Soles of Silk - February News & Updates

I finally talked to Ryan about posing this year and will be posting a set of hers next week.

Last week I posted the blog, "Depleting the Photos Banks of Soles of Silk." Since then I've entertained a handful of emails and private messages about the status of a particular set and/or model. I wondered if there would be any particular models people would all clamor to see. What ended up happening was people asked to see more than half of the models I listed in piece. The very first person to contact me about the blog mentioned how much he loves Amelia and that is why this week a set of Amelia will be going up on Soles of Silk.

In addition to mentioning all of the unpublished sets in that blog piece, I also talked about how some of the models have moved on from posing and some I wasn't quite sure about. In the days that have gone by since I published that blog, I have been able to get in touch with a handful of my models and talk to them about posing in 2015. Some are the models who I mentioned in that blog, while others are ones who I'd consider my regulars. Here is who I talked to and some of what we discussed:

  • Kaycee - Since she began posing for me last year I've come to consider Kaycee as a good, trustworthy friend. She's expressed her interest in posing regularly for me in 2015 and even told me that she'd welcome me giving her a random call if anyone happens to cancel on me last minute - she'd fill in. Expect to see a lot of Kaycee this year.
  • Ryan - I haven't shot Ryan in over a year, but today I was able to get in touch with her. She's always busy doing something, but she assured me that she wants to pose this year. I told her I want to do it in heavy quantities - mostly because she can be hard to schedule with. Because of this discussion I am posting one of the two unpublished sets of Ryan to Soles of Silk next week.
  • Amelia - As far as I know, Amelia is still set to move out of state in a few months. I'm really hoping that this snow and ice turns to warm weather soon. I want to get in some sets with her before she goes. If worse comes to worse, I will probably find an indoor place to shoot with her, but I really prefer my outdoor sets.
  • Mindee - Speaking of moving out of state, Mindee told me several days ago that she would be returning home. While I was already planning on taking a vacation to visit her during the summer and do a ton of photos, now she'll be in the same town once again. I feel bad that things didn't work out for her where she and her family had moved, but I will be glad to have one of my best female friends in my lifetime back around. Of course she'll probably keep that pace of having photos on the site regularly.
  • Olivia - We always talk at work about shooting and while we didn't discuss any exacts, Olivia knows I want her to pose regularly and she said we have to plan some shoots for sure. I also asked her to ask one of her friends to pose, so hopefully you'll see her posing alongside this friend as well as this friend posing solo.
  • Felicia - I talk to Felicia often about posing. She has a ton of fun doing it and wishes we had started sooner. I echo that feeling, but plan on making use of 2015 to get Felicia's feet in front of my camera, and of course, in my hands.
  • Jamie - Last week, while doing the site update, I sent Jamie a text message telling her she broke the 1,300 photo mark on the site. Add in all the photos I have of her waiting to be published and she'll be around 1,800 - 1,900. She was shocked, but admitted to me we need to do more. Jamie will have no problem getting to the 2K Club, although I don't think it will happen this year.
  • Cierra - I mentioned a few times in various blogs entries and Wu's Feet Links Forum threads that Cierra is pregnant and will be having her child toward the end of spring. She's actually gotten pregnant a few times in recent years and couple that with some personal life issues, she's really looking forward to posing again. With Mindee returning I'm really hoping the two can pose together and do it often!
  • A Friend - Last year a coworker expressed an interest in posing for me, but I told her to take some time to think about it. She wasn't quite sure of her career path and I didn't want her to regret it. This friend of mine has very big feet and some long toes that I know lovers of both will surely love. She's very pretty with a style I think would be a welcome addition to the site. She's told me once the weather warms up she wants to pose and has already said foot rubs are a must.

Be sure to check back here on the Soles of Silk Blog as well as the site's Twitter account (@SolesofSilk) for any news or teasers from these upcoming sets in 2015.


  1. Hey Pat, sounds like you've got a lot on your plate. Speaking of plates, you know how much I adore Mindee, is there any chance one of the sets you shoot with her be a Messy Feet/ Feet In Food set? If she becomes a rare commodity, it would be nice to have another great Messy Feet/ Feet In Food set from her. Mindee's smothered and covered toes and soles are something I wouldn't mind having on my plate.



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