Monday, December 8, 2014

Contest Results - Whose Shoes?

Well, what I thought was going to be one of the harder contests this year on Soles of Silk turned out to be one of the easiest - based off of the submissions. Exactly half of the entries turned in scored a perfect score of 155 (140 for the model numbers and the 15 point bonus). Most of the others only got a single one incorrect. Great job everyone!

With the contest now closed, no more entries can be submitted. I will be emailing each and every person about their winnings. Since so many people did well, I'm giving everyone at least a month's worth of free membership time.

Anyone scoring a perfect score will still get the 3-month membership award. Instead of giving out the 2-month memberships to the 3 top, non-perfect scores, anyone who got only 1 question wrong will be getting the 2-month prize. Anyone who got 2 or more questions wrong will get the 1-month of membership time. Hey, it's the holidays and practically everyone scored near a perfect score on this! Enjoy your prizes!

As I normally do, I am publishing the answer key to show anyone who might have missed one, just what model and which set those shoes belong. In addition, I'm listing how percentage of people got the answer correct. Believe me, most of these are going to read 100%.

Answer Key Guide

< Bobbie / Charlee >


Bobbie (95% answered correctly): These shoes were from Bobbie's debut, Fourth of July set, this year. Only one person was thrown off by these shoes, but their guess of Carlin was a good one since she wore a pair of gray tennis shoes in a set as well.

Charlee (100% answered correctly): These shoes were from a set we did under an overpass. The shoes got wet and sandy being right on the shoreline of the river behind her.

< Apen / Cierra >


Aspen (100% answered correctly): These silver shoes were on Aspen's feet when she posed on the boardwalk of Seaside Heights, NJ before she went to college for her very first semester.

Cierra (100% answered correctly): These weren't the only pair of Converse shoes Cierra owns or even posed with in the set above. They were, however, one of the most interesting pairs I've ever seen. I figured these would be a given when it came to who they belonged to as popular as the set was when it was published.

< Mindee / Kellie >

Mindee (70% answered correctly): By far, these Ugg boots belonging to Mindee confused the most people. The same week I introduced the contest I published a set with Colleen also wearing Ugg boots, albeit a different style. Colleen's name was on quite a few entry forms along with some question marks.

Kellie (100% answered correctly): Kellie's purple slippers were something she wanted to wear in a comfy little set done in her downstairs living room. They were so soft and she said they felt amazing on her feet.

< Aliza / Mindee >

Aliza (100% answered correctly): Aliza brought these gray boots with her the first day we shot. Since it was a cold day, and we were by the water, I told her to go ahead and wear them. Of course, she was also wearing a dress, so she was still quite cold during this one.

Mindee (95% answered correctly): Mindee's infamous stinky flats had to be in this contest. At first I wanted to include a model twice just to throw people off. Then, however, I came up with the bonus question idea and these shoes HAD to be included as they're some of the smelliest I've come across in all of my shoots for the site.

< Carlin / Olivia >

Carlin (95% answered correctly): I did two tennis shoe shoots with Carlin one evening after I got off from work. These shoes were from the second set. The shoes from the first set were the ones guessed for Model #1 above, ironically.

Olivia (100% answered correctly): Olivia's brand new heels are the only shoes in this contest to be from a Wu's Feet Links feature model gallery - the July 2014 feature set, "Back to Business," which relaunched the section after Wu's passing earlier this year.

< Jamie / Ryan >

Jamie (100% answered correctly): I honestly thought Jamie's shoes would be one of the toughest ones on here. I actually deleted them from the contest, only to add them back in when I decided to go with more than 10 pairs to guess. I just thought they were so void of detail that they'd be hard. I guess I was wrong.

Ryan (100% answered correctly): If these were guess wrong, shame on you for ignoring Ryan on the site's header bar in the free area!

< Kayleigh / Kimmie >

Kayleigh (95% answered correctly): Kayleigh's black shoes were worn in her dining room one evening after I got off of work for a shoot. In the background there are also a pair of white heels that were supposed to be worn in another set, with these black ones then in the background. Never got around to doing the second set.

Kimmie (100% answered correctly): Kimmie's purple and gold zipper heels were quite popular when this set was published. I figured these would be one of the easier ones to guess in the contest.

Bonus Question - Mindee (80% answered correctly): I wasn't sure how hard this was going to be as there is references all over the site to different stinky shoes and feet. From my own personal experience, Mindee's black flats were the most potent. I didn't know how well I relayed that to everyone, however. I guess quite well since so many people answered this one correctly. This is how the set description read from the site:

"And here we have Mindee's flats set - a set with a little fun backstory to it. If you like smelly feet, read on. 
Mindee and I had some discussions about the different things us foot guys like, one of which was the love for sweaty/smelly feet. She thought it was funny, but when I confessed that I too like it, she turned some of the jokes toward me. 
One day we decided to take advantage of a few open hours we both had and do some photos, I told her that she should do a smelly feet set. I got some jokes and I told her I was serious. I wanted her to wear her smelliest pair of shoes all day with no socks on. She confessed that she had a pair of black flats that make her feet smell the most. I told her to wear them. She warned me to watch what I ask for. 
On the day of the shoot, Mindee had already been up and about for a few hours and boy was she right. When she pulled those flats off, I could smell them and her feet easily. And she made sure I proved that I liked how they smelled too. She had a funny look on her face when she held those flats to my nose." 

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