Soles of Silk - Shoots to Look Forward to in 2015

In case you hadn't noticed, I haven't done anything other than update blogs since 2015 began a little over two weeks ago. In all honesty, I was burned out with all the Soles of Silk 10 Year Anniversary blog entries at the end of 2014. Then add in doing the Wu's Feet Links Interviews and Columns blogs and I've been writing a ton lately. I needed to step back and recharge a little bit. 

Now it's time, however, to get back into the swing of things and what better way to do that than to look at some of the ideas I have floating around for 2015?

Jamie didn't even let rain stop her from posing in 2014. She did a ton of sets last year.

An Influx of Jamie

One thing I can say without question that will happen in 2015 is lots and lots of galleries of my soft footed friend, Jamie. During the spring and summer of 2014 Jamie posed for 12 different sets. Only two of those sets were published last year. Her other two galleries were sets taken in 2013. This was the cycle Jamie and I got used to as she'd shoot sets in bunches while on break from school. Add that to our weekend getaway last summer where she flashed her feet all over Norfolk and Virginia Beach, Va., and I now Jamie has lots of pictures of her feet coming your way!

Even with all the sets I have on the back burner featuring Jamie, I'm certain those feet will find their way in front of my camera (and into my hands) some more in 2015. Pretty soon she's going to one of the most photographed models on the site if she keeps going on like this.

I got to see a lot of Emerald's soles in 2014. I want to see them even more in 2015.

Emerald Every Day? I Wish...

From the moment I began shooting Emerald in 2012 I had lots of fun and was glad to finally have her as a part of Soles of Silk. That being said, however, 2014 was a year where Emerald did some really amazing sets! The best part though is not all of them have made it to the site yet. During the coming months you'll be seeing those adorable feet bare, in sandals, and even in some sexy fishnet stockings.

In addition to Emerald's existing sets I can promise she'll be posing even more in the months to come. The last time we talked she told me to let her know whenever I needed her to pose again. Well, if it wasn't for this cold weather this time of year, I'm sure I would have taken her up on that offer already... a few times!

I've been after Olivia to shoot more frequently. Hopefully in 2015 this happens.

Oh How I Love Olivia

Olivia posed for one of my most memorable sets last year when she was featured in the first new feature model gallery on Wu's Feet Links done after Wu, himself, passed away (see set: "Back to Business"). At that time I was already looking to feature Olivia on a much more regular basis on Soles of Silk, but our schedules didn't match up as we had hoped.

I've told Olivia how much I love hanging out with her and shooting, even when she's giving me a hard time (which can be often sometimes). She said she's hoping to have more time this spring and summer and we've already began discussing some plans. At this point in time I do have a single unpublished set of Olivia waiting to be posted to the site. I'm sure it will be added in the coming months. Once that set is published, it'll push me even more to make some plans with this fun loving friend.

I'm not going to let Mindee's moving away stop me from her posing for a ton of sets.

More Mindee? Maybe...

Okay, who am I kidding? More Mindee is always something that has been on the horizon at Soles of Silk. She just broke the 2,500 photo mark this month and has two unpublished sets waiting in the wings. But that's where things get a little different than in years past.

Normally whenever I run out of photos with Mindee I tell her we have to plan some time for shoots and then we do just that. We shoot a couple of sets and then repeat the whole ordeal again and again. Well, that was before Mindee moved about 10 or so driving hours away. Yeah, she's no longer local, but that isn't going to stop me from getting those lovely size 8's in front of my camera.

Mindee has invited me to come down to her place and stay for a few days. I told her if/when I do, I will be bringing my camera and I better not go home with any camera card space left on my three SD cards. She said I won't and I might want to get another one.

It also looks like Mindee has plans to come back this way in the spring, so I might be able to squeeze a couple of sets in at that point too. Honestly, however, I'm quite looking forward to shooting in all new locations down where she now lives. I'll keep everyone posted as I'm sure that blog will be a big one with all the shoots we're planning.

Looks like I'm going to have to squeeze in a lot of sets with Amelia here soon.

Speaking of Moving Models...

Just today I received a text message from Amelia, someone I've always enjoyed shooting. She apologized for not having much time last year to shoot and I assured her it was okay. I told her I hope we can make up for it this year and that's when I got the bad news. She's moving out of state, just like Mindee, but much further away.

Luckily for me that move isn't happening until the end of April so we're going to try to plan for some sets before then. A bunch of sets might be in order so that she has some content for some time to come. She did assure me that she will return home for visits, but I'd still like to have as many sets as I can to hold me over until then. And of course, do more when she does come back to visit.

These two friends, Reagan (left) and Kaycee, can't wait to pose together in 2015.

Friendly Feet

Shooting friends together is usually a guarantee that a fun set will be the result. From the first day I shot Kaycee last year she talked about doing a set with her good friend, Reagan. When I finally met up with Reagan later in 2014 she also expressed a desire to shoot with Kaycee. We just never made it happen... yet!

I'm certain in 2015 you'll be seeing both of these girls on the site in numerous solo sets. I'm also pretty sure all three of us will be finding the time to do some of them together. Guess I'll have to start coming up with some ideas for these two as I'm sure they're going to start asking me about it once they've read this blog.

2014 ended with the twins, Felicia (left) and Bridgette. Expect more of them in 2015 for sure.

Twin Temptations

From the first shoot I squeezed in with Felicia in October of 2014 to the impromptu sets I did with both her and her debuting twin sister, Bridgette in December, I have loved every minute of shooting these two girls.

Felicia is always talking to me about doing new shoots and ideas for ones she wants to do. As for Bridgette, I talk a little less with her, but she admitted to having fun shooting the holiday sets as well as a still unpublished set that will arriving in the months to come. I see no reason to believe that you won't see Felicia and Bridgette both solo and hopefully together again during the course of 2015.

I have to make plans with Kayleigh again soon - and maybe her sister and cousin too.

Speaking of Sisters... And Throw in a Cousin

It seems like only yesterday I had an 18 year old Kayleigh posing her feet on the day she turned legal. She's done a lot of photos since then, even though we weren't able to get together as much as I had hoped for in 2014. In 2015, however, I hope to change that.

And with a sub-title including "Speaking of Sisters...," I have a tidbit of information to share with you. Just a few days ago Kayleigh's younger sister came into work and said, "Tomorrow I turn 18 if you want to do feet pics."

Well, that was a few days ago so she's 18 now. While I'm sure she would have done just like her sister and posed on her 18th birthday, I'm in the process of trying to post a lot of the unpublished content I'm sitting on. Once spring arrives I will be ready to get back into the swing of things with getting in new sets. I'll be sure to keep in touch with Kayleigh's sister to see if she's still interested.

Then there is the "And Throw in a Cousin" part of that sub-title. Well, that comes from a conversation I had a couple of months ago with Kayleigh's cousin who expressed an interest to pose. The door was open for several years, but it looks like she's finally interested in making it happen. I told her once things warm up, we will make it happen.

As for Kayleigh, I'm going to be hitting her up too for new photos. After her debut she was one of my most frequently updated models. Although things have slowed down in that regard, I'd sure welcome having her back to that pace, or close to it.

And maybe, just maybe I can work on getting any combination of these three related girls together in a set. There has only ever been one three model on the set thus far (although there has been two sets with four models). Another three model set would be welcome!

Hopefully Aspen finds her way back in front of my camera again just like she used to.

Aspen Again? Not Sure Yet...

As many of you might have noticed, there hasn't been as many Aspen updates as in the past. The sets you've seen were ones we shot over the course of 2013 that I slowly added to the site. Normally I would have added her on a regular basis because she was shooting a ton for me - hence still having all the unpublished sets from 2013. In the beginning of 2014, however, we kind of lost touch and weren't communicating as we always had. 

Well, I reached out to Aspen the other day to go have a sit down lunch, touch base, and hopefully put our friendship where it always should have been. We still have set a date to make that happen, but we will. 

I am not sure if that means Aspen is coming back to pose for the site, but I hope that is something she never lost interest in. I'll be sure to keep everyone informed. If Aspen doesn't wish to pose anymore, however, I still have a single set left of hers to post. Keeping my fingers crossed that she'll want to do more, but right now I just want a friend back that should have never been gone to begin with.

Kelsey is one of two models looking to make up for lost time after being pregnant.

Oh Babies!

So a few of my models in 2014 and here in 2015 found themselves pregnant and unable to pose - primarily Kelsey and Cierra.

Kelsey just recently had her baby and will be returning to the camera once the weather warms up. It's been a while since I've had my super soft footed friend pose those chubby little toes of hers for me. She's overdue for sure! She's already asking me which hot months will I be planning her shoots since we always seem to find days that are about 95 degrees or higher for her sets.

When it comes to Cierra, she was someone I reached out to at the end of 2014 to shoot. Before the plans with the twins, Felicia and Bridgette, came to be, one of the ideas I had floating around was to shoot with Cierra and for the site's 2014 Christmas set. Well, when I pitched the idea to her I learned that she's with child. It looks like her return will have to wait just a little bit longer. I really do want her back in front of the camera though. Cierra has been super swamped with life recently and I always told her that whenever she is ready, I will make the time to shoot her. She was always one of my most dependable models and I really do miss having her shoot regularly.

I can always count on Charlee for some awesome sets and will in 2015, for sure.

Plans Surely Pending

It's still early in 2015 here, so I honestly haven't talked with all of my models about plans for this year. That being said, there are a handful of models you can count on to make appearances whether or not plans have been made.

Charlee is always someone I can count on for some great photos and often at a moment's notice. I still have two sets of hers that I'm sitting on that will be making their way onto the site in the months to come. That means more shoot time with Charlee is going to be in order. And from what I remember, I'm pretty sure Charlee told me I owe her lots of foot rub time.

Abby is another model who I can easily talk to about future shoots. We just didn't do as many as we probably should have last year. In 2015, however, I hope to change that and get her wrinkled soles on the site a little more regularly than in the past.

Layla is someone whose sets I have published to the site much more slowly than I once did. Her most recent ones were ones I had done some time ago and held onto because we lost touch. Around New Year's, however, I was able to touch base with her again and she wants to get back to shooting regularly. I can't wait and hope to make lots of plans with her in 2015.

Wendy is another model whose sets I started adding to the site a little less frequently last year. While I had a handful of sets of hers to post, our lack of communication kept me guessing as to when we'd be able to shoot again. I didn't want to post all of her stuff and have nothing left. Just like Layla, however, I recently talked with her and she apologized for being overly busy. I told her there were no worries, but I want to make major use of 2015 when it comes to shooting her. She said she's certainly up for it which makes for one happy photographer.

Colleen and I have talked recently about doing some more photos. She told me she was ready to do some in December, but I told her that I had a ton of unpublished content left to use - including a set of hers. She told me to tell her when I want her as she's looking forward to it. Much like all these models above, she's someone I love shooting and can't wait to make plans with.

With so many other models on the site who knows what other plans might be made that I haven't already mentioned here. Sometimes plans are made on a whim and have some amazing results. Be sure to keep an eye out on this blog for all the shoot blogs that will be added once this weather warms up.