Fantasy Shoots - Wrestling, Part 1: NXT Women

When I ran the Soles of Silk Annual Trivia Contest for 2014 I asked everyone which theme did I not cover in a 2014 Fantasy Shoot blog series entry from a list. The correct answer was WWE Divas. From the time I began this series I've had every intention of doing that very topic. It was a long time site member named Dave, however, who recommended me doing it as part of Wrestlemania weekend when he turned in his contest entry. Some of you may know Dave from the Wu's Feet Links Forum (user: ooooOOoooo) or from the recent Wu's Feet Links Columns Blog entry, "Photos of Fetish Wives & Girlfriends: Why Couples Love to Share," where he and his wife, and soon to be Soles of Silk model, Rachel, answered some questions. His idea to run the blog entry close to Wrestlemania was genius and I've been waiting to do so for months. 

"That's an awesome idea," I told him.

As I sat down this weekend to come up with my list I had numerous questions running through my mind. Do I want to do an all-time list of WWE Divas and include women from the past? Or do I want to keep it to the present day roster? And what about NXT? I love that show more than both Monday Night Raw and Smackdown, to be completely honest.

With so many choices I decided to do three separate blog entries - each with a Top 5 List instead of the customary, Top 10. This, the first entry, is going to be the developmental group of NXT Women. Had I done this list last year you would have seen the likes of Paige and Emma included, but in recent months a new crop of women have had their time to shine - they've made the most of it too. If you're a wrestling fan and haven't checked out an NXT show, you're missing out!

Now, onto the Top 5 NXT Women portion of my fantasy shoot series on wrestling:

5 - Carmella

Carmella is fairly new to NXT. Although she surrounds herself with fan favorites, Enzo and Big Cass, she has that arrogance that makes her a heel. I sometimes find that trait to be sexy in a woman... well, one who is making me her submissive. Hey, I'm totally fine with a woman being dominant and putting me in my place!

I think Carmella would be perfect for a foot fetish shoot with some FemDom overtones, without a doubt! She doesn't call herself the queen of Staten Island for no reason. "Bada-boom, bada-bing... hottest chick in the ring!"

4 - Bayley

We go from one of the most prissy women in NXT to one of the nicest, most down to earth. Bayley is that girl next door - the kind of girl I've been shooting for Soles of Silk since it debuted in 2004. In addition, Bayley has some of those female nerd qualities I also find attractive. I know I'd have a blast coming up with all kinds of themes to play off of that too. I mean, any girl wearing a 1960's Batman TV show shirt while clowning around off camera (see above photo) could easily win my heart.

3 - Becky Lynch

At first I wasn't sure about Becky Lynch. She came out of nowhere on NXT doing some head swinging and head banging in this awful green outfit - all while playing off her Irish heritage. I was like... "Hmm, no."

Thankfully they seemed to have dropped the ugly outfit and let her be a little more of an alternative chick. Since I've been looking to find more models with this particular style for Soles of Silk, shooting Becky Lynch would be awesome! She's just not allowed to wear that green outfit! 

2 - Sasha Banks

Ahh, The Boss! Sasha Banks has been kicking ass in NXT over recent months, including winning the NXT Women's Championship. Much like Carmella, Sasha is of a dominant nature, but in a much different way. Sasha isn't prissy or the princess type, but just oozes that "I'm in charge," attitude. I love getting a woman with that type of personality to showcase it in sets whenever I can. Now if I could have Sasha do it... damn!

1 - Alexa Bliss

From the minute I saw this pint-sized beauty I was in love. It's the truth. One match and I was crossing my fingers that I'd be seeing a lot more of Alexa Bliss in the future. Luckily I've gotten my wish. Now if she could just blow some of that glitter my way and let me make a wish... 

I wish... I wish... I wish Alexa Bliss was sitting in front of me with her soft soles on display, wiggling her tiny, blue-painted toes.

I wish!

Honorable Mentions - Charlotte, Blue Pants, and Dana Brooke.

In Part 2 of this Fantasy Shoots - Wrestling entry I will take a look at the current WWE Divas roster.

* The above photos are not from Soles of Silk and are used only to showcase the particular talent mentioned. No ownership of said photography/images is being claimed in this blog.

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