Monday's Shoot - Jasey Rae

Back in 2013 I was able to shoot my friend, Jasey Rae for the first time. We did two sets and planned to do more. That didn't exactly happen, however. Well, not until today, almost two years later. 

That's right, Jasey Rae is back! She wiggled those plump little toes of hers in front of my wanting eyes and camera for five sets today and I would have gladly shot more had we more sunlight. Here is a recap of this awesome day.

The day started off around 10 a.m. when I picked up Jasey so she could get her toes painted. She asked me what color I wanted her to wear, but I left it up to her. I only asked that she pick something bright. I prefer flashy/bright polish colors.

When Jasey emerged from the nail salon and got into my car, I looked down to see she had went with an awesome shade of blue. I knew people were going to love these photos for that fact alone. So many people ask for, and comment on, the sets I do with models with blue toes. I told her it was a great choice and we were on our way to the store for some round, gooey props.

With the props in our possession we made our way to a waterfront area I knew would offer us some privacy for this set. This theme, and Jasey's attire would require that privacy. Let me explain.

Since Jasey debuted on Soles of Silk she's found sets like Cierra's Size & Foot Tease Wu's Feet Links feature set and more recently, Mindee's and Kaycee's Blue Balls sets to be so fun. Actually, the original plan was to have Jasey do the blue balls theme a few years ago, but that didn't work out. Because of that, I felt Jasey deserved a fun little set of her own. I went online and found a shirt with a cock tease slogan on it. Perfect! Jasey thought so as well. But what else could we do? That's the idea I came up with just last night. Cinnabon Delights - little cinnamon covered balls full of warm, gooey frosting. Once again, Jasey loved the idea.

Jasey was itching to do a more "teasing" set this time.

Jasey and I made our way along a long path and down to a small river overlook. She sat down on one of the two chairs and I handed her the box of Cinnabon Delights.

I asked Jasey to go slow and pose her bare feet a bit before smashing anything. I had her do some playful gestures too, which just made this set over the top fun. When those small cinnamon balls came into play, however, that fun level jumped up a few more levels!

Jasey smashed those balls between her soft soles and between those chubby toes. They didn't last long at all, but watching her demolish them was a great way to kick off the morning. I didn't let her get away without a video capturing the fun either. I actually posted a short 10 second clip of it on the Soles of Silk Instagram page (@SolesofSilk) as well. Be sure to go check out all that sticky fun!

Once that first set was in the books I decided to stay in the area and shoot the second and third sets. No one was in the around and maybe I could come away with a few extra sets of Jasey.

Jasey Rae loved this photo I took of her out on the pier.

Jasey brought along a nautical themed shirt, so I asked her to use it for second set. We went out to the edge of the pier and Jasey kept her flip flops on. She had never done a set with flip flops yet, so I thought that would be something else for her fans to enjoy.

We moved all along the pier and I got some more amazing views of those soft soles and fat little toes. Jasey was honestly posing like she's been doing it regularly since 2013. I only wish she had been. We were midway through the second set on the day and I was already so very happy to have her posing again.

This set moved along quickly and before we knew it, there was enough photos to make a set. We did another clip and then we decided on our third location up along the pathway down to the piers.

Jasey Rae's work sneakers sure were smelly!

Since I asked Jasey to bring some sneakers with her the night before, I had her go ahead and put them on for her third set. She actually brought the shoes she normally wears to work too - ones that she said several times during the shoot were on the smelly side. I confirmed that she wasn't lying either.

Just like the second set, this third set moved right along. It went from Jasey's feet being in sneakers and ankle socks, to just socks, and then to completely bare. I made sure to capture every little step in the process along the way too. I got in shots with shoes and socks on, one shoe/one sock on, one barefoot/one sock clad foot, and both feet bare. I get so many people who love the one foot this way, one foot that way photos, so I was able to get several variations in this one. After I did, it was only natural to shoot it all over again in clip form.

We had been making great time at this point, but it was time for lunch. We did a little stop and then were on our way to pick up another prop that we needed - a pair of black thigh high stockings. We kind of ended up picking them up from a rather unique place too - an adult novelty store. Hey, why not?

By time we left the store and made our way to our fourth location, the clouds had really picked up. They had covered the sky the entire day, but now they were on the gray side. We had to begin the set if we had any plans of shooting another one afterward, which I really wanted to do.

Jasey Rae pulling off her black thigh highs.

The original spot I wanted to use, by a lighthouse, we didn't. It was too central to where a lot of people would pass us by. With Jasey wearing a skirt in this set and pulling off thigh highs, I thought we should go somewhere a little further out. We picked another pier. This pier, unlike the one from two sets ago had a line of benches on it, so it was perfect for Jasey to pull off her stockings.

Once Jasey straightened out her stockings, which weren't exactly the style we thought we were buying, we were underway. We thought we bought a pair that were more on the shear side, but they ended up being more opaque. Oh well, it was too late now, so we made due.

In all honestly, the stockings were so dark I didn't have Jasey leave them on as long as I normally would have if they were shear. Just like she did with her sneakers and socks earlier, she tugged them away and I shot every step in between her wearing them and her feet being bare.

After another clip, we wrapped up the set, which I'm sure Jasey was happy to do. It was about 6 p.m. and being out in the middle of the bay was a little more chilly than it had been back on land.

We had enough time to do one last set at this point. Jasey threw on another outfit, this one with blue jeans. I explained the whole love for girls barefoot in blue jeans to Jasey. She was happy that something so simple was something people would like about the set before we even shot anything.

Jasey Rae on a bridge over an old canal lock.

We did this last set up river from our last set by an old Canal Lock house. We made our way onto the small bridge over the canal and began shooting. This set was 100 percent barefoot, so we didn't have any shoes, socks, or stockings to worry about getting off. It was bare feet front and center in most of the photos.

In the middle of the set we began to feel some rain drops. We shot quickly and ended the set when we had enough photos. With Jasey still laying on the bridge, I got brave. I reached out and treated her to a 15 minute foot massage! 

Yes, the same Jasey that always denied me foot rubs didn't balk at me grabbing them without her permission. I fully expected her to pull them away after a few seconds and say that's all I get. Nope. I totally lucked out and she admitted it felt very nice. Still, I'm sure I earned lots of teasing and denying for any future shoots when it comes to foot rubs. Hopefully it was pleasurable enough to make her want them every so often though. Hopefully...

All joking aside, today was an awesome day. Like I said above, I wish Jasey had been posing for me regularly ever since she debuted, but it didn't happen like that. Good things come to those who wait, however, because this photographer and Jasey's fans got five great sets that I'm sure you will love just as much as I do. Be on the lookout for them in the months to come.

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