Sunday's Shoot: Part 2 - Cierra & Mindee

So today was supposed to be the day that Cierra returned to the site after not having posed for me since 2010. Well, that sure happened and then some...

If you didn't get a chance, I suggest giving the previous blog titled, "Sunday's Shoot - Cierra" a read. That one covers getting Cierra back on the site after five years, but it also leads up to this one and a little about what your about to read came to be.

So there we were, Cierra and I, in my car, heading back from what I thought was going to be the final set on the day. But now I had a set to shoot with both Cierra and Mindee - a dream come true. Both of these girls have been great friends to me and are site originals. I have been wanting to shoot them together again for years now. Little did I know when I mentioned wanting to do that before Cierra and I went out to shoot, that I'd be doing it once she and I finished up.

After another stop at a convenience store for a drink, we made our way back to Mindee's house. We walked in and showed off Cierra's photos on the camera. After a few minutes, Mindee and Cierra went upstairs to figure out what they wanted to wear for their set together. I stayed downstairs for a few and just waited for the girls to finally figure out their attire.

When the girls came downstairs they looked all kinds of cute in their sporty attire. The girls weren't quite ready to shoot yet, though. Both were a little hungry, so Mindee made some quick sandwiches before we began shooting.

It was while the girls ate that Mindee looked out the window and saw that it had started raining. You could hear it hitting the roof and the road outside as it rained harder and harder over the next few minutes. I won't lie. My heart sank just a little at this point. Here I was, only minutes away from a set with both Mindee and Cierra and now it was raining earlier than the forecast was calling for. With that, we decided to wait and see if it would pass. 

In the meantime, I'm sat there thinking about how the girls were both sitting there in their sneakers, not wearing any socks. I knew Cierra would have sweaty feet, but I was keeping my fingers crossed that Mindee would too.

About 30 minutes later the rain began to subside and we walked to a near by park. Once again I'd shoot on some bleachers, but hey, it was last minute idea and as long as I had both these beauties posing together, I would have shot them anywhere.

The set began with the girls in their shoes, side by side. After a number of photos I decided to have Mindee pull of Cierra's shoes for her. That's when one of the strangest things happened. Mindee pulled off Cierra's left shoe and her foot had turned green! Her feet had been sweating so much inside her tennis shoes that the inside of them had somehow stained her feet. What made it even stranger was that the inside of her shoes were a teal blue. How they turned green, I don't know.

We all debated for a few minutes whether or not we should just leave them that way. Would people think that is cute that her feet got that way because of all the sweating? Mindee then took a quick peak at her feet to see if they turned pink. They didn't. That's when I said I thought Cierra's feet being green would ultimately be a distraction. Cierra ran back to the house and washed her feet off since the hand sanitizer I had in my backpack do the trick.

Mindee pulling off Cierra's shoe.

When Cierra returned we picked up where we had left off. Mindee pulled off Cierra's shoes, one at a time, until those feet were bare. Now mind you, Cierra had just returned from washing her feet and they were only in those shoes for about a minute since returning. When Mindee put her hands on Cierra's soles, she blurted out, "They're so sweaty! My fingers are going to be water logged."

Cierra pulls of Mindee's tennis shoes.

Cierra gave Mindee a sarcastic look and then it was time for the girls to switch. Now it was time for Cierra to pull off Mindee's shoes - which seemed a little bit tighter and tougher to pull off. 

It was cute watching Cierra tug on Mindee's shoes. Cierra has always had a knack for fun facial expressions and I could see her doing them even between the shots themselves as she attempted to tug off Mindee's shoes.

Once Mindee's heavenly size 8's were in full view, I was itching to have them side by side with Cierra's smaller feet. So that's what we did next and for the rest of the shoot. And talk about an amazing view! Both Cierra's and Mindee's feet alone are dreamy. Put them together and... yeah!

Before we wrapped up for the day I did a video of each girl removing the other's shoes. Not wanting to deprive all of you of seeing both their feet together in a clip, however, I had them do a third one sitting next to each other. I then got an idea and went over to my backpack. 

I grabbed a bottle of baby oil and told the girls to have fun. For the next few minutes I watched the girls' feet slip and slide all over each other's in what turned into a glistening, oily mess. The girls even left oily footprints all over the wooden bleachers when we packed up and left.

So what started out as a big day with the return of Cierra, ended even bigger when she was able to pose with her good friend, Mindee. This made for one happy photographer! I can't wait to shoot both of them again.

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