Sunday's Shoot: Part 1 - Cierra

It's hard to believe it's been five years...

It's hard to believe it's been five years since I last had Cierra's adorable little feet in front of my camera. The only reason I was still able to post new sets of hers all the way until 2012 was because we had shot so many prior. That's how it used to be. She and I would just shoot any chance we could get and I'd have countless sets of hers just waiting to go onto the site. It's also how she was able to become the first model on the site to break the 2,000 photo mark. Sadly, she has been sitting on 2,079 much longer than I would have liked. 

That changed today!

Today marked the day that Cierra made her return to Soles of Silk. If you've been paying any attention to the Soles of Silk Instagram (@SolesofSilk) and Twitter (@SolesofSilk) pages, you would have already been introduced to just what we were doing today - well, aside from both getting sunburns! Oh well, getting torched was totally worth having one of my original models, and most dependable models over the years, make her return.

Cierra and I have been talking for the last couple of weeks about shooting and she was able to ask Mindee to watch her kids for her. This plays an important role in a follow up blog, but more on that later.

I picked up Cierra from Mindee's house around 11 a.m. I did have to wait for Mindee to paint Cierra's toes for her, but that's something I sure didn't mind watching. I jokingly said that I wanted a photo of both of their feet together and that we had to plan for a day soon so I could shoot the both of them together again. The only time these two posed together was in Mindee's living room in a set published back in 2008 (Sample 01 / Sample 02). It's been too long.

Mindee said she'd let me take the picture when Cierra and I came back because she was going to paint her own toes in a few minutes. I told her okay and that I was holding her to that promise! With that, Cierra and I grabbed our stuff and headed to an elementary school I knew of that was sort of out of the way. I figured that'd help with not having people around.

Since I'm majorly in love with Cierra's super sweaty feet, I wanted to get in a set of her wearing some knee high socks. I took a photo of all the different pairs I have last night and Cierra picked out a pink pair and chose her outfit accordingly. We made our way over to some bleachers by a baseball diamond once we got to the school. From there, we began shooting Cierra's first of three solo sets. 

This is the first set Cierra has done since 2010.

The socks were so pink and I loved watching Cierra tug them off ever so slowly. They weren't coming off that easily either because her feet grew more and more damp as the set progressed. Her feet don't take long to get soaked, especially in the +90 degree weather we had today.

By the time Cierra had those socks off, I was getting photo after photo of her feet glistening in the sun - something that became the norm for the rest of the day. We shot a video clip of her taking the socks off yet again, and wrapped up the first set on the day.

After the set I showed Cierra all the love her photos were getting on Instagram. Looks like I wasn't the only one glad to have her back!

From there, we walked back to my car and decided the next set was going feature the Twizzlers I had picked up at the store earlier in the week. Cierra brought a simple outfit that I thought worked perfectly. We were going to shoot this one at a playground area not too far from the bleachers we were just on. Cierra made a quick change and we were on our way.

At first I was going to use one of the standard playground spots, but the school also had this school bus made from metal poles and platforms. Cierra thought it might look better and would be easier to pose there than on the slides and such we were looking at. We made the move and Cierra was 100 percent correct.

Look at all the sweat glistening on Cierra's feet.

I had Cierra's feet all over the place with Twizzlers snaked in between each one of those sweaty toes for the next 40 minutes or so. And speaking of sweaty, if you think it's only socks and shoes that make Cierra's feet sweat, take a good look at the sample photo for this set above. This isn't my favorite pose from the set, but I thought it perfectly captured the moistness of her feet! Just look at it. Click on it and enlarge it. You'll see it in all its glory and I love it! 

This set also had us wasting time because I kept reaching out and giving those feet a good, sweaty rub! And yeah, I did eat some of the Twizzlers that were soaking between those toes. Would you expect anything less from me? So I guess the time really wasn't wasted if I was treated those privileges.

By this point Cierra and I were a sweaty mess. Okay, Cierra was also a sweaty mess above the ankles too - just wanted to clarify. I decided it was time to take a quick drive to a convenience store for something to drink and to cool off for a few. Couldn't work Cierra too hard. After all, it's been five years since she last posed. The stress of foot modeling is real!

After the stop Cierra and I made our way to what I thought would be the final destination for a shoot on the day. It's a small waterfront area where no one ever seems to be. I had asked Cierra to bring some flats with her and I thought this quaint location would work perfectly for the set.

Cierra made another quick change of clothes in my car and we walked along the boardwalk to a few benches. At this time, the sun seemed to be at its worst. It was so hot and muggy, so I decided to do this one a little more quickly than the last two. That meant less social media photos, and sadly, less of me rubbing those moist feet.

Cierra sniffing the only pair of flats she owns.

I stuck Cierra up on the bench for the set as the boardwalk was blazing hot. I didn't want to be uncomfortable, so I sat my ass down there on a towel and shot all kinds of photos of her pulling the flats from her feet.

Once the set was finished, we made our way back to my car to sit in the air conditioning for a while. Cierra texted Mindee to tell her that we were wrapping up. That's when I asked Cierra if she had any plans once we got back to Mindee's place. She said no, so I asked her to see if Mindee was doing anything. Turned out, she was just sitting around waiting for us to return. That's when I got a brilliant idea!

"Tell her to grab some tennis shoes and do a set with you at the park by her house," I said to Cierra.

Cierra texted her that message and Mindee replied she'd shoot, but she wanted to just be barefoot. I wanted to shoot Cierra in her colorful tennis shoes she brought with her, however. I told Cierra to tell Mindee she'll be barefoot once her shoes come off and get ready.

Mindee agreed and even located some cute tennis shoes. I now had an impromptu shoot on my hands with the site's two most photographed models. But for more on how that one went, you'll have to check out the follow up blog to this one, "Sunday's Shoot - Cierra & Mindee."

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