Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Soles of Silk - 10 Cryptic Fun Facts

It's been a while since I've done a 10 Fun Facts blog piece. I've always considered them just fun little tidbit pieces where I could spout off random things about Soles of Silk with no real reason. Well this time is different...

This time around I'm posting a series of 10 Cryptic Fun Facts where you'll see several themes. But why these themes you ask? Well, that's for me to know and for you to soon find out. Now let's get cryptic

Mindee appeared in the first Christmas themed set for the site at the end of 2005.

Fact #1: There are eight total Christmas themed sets on the site from past years. 

Aspen & Ryan appeared in most recent multiple model Christmas set in 2012.

Fact #2: Of those eight Christmas sets, four of them feature two or more models together.

Alaynah was the second model to debut in a New Year's set, celebrating the coming of 2013.

Fact #3: There are 4 total New Years themed sets on the site from past years.

Kellie & Shayna did the site's first ever New Year's set at the end of 2005 to bring in 2006.

Fact #4: Of those those four New Year's sets, only one has two or more models together.

One of several sets featuring the site's infamous twin duo of Kellie & Kimmie.

Fact #5: Kellie and Kimmie, the site's infamous twin duo, has never appeared in either a Christmas or New Year's themed set together.

In 2007 Kellie became the first and only model to be in a New Year's and a Christmas set.

Fact #6: Kellie is the only model, and obviously only twin, to appear in both a Christmas and a New Year's set.

Amber was one of the site's original models when it launched at the end of 2004.

Fact #7: Kellie and Kimmie were not the first models on the site who have a twin. Amber, one of the site's debut models, actually has a twin brother. Obviously he isn't going to be on the site, so she never posed with her twin.

Fact #8: Kellie and Kimmie were not the last models on the site who have a twin. I wonder who the last model to debut with a twin is?

Fact #9: Since Kellie and Kimmie are identical, they both wear a size 5 shoe. Since not all twins are identical, it's possible per se, to have one twin wear an 8.5 and the other wear an 11.

Kayleigh posed for two back-to-back Halloween sets the day she turned 18 in 2009.

Fact #10: Only one model has had a back-to-back holiday themed set debut. Kayleigh did so with two Halloween sets in 2009, but this is a Christmas and New Year's themed blog entry. Still a fun fact though...

So just what are all these facts teasing for final two updates of 2014? All I can say is it's something I'm very excited for and I'm sure you'll all love too. I can't wait to see your emails and tweets with possible theories on what this all means. Just don't expect me to confirm, nor deny anything!

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