socks. They did a slow strip tease to get their socks off for the beginning portion of the set. Eventually they would get them off and that's when the snowballs came into play.

Both girls were flicking the snowballs all over each other's feet once they started to get into it. Some of it even splashed on me as I was taking the photos. And just like I predicted before we started shooting, the girls feet began to turn colors due to the snowballs.

The day would finish up with us shooting a video of the girls throwing the rest of their snowballs onto their feet. I once again got splashed, but the girls were having fun, so I didn't care. Thankfully the bee didn't come back in the middle of the video clip. Thanks Mr. Bee.

All in all this was a fun day and one I was glad I was able to squeeze in after my original plans fell through. Both Kaycee and Reagan love posing for everyone and have each and every set - especially when they're together.

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