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Soles of Silk 10 Year Anniversary - My 10 Favorite Sets: 2006

At the end of 2013 I decided to make a blog entry titled, My 10 Favorite Photo Shoots of 2013. It was the first time I ever took a look back to pick my favorite sets from a calendar year. I planned on doing it again here for 2014, but then I began to think about doing it for years past to further go along with this year being the site's 10th year online. I thought it might make for a fun little stroll down memory lane with some of the site's best sets with models who may or may not be posing anymore.

I'm sticking with the criteria I used for the 2013 favorites as a guide for this series. Only sets that were published during that year will be featured, regardless of when they were shot. I'm also leaving out Wu's Feet Links Feature Model galleries. Only the sets published to Soles of Silk will be eligible. With that said, let's take a look at my favorite shoots of 2006:

10. Bathroom Sink

Model(s): Danaya
Published Date: April 26, 2006

I only got to do two sets with Danaya before we lost touch. Both sets were awesome, but this one done in her bathroom was just so fun! Watching her stick her feet in the sink and get them all soapy was just too cute. Again, I really wish I had gotten in more photos with this cutie!

9. Small Waterfall

Model(s): Wendy
Published Date: December 6, 2006

We go from wet, clean feet to wet, dirty feet. This set with Wendy was one of my early favorites she did. She knew of this small waterfall in a park and wanted to use it for a shoot. The scenery was beautiful, but seeing Wendy show off her slender size 8 feet in it made it that much better!

8. Football Bleachers

Model(s): Andrea
Published Date: September 30, 2006

This shoot was sentimental to me because it marked the return of my most shot model from The 10 Little Piggies days, Andrea. A huge football fan, she jumped at the chance to do a set supporting the home team. 

On the day we shot, she threw on her jersey, grabbed a football, and proceeded to remind me of just how cute her little feet were! Not like I needed the reminder, but I sure did love seeing them again after a few years.

7. Sweaty Track Feet

Model(s): Madison
Published Date: February 6, 2008

This set is when Madison came to realize just how much I loved her sweaty feet. Sure, she knew I loved her feet already, but when she pulled them out after we walked the track for a bit and they were oh so moist... Yeah, she saw my expression change to that of awe. 

From that point on, Madison would often get her feet sweaty/smelly before our shoots so I could take the time to massage them for her. So yeah, this set is one of my favorites!

6. Tickling w/ a Feather

Model(s): Abby & Kelsey
Published Date: March 29, 2006

Kelsey had just debuted on the site about a month earlier. Her debut set was shot the day after she turned 18. So seeing Abby, my ex-girlfriend, get to play with her young feet was such a tease. And when I saw Abby's soft wrinkled little feet next to Kelsey's soft pudgy feet... Yeah, I was no good!

5. Christmas Stockings

Model(s): Molly, Bethany, Lauryn, & Madison
Published Date: December 20, 2006

One year after shooting my first four girl set with Kellie, Carmen, Kimmie, and Cheri I got to shoot the only other four girl set I've done, this time with Madison, Molly, Lauryn, and Bethany. 

It was a Christmas themed set where the girls exchanged stockings and chocolates. All I can say was these four girls teased the hell of out me shooting this set - each one knowing I was loving every single view I got of their combined, eight feet.

4. Funnel Cake on the Boardwalk

Model(s): Kellie
Published Date: October 11, 2006

Sometimes I am a little daring. This set with Kellie was one of those times. Kellie and I had shot several sets at the beach and were looking to do one more before we left. Since I love funnel cake so much, and there was a store selling it near the car, I said, "why not?" 

Kellie and I shot this set on one of the many benches on the boardwalk's main entrance. I know people saw us and wondered what the hell we were doing. I was shooting one of my favorite food smashing sets is what I was doing...

3. Bikini on the Rooftop

Model(s): Bethany
Published Date: August 23, 2006

I went to the ocean to meet up with Molly and her husband for the weekend and ended up with a new model. 

On the first night there I got introduced to their friend, Bethany. Molly told Bethany all about my site and asked her if she'd want to pose. She said yes and came by the very next morning to do several sets. 

This one was the most popular of the three and saw her in a bikini up on the roof of the condo. I still get a ton of comments about this set eight years later.

2. Dish Soap

Model(s): Madison
Published Date: December 13, 2006

Yes, Madison was cleaning up when it came to awesome sets in the site's early years. Get it? Cleaning up... 

Anyhow, this one might be familiar to you as it was once the Soles of Silk's splash page image for many years. Apparently I had a lot of luck shooting sets that involved counters, sinks, and soap. Madison's might not have been the first, but it sure is one of my favorites.

1. Rainbow Jello

Model(s): Kimmie
Published Date: February 22, 2006

Even though this Jello was sugar-free, you can't get much sweeter than this set. 

I met with Kimmie to a solo sets one morning and in the days prior she had been making the Jello we planned on using in the set. Since she made all different flavors, she painted her toes rainbow to match. I loved watching her feet squish into all that Jello and let's just say, this set settled my sweet tooth, even though the Jello was sugar-free.

Honorable Mentions (6): Kelsey - Pumpkin, Molly - Sand Dune, Abby - Champagne, Chloe - Oily Feet, Cierra - Train Bridge, Lexi - Park Fountain

So what photo sets were your favorites from this year? I thank you for taking a look back with me at a little bit of this site's history. These 10 years online have flown by so quick!

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