Depleting the Photo Banks of Soles of Silk

A sample from an unpublished 2013 set done with Marcy.

The last few weeks I've been motivated to get some of the older, unpublished sets for Soles of Silk online. Recent updates such as Rachel DD's February 11 set and Kimmie's February 4 set were both taken in the spring of 2013. Jamie's January 21 update was shot a few months later that same year.

Why the backlog of unpublished sets?

When I shoot my photos for the site I tend to do them in bunches and usually during warmer months in the spring, summer, and fall seasons. During the winter, Maryland isn't known for being warm. So during those warm months, it is easy to add countless sets to the photo banks as I try to book numerous shoots each of those months. But for sets to take two years to be published, there are other things that come into play.

  1. Availability of the Model: Some of my models shoot very irregularly, or might not be from my area - such as Rachel DD. I tend to add their sets to the site slower than I would someone like Emerald, for example.
  2. Variety of Models in the Photo Banks: Since I shoot photos in bunches I sometimes end up having a ton of a particular model. This actually happened with Jamie last year. I was already sitting on five sets of Jamie when we decided to go to Virginia Beach for a mini-vacation where we shot eight more sets.
  3. Shoot Themes: Sometimes I hold off on publishing a set so I'm not posting a bunch of one sub-genre of the fetish - for example, knee high socks.
  4. Adding in New Models: Whenever a new model, like Felicia and Bridgette at the end of 2014, I insert a set of them ASAP.

Those four factors are the biggest reasons why I have built up a ton of photo sets that are waiting to be published. At one point late last year I had over 70 unpublished sets on my hard drive. I've been able to put a dent in that number over recent months, but I'm still working on it.

Another reason some of these sets you're seeing, and will continue to see, are being published after so long are because I hate posting what might be the final set of a particular model. Kimmie, for example, might not pose again, which means her February 4 update might be her last. Both her and her twin sister, Kellie, are in relationships where their partners aren't crazy about them modeling for the site. As much as I loved posting their content as soon as I shot it in years past, I hate seeing that final set go online.

A sample from an unpublished 2012 set done with Aliza.

A few other models are in that boat here too. Aliza posed for a couple of sets in the fall of 2012 and like her previous shoot, informed me shortly thereafter that she probably wouldn't be posing again. I've held onto this set for entirely too long. You'll be seeing it soon, I promise. I just hate not having anything else of my Asian Sensation!

Other than Aliza, the upcoming months will feature a number of other models who you might classify as non-regulars as far as frequency of updates go. Here are some teaser of who to expect:

  • Alaynah (1): I have a lone set of her from the summer of 2013 still left to post. While she hasn't said she's no longer interested in posing for the site, she hasn't exactly replied to me that she's wanting to shoot again when I ask her. So this could very well be her last set, but I'll work on her and see.
  • Amelia (2): I have a couple of unpublished sets from 2013 of Amelia on my drive. I was adding her sets somewhat frequently until we seemed to have lost touch last year. I decided to slow down on her frequency, but was recently contacted by her. She said she still wants to pose, but she's also moving out of state in the early spring. Hopefully we're able to get in a bunch of new sets so these won't be her last.
  • Ashlyn (2): The two sets I have of Ashlyn actually come from only a few months ago. I just had to work on getting her older content on the site first, but now you should see the sets we did more recently in the months to come.
  • Aspen (1): I have a single set left of Aspen and it is the set that was originally supposed to be the 2013 Wu's Feet Links Feature Model set. All of last year we lost touch and then I honestly got upset with her for her lack of communication with me. I figured she moved on with life and I was kind of hurt as I considered her a great friend. I recently reached out to her and we're planning on meeting up to try reconcile everything. I hope this upcoming set of hers won't be the last.
  • Jasey Rae (.5): This one is kind of a cheat. We technically only did two sets the only time we shot, but the one set we moved locations after only a handful of shots. I was going to just post them as part of the first set, but didn't. So I have a mini-set of Jasey that will be published as a bonus to an upcoming update in the near future. She's not currently posing, so it will be her last set unless she changes her mind.
  • Kelsey (1): The only reason I've held onto the one set I have left of Kelsey was because she became pregnant. I wanted to prolong her updates to give her time to have her child and feel comfortable to shoot again. With spring coming, hopefully sooner rather than later, she should be posing again. This means it's time for this set to make it online.
  • Lela Beryl (3): Lela's sets aren't old by any means as we shot them last year. Since she's not local, however, I didn't want to publish them all right away and then have nothing left. I still have three more sets from our all night shoot from last year that I know you'll enjoy.
  • Marcy (1): I wish I had an easier way to contact Mrcy for shoots, but I don't. I have a single set left of her - which you can see a sample of at the top of this blog. You'll be seeing it before long and hopefully I can arrange to meet up with her for something else this year.
  • Nikki (1): It's been a while since I shot with Nikki and I still have a single set left of a trio we did back in 2012. We tried to be a little artsy with the set and it was right after I got my new camera. Some of the photos didn't come out as I had hoped (due to my learning the camera), so I've just been slow to add this one. It'll go up soon though.
  • Rachel DD (2): You just saw a Rachel DD update this past week, but I have two more sets of hers to publish. I've been slow to add her sets to the site purely based off the fact that she's not local. I'm just not sure if/when we'd be able to meet up again.
  • Ryan (2): To be honest, I have no idea what is up with Ryan. One minute she replies to me when I contact her and the next, nothing. I have two sets of her waiting to be published that will be making their way to the site soon. I hope they're not the final ones of her. I'm thinking they won't be, but hey, she's a woman and impossible to read. 
  • Shae Spreadz (1): I only met Shae the one time and we did three sets. I still have one set left of hers to publish and plan on doing so very soon. I hope we can shoot again, but I've been slow to add her because I just don't know if we will cross paths anytime soon, if at all.
  • Wendy (2): I've always published sets of Wendy on a regular basis, but in 2014 we didn't communicate too well. We played email tag and were never able to make any plans for shooting. I slowed down on publishing the sets that I had of her due to that. Luckily for me, I had a lot of her and still have two more on my computer waiting to make it online.

These models above make up a good portion of the sets I have on my hard drive. There are other models, however, who I have sets of that you'll be seeing mixed in with those above. These models are: Abby (1), Bobbie (2), Bridgette (1), Charlee (2), Colleen (1), Emerald (3), Felicia (2), Jamie (8), Kaycee (1), Kayleigh (1), Mandy (1), Megan Jones (3), Mindee (2), Olivia (1), and Reagan (1).

So which models sets are you most wanting to see? Perhaps I should run some polls and let you all decide who goes up each week so I can finally get some of these older sets online. I do know one thing, I'm going to have this same exact problem next year. I totally plan on filling the warm months of 2015 with as many pretty feet as possible!

A sample from an unpublished 2012 set done with Nikki.