Monday's Shoot - Alice (New Model)

I always love the chance to shoot new models for Soles of Silk and today marks the first new model to be added to the site in 2015. Meet Alice.

I've worked with Alice for a few years now. When she turned 18 last year Alice was interested in modeling for the site, but we never made plans before the cold weather arrived. Over the winter we kept talking about shooting and Alice assured me it was something she really wanted to do. I said once the weather warmed up, she'd be doing just that.

Just a few days ago Alice and I were exchanging texts about scheduling her first shoot. We threw around several dates, but when Kelsey asked me if she could postpone the shoot she was scheduled to do today, I asked Alice if she wanted to go ahead and shoot. Her response was a resounding, "Yes." 

Now that I had Alice scheduled I had to figure out what exactly she was going to do for her first sets. I like to try to keep the first few sets simple so that the girls can get used to modeling for me. I asked her if she'd up for doing a set with socks and her response was, "I love socks!" Okay, that was easy. One theme down and one to go.

For the second set I asked her if she wanted to do a little ode to a fellow foot fetish model whose work I've shared with her and one who she admires. That model is none other than Whitney Morgan (@MsWhitneyMorgan). 

This single photo inspired one of Alice's first ever foot fetish sets. We're both fans of Whitney.

My idea for this shoot was to base an entire shoot theme around a single photo on Whitney's Twitter account that both Alice and I love - the photo above. But I'll get more into this set below.

I picked Alice up around 2:30 p.m. after she got home from class. It was a little chilly, but Alice said she was ready to go. We grabbed our stuff and went on our way.

I decided the first set should be the one with the socks. Since I had never shot Alice I wanted to give her the easiest of the two sets first. I also knew from past shoots that socks make for great props and would give her something to do in the set.

We found our way to a small park I've used a couple of times in the past. It's a nice spot that is usually not too crowded. Well, today we were practically the only ones in the entire park for the duration of the shoot. I was happy about that too so Alice would feel as comfortable as possible.

Alice and I walked out onto the pier and waited for the sun to tuck behind some clouds. It was a very cloudy day and I love the ability to have the sun diffused so I can shoot any direction I want. After a few minutes, we were underway.

Alice pulling socks of her size 11 feet in her first ever foot fetish set.

At the start of the shoot I focused on some full body shots, but when Alice began pulling off her socks, the set got quite fun. A few tugs here and a few tugs there had those socks off and finally showing those size 11's for the first time. I showed her a few of the photos and took a quick one for the site's Instagram account (@SolesofSilk). 

Alice admitted that she really liked the photos and said that she hopes posing for the site makes her feel more comfortable about her feet. Sadly, many girls with larger feet don't realize how many guys out there would actually adore that quality. I made sure to tell her just how many of you love bigger feet. When the likes and comments starting appearing on Instagram, I said, "See, I told you so!"

We took a handful more photos and then shot a video clip of her pulling the socks off again. She even threw the socks at me at the clip's finale. I should have kept them as souvenirs, but I knew how much she liked them and told her she could keep them instead.

Once the first set was in the books it was time to prepare for the second set. Preparing meant going to McDonald's. We needed a cheeseburger and a soda to give our ode to Whitney Morgan, but honestly, we were both hungry too! We took a few minutes to eat and then placed an order for our "props" to go.

After driving a few minutes to another park, I parked my car on the far side of the parking lot. by some trees. I was glad that the sun was still behind some cloud cover, even though it made it just a little bit cooler than I had planned on. I turned the heat on for Alice and threw on my jacket. With that I grabbed the camera and began shooting.

Alice started the set in the driver's seat of my new car - the one I got after trading in the 350z Mileena posed in back in her 2011 debut set. Mileena still hasn't forgiven me for trading in that car, but I digress.

The theme of this set was inspired by Whitney Morgan's photo, found above.

Alice grabbed the cheeseburger and took a quick bite. We shot some full body shots and then decided to emulate the exact pose Whitney did at the top of this blog - well, as close as we could get to it using my car. We didn't do too bad and both of us loved it. I took one with my phone for Instagram as well and tagged Whitney in the post (see photo). We both said how much we hoped she'd like it and the fact that she inspired a fellow producer and a brand new foot fetish model with her work.

After we paid our ode to Whitney's pose we went back to shooting the rest of the set itself. By the end of the set, Alice was having a blast sticking chicken nuggets and French fries between her long toes. She even asked if she were to eat one of them in the clip, if people would think it's weird. I assured her people would love it and she did just that.

Today turned out to be a great day shooting the site's newest model. I'm glad I was finally able to get Alice in front of the camera and I'm glad she had a blast doing these first two sets. I'm pretty sure you'll be seeing her do plenty more in the future! Welcome Alice and those cute size 11 feet!

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