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Monday's Shoot - Alice & Camille (New Model)

Sometimes the best things come to those who wait. I guess it's life's way of teasing and denying you before that amazing outcome you've been looking for. That pretty much sums up today - the day Alice and Camille were finally able to spend the day with me and do a handful of sets. If you've been paying attention to the site's Instagram (@SolesofSilk) and Twitter (@SolesofSilk) accounts, then you've already gotten yourself a little tease of the action from today's shoots. Well, now it's time to get into a little more detail and even show off some samples from a set that didn't get shown on social media.

We started the day out a few minutes late, but whatever. I told Alice she'd just owe me some foot rub time for making me wait. 

"I will be okay with that punishment," she texted me in response.

I like how this girl thinks! When I playfully told her I meant her rubbing Camille's feet, she did even better.

"I'm in luck then. She has cute feet," she replied.

Once I picked up Alice it was on to pick up the site's newest model, who finally made her debut today - Camille. I've mentioned Camille a few times in the past. She's Kayleigh's younger sister who turned 18 earlier this year.

Before the three of us did anything shoot related, however, we made a stop at a Chic-fil-A. We were all hungry and I figured we'd be able to spend a little bit of time talking about what the shoots would be like - especially for Camille who was new to this. We also determined which nail salon the girls wanted go to. Both wanted to get a fresh pedicure for the sets. I figured I'd leave the girls to get their nails done while I went to get gas and hit up the ATM machine. Little did I know, this nail salon would put us behind by a few hours!

After I had dropped the girls off, I did my errands and then returned to the nail salon. I told the girls I'd be out in the car waiting. Well, I waited and waited and waited. Alice and Camille told me the salon was busy when they arrived and they were just getting taken care of.

A short while later, I sent the girls the following text: "I think of I've read ALL of Facebook out here. All of it..."

I waited a little while longer and finally the girls emerged. I decided to go ahead and shoot Alice's set first, so we rushed to a spot nearby. I thought it would be a good idea for Camille to see what a set was like before doing one, so she sat on a bench behind us and looked on.

I told Alice I enjoy being teased, so naturally I find this photo to be just that - teasing.

For the first set of the day I had Alice wear shoes. She brought a pair of gray Vans. I loved the way they looked on her bare feet too - without socks, of course, because that's a favorite of mine. Somehow Alice never remembered me saying that either, but she thought it was kind of neat that someone would be into her feet when they're sweaty and maybe even smelly. I assured her that I am and am far from the only one. Camille just laughed at our silly conversation. Alice, however, was very intrigued by it.

Since today was in the mid-90's temperature-wise, it didn't take long for Alice's feet to begin to sweat while in her shoes. Obviously, a master of my craft, I made her keep them on for a bit before pulling them off her size 11 feet. I know what I'm doing!

Eventually Alice would free her big feet from her shoes. Once again we began a conversation about how I like her big feet. She admitted that hearing my praise and reading others online has made her feel better about them being big. I'm glad she feels that way and I'm glad all of you have made similar statements when it comes to her photos. It really does make her feel good about what she does. She deserves it too. I told her countless times that I'm so glad she poses for me and that her big feet have actually made me a fan of larger feet more than I previously was.

When we had done our share of photos I did a video clip of her taking off her shoes once more. Funny thing was, however, there was a teenage boy off in the distance who kept looking over at us. I had no idea since I had my back to him. By the end of the set though, both girls were waving to him. I wonder if he had a foot fetish?

After a quick stop at a 7-11 for drinks it was off to a nearby park for Camille's first ever set. Once again, I went to an old trusted theme - shoes with no socks. In this set, however, Camille brought athletic shoes to wear. What I didn't know was what was awaited me inside those shoes. Well, not until she freed them in the set eventually. When that time came, a pair of very moist, sweaty feet were on display.

Camille showing her adorable feet in her first ever set for Soles of Silk.

Just like with Alice's set I had made Camille's feet sweat it out for a bit before asking her to pull off her shoes. I could see her feet glisten just a little bit in the sun, so I gave them the good old "there's something on your feet" wipe motion with my hand. Yup, I was right! Sweaty! I'm pretty sure Camille knew I just wanted to feel how sweaty they were. Guess I'm more obvious that I thought.

While we continued shooting, I teased Camille about her sweaty feet, but again assured her, like I did with Alice prior, that I think it's cute. She just rolled her eyes and laughed. Oh well, it's true.

At the end of the set it was time for Camille to do her own video clip of her pulling her shoes off. Back on they went and back off they came during the clip. Once that was done, we went back to my car and did a quick stop for the girls to change into their next outfits.

Camille tugging on her over the knee socks.

Up next was another solo set with Camille. The location I wanted to use for her set was closer than the ones planned for the rest of the day. We made our way there and the girls loved the scenic spot I had picked out. Camille took her spot and Alice had to once again, wait this one out. She sure does find some cute/interesting ways to keep herself busy though - some of which involved shooting photos of me shooting photos of Camille. You might have saw some of them on Instagram.

This set with Camille was done to an Alice in Wonderland theme. I actually had Camille reading an Alice in Wonderland book I had her sister use in one of her older sets on the site (Sample 01 / Sample 02). And the whole fact that it was an Alice in Wonderland set and Alice was out shooting with us was just too funny. In addition to the book, I had also picked up some clothing items for Camille to wear in this set and it was her choice to go with the glasses this time around - a touch that I actually liked.

As you can see in the sample photo above, part of Camille's outfit for this one included over the knee socks featuring the Cheshire Cat. I think they looked so cute on her. Of course I was already thinking that her feet were going to be nice and warm in these too!

Needless to say it took quite a bit of time to get these long socks tugged down to Camille's little feet. She did a good job of tugging just enough on each photo to prolong the tease. I sure wanted to see her bare feet again, but hey, nothing wrong with the tease before the reward, right?

By the end of the set Camille was spreading her toes and scrunching her soles like she's been doing this for a while now. She picked it up quick and I was liking the results!

For the video clip I had Camille pull the socks back on and pull them back off. I liked how it looked in photos, so why not get a video of her doing it too? But I wouldn't end with just one clip here. Nope. It was time for Alice to join in on the fun. She needed something to do and tickling Camille was just the thing!

Camille grabbed a few leaves and both girls got down on the deck. I had the girls sit in a way that Camille's soles were out in front and Alice's were kicked up behind her. I told Camille I wanted her to read passages from the book out loud while being tickled.

Camille ultimately tried her best, but Alice tickled her feet pretty good. Camille stumbled over some of the words and paused numerous times. It was cute watching these two do this one for sure! One day I'll have to have Camille get some payback! I'm sure she'll be up for it too.

With this set all wrapped up I looked at the time and saw we were running a little behind schedule. We still had to stop at a store to complete the outfits for one of the two-girl sets. I had planned out three two-girl sets and another solo set with Alice. Looking at the time I admitted to the girls I didn't think we'd be able to do them all, but we'd try our hardest!

Our stop at the store was quick and then we were on our way to some ball fields for the next set - the first two-girl set of the bunch. I had gotten the girls these matching shirts that featured the "BFF" term on each, but both with different slogans referring to the other girl. I grabbed knee high socks for them as well. Man did they ever look cute together!

Quite a few people walked by looking at us shooting this one!

I had the girls take to some bleachers for this set. I had wanted to use another spot, but there was a team practicing there with a lot of people watching. So yeah, that was out. Our new spot, however, was free from people, even though quite a few passed us by wondering just what in the hell we were doing. Oh well, the girls found it funny, so no harm. Plus, sometimes I think it's kind of neat to be seen taking the photos of the girl's feet. But hey, I'm weird, so what do I know?

The girls began the set in their socks and almost immediately they both began saying their feet were sweating inside. I said, "good" and gave a perverted smile. It began the whole sweaty feet conversation again. At one point I told Alice I would gladly rub feet after she was on them at work all day. Her eyes lit up and she said, "Really? I might have to take you up on that offer!"

Needless to say, I will keep my fingers crossed for that!

In this set I had the girls move all over the bleachers trying to get good angles. I will say, shooting one girl on bleachers gives the ability to pose in many different variations. Doing one with two girls and trying to have them close together - not so much. By the end of the set though, we had found a nice spot where they could stick those feet side-by-side. Seeing Alice's size 11's next to Camille's size 7's was awesome! I loved it and had been waiting to see that all day... well, for a few weeks honestly!

The girls made the call to do the clip for this one over in the grass. They figured it would be easier for them to get to each other's feet. Like I said, the bleachers made things awkward at times, so I did what the girls thought was best and it worked!

After the girls had at each other's feet in the video, it was time to head back to the car and figure out what we'd be doing for the rest of the evening. We had one set at the most left before the sun would be going down. There was no way we'd get in the three remaining sets.

Long story short, we decided to do the baby oil set. Alice directed me to a park she thought might be nice to use. When we got there, we had the park pretty much to ourselves. We made our way down to some log benches and made this set happen - and happen very quickly!

I've had requests for Alice to do a baby oil set, so why not do one with her and Camille?

I gave each girl their own bottle of baby oil. I told them to just stick their feet side-by-side and we'd get right to business. The first photos were done without the oil, but it didn't take long for them to begin pouring it all over their feet once I gave the okay.

Once again I totally loved seeing Alice's bigger feet next to Camille's smaller feet. So many people have asked me for size comparison shots before and now they have some! I'm thinking Alice might be a good candidate for these in the future should people want to see more. I'm so glad she loves how some of us foot guys adore that aspect of her feet.

Like I said above, this set went quickly. We were fighting the setting sun and the girls said they could feel bug bites during the photos. I knew this wasn't the most comfortable set to shoot, but we started it and I knew we could get it in.

The girls moved their feet all about to complete the photo portion of the set. Since both still had baby oil left I told them that we will wrap up the day with another clip. I told them to empty the bottles out over the next few minutes and that's exactly what they did.

By this time it was quite gray outside. There was no way either of the other two sets were something we could even attempt. I told the girls to look at their calendars and let's find a time to shoot the others. I also told them that we can also do some other new ideas too. I had a blast with these two today and can't wait to have both of them back in front of my camera again.

In closing I just want to say thanks to both girls. Alice, you've really taken to modeling for me and you're so much fun to shoot. Camille, I'm glad you had a great time today for your first sets and I hope you become a regular just like Alice. I look forward to shooting you both together, as well as solo, for a long time to come! 

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