Soles of Silk 10 Year Anniversary - My 8 Favorite Sets: 2004

At the end of 2013 I decided to make a blog entry titled, My 10 Favorite Photo Shoots of 2013. It was the first time I ever took a look back to pick my favorite sets from a calendar year. I planned on doing it again here for 2014, but then I began to think about doing it for years past to further go along with this year being the site's 10th year online. I thought it might make for a fun little stroll down memory lane with some of the site's best sets with models who may or may not be posing anymore.

I'm sticking with the criteria I used for the 2013 favorites as a guide for this series. Only sets that were published during that year will be featured, regardless of when they were shot. I'm also leaving out Wu's Feet Links Feature Model galleries. Only the sets published to Soles of Silk will be eligible. With that said, let's take a look at my favorite shoots of 2004:

*Note: Since Soles of Silk launched on the final week of 2004 only eight sets were present at the launch. The site's first update took place in 2005, so this list will be the only one that doesn't feature 10 sets.

8. Hotel Table

Model(s): Maria
Published Date: December 29, 2004

The sets I shot with Maria were some of my first ones done for the site. I think Madison may have been the only one to do photos before her, if my memory is correct. Anyhow, I didn't have the best lighting in these photos and since I was just getting started, I think this set was one of the weaker ones I did starting off. I was able to get some good angles, however, in the only sets I did with Maria.

7. River Jetty

Model(s): Cierra
Published Date: December 29, 2004

Cierra is the first model on the site to pose for more than 2,000 photos. This set out on a jetty in the middle of a river was where that journey began. It is also where I fell in love with her slender little feet, ones that would find their way in front of my camera over and over and over and over in the years to come.

6. Beach Walkway

Model(s): Amber
Published Date: December 29, 2004

When I launched Soles of Silk, Amber was only one of two models to have posed for me on The 10 Little Piggies. I always loved her size 9 feet and was happy she agreed to pose for me again. 

We hit up a small beach for this set, making use of a long boardwalk that ran through a marshy area. Those soles looked so good and the background just made it even better.

5. Strawberry Cake

Model(s): Madison
Published Date: December 29, 2004

Madison is the other model who posed for me prior to the Soles of Silk era. We did a handful of sets to get ready for the launch of the site and the Strawberry cake set was the one I decided to go with first. It was one of two food smashing sets on the debut, the other of which can be found below.

4. Dugout Socks

Model(s): Mindee
Published Date: December 29, 2004

I've told the story many times, but Mindee, the model with the most photos on Soles of Silk with 2,461 and counting, didn't want to pose originally. Luckily for me she decided to go ahead and do it and this was the very first set she posed for. Needless to say, I was, and still am, massively in love with her fun loving attitude and those super soft, size 8 feet.

3. City Stairwell

Model(s): Sue Lovely
Published Date: December 29, 2004

Many of you know I have a soft spot for Asian girls. I was so happy to have one modeling for me for the launch of Soles of Silk. 

This was my first shoot with Sue Lovely. We did a few more afterward, but sadly we never met again to shoot. This one was done on a stairwell out in Baltimore City and I just loved how urban the set looked compared to all the others I had at launch.

2. Waffles & Syrup

Model(s): Lauryn
Published Date: December 29, 2004

When I asked Lauryn to pose for Soles of Silk she asked me if I was sure if I wanted to. She said she had "dancer feet" and didn't know if guys liked long toes. I assured her there was a large market for long toes and she agreed. 

When she first posed, I couldn't get over how much of a ham she was for the camera. She is one of the most fun loving people I've ever shot, especially when she had sticky syrup running down her foot and in between her toes.

1. Cloud Toe Socks

Model(s): Lisa Tyler
Published Date: December 29, 2004

Meeting Lisa Tyler was one of the most nervous experiences of my early days shooting for this site. She had quite the resume and I prayed she wouldn't think I was some kind of a hack. I even shared this with her and she assured me she was having a great time shooting. 

This set, with the toe socks, was the first one we've done - oddly enough, it remains the only toe sock set on the site, now that I think about it. Anyhow, I had such a blast shooting Lisa and learned some things on top of it. I couldn't wait to share this set when the site launched and it was a favorite among many viewers.

So what photo sets were your favorites from this year? I thank you for taking a look back with me at a little bit of this site's history. These 10 years online have flown by so quick!