Monday, October 27, 2014

Sunday's Shoot - Felicia (New Model)

Last week I met with Kaycee to shoot the site's Halloween-themed set, which I later wrote about in the blog, "Monday's Shoot - Kaycee." In that blog I made mention of a girl named Felicia. Felicia was responsible for creating Kaycee's costume and doing her make up (and wounds). She's really good at that sorta thing and it is something she's been doing for years. In that blog I also mentioned that Felicia would be posing for Soles of Silk the following week. Well, today she did just that!

I have worked with Felicia for a couple of years. When she was hired she wasn't old enough to pose for the site. After she turned 18, however, I never approached her as I had this idea in my head that she'd flat out refuse. As you can plainly see, I was wrong about that!

A few days prior to Kaycee's shoot Felicia mentioned that she'd like to also pose for Soles of Silk. I asked her if she was serious as I always found her to be a bit teasing and hard to read - hence why I figured she'd refused me had I asked. She assured me she was being honest and I told her that I'd love to have her and was glad she was interested. Of course she still had fun teasing me though. It's just how she is and honestly, I love that about her.

After assisting with Kaycee's shoot last week, today it was her turn to show off her size 8.5 feet. She painted her nails a gun metal gray color, which I actually saw on her fingers at work on Saturday. When I asked her what color her toes were going to be, she told me they matched. She also added that she hates not matching her fingers and toes. I told her I loved the color and loved matching fingers and piggies.

Later that night, after we had both left work, we exchanged texts about possible shoot locations and themes. Felicia told me that she really wanted to wear her Star Wars leggings in one of the sets, so the ball was in my court to figure out how to make that work. After a few minutes I came up with the idea to have her reading some Star Wars novels or comics - if she happened to have them, that is. Luckily her boyfriend has a collection of some of the novels, so she grabbed them. She added that she was going to wear her Star Wars Vans too. I loved the idea, but made a personal request of her wearing them with no socks.

"Sure," she responded. "So I can get stinky feet?"

She went on to tease me a little bit about liking sweaty girl feet, but it's true, so why not own it? Plus, I'm getting quite used to her playful comments and jokes. She sure didn't seem to mind me rubbing those sweaty feet today, but more on that later!

It was 11:30 a.m. and I had just pulled up to Felicia's house. She put her bags in my trunk and we were on our way to a school courtyard for the first set. I wanted something a little more urban than our planned second location, so this courtyard fit the bill. There were numerous benches surrounded by gardens, which in turn, were surrounded by the campus buildings. it looked like the perfect place to read up on some Star Wars to me. It also looked like the perfect place to see Felicia's soles for the first time. She had sent me a teaser shot of her toes the night before, so I was anxious to finally see her soles. If you didn't see it, you can find ther foot selfie shot she sent me posted to the site's Instagram account, @SolesofSilk.

We placed the collection of novels on a bench and I quickly explained how I do things when I shoot. Felicia had seen Kaycee's shoot the week before, but I just wanted to go over the basics anyhow. I wanted her to feel as comfortable as possible and enjoy posing.

Felicia was already wearing her shoes when I picked her up. I asked her if she was wearing any socks because I was going to have her take them off before we began the set. Plus she teased wearing little footy socks the night before. She wanted torment me about the possibility of her not doing the shoes and no socks thing since she knew I'd like it. She didn't, however, and promised me her feet were as bare as can be inside those shoes, saying so with a little devilish smirk.

I really liked Felicia's Star Wars Vans and I wanted to be sure to get quite a few photos of her in them, as well as her kicking them from her feet. They are one of her favorite pairs of shoes too. And no, they don't stink as I gave them a quick sniff - which caused her to yell at me, even though she gave them a quick sniff after I did. Oh well, I had to know.

As the set went along Felicia eventually became barefoot and I got to gaze upon her soles for the first time. Of course she quickly tried to wipe any sweat off her feet once her shoes came off. I slapped her hand away the second time and wiped it off for her. They weren't really that sweaty - just a little warm. It was fun embarrassing her just a little for having sweaty feet though. She had been teasing me and putting me in my place for the last few days. Had to get in a little bit of payback.

A little past the halfway point of this set Felicia laid on her stomach to do some pose shots (feet behind, face in front). I sat down on the end of the bench and grabbed her foot. She didn't seem to care, especially since she had insisted that I give her a proper foot rub and that I had better live up to the reputation days before. I proceeded to give her a nice little rub mid-shoot and that's when she told me quite the funny story.

Apparently Felicia had asked her boyfriend to give her a foot rub because her feet hurt the night before our shoot. He told her no and said, "Isn't Patrick going to give you one tomorrow? Get him to do it."

When I heard that I had to laugh. I asked her if he meant she should ask me, or if she told him that she was going to have me do it. Apparently she told him I was going to rubbing. All I could say is, "wow!" Guess she was right when she told me she has a dominant personality.

I rubbed her feet for another 10-15 minutes, which would have been longer, but we had to wrap things up on the first set. We did a few more photos and a video clip before packing up our things and heading back to the car to head to our second location.

Our second shoot was planned to be more of a nature, fall season theme. I had seen a neat boardwalk trail recently while shooting with Emerald and thought it would be nice to save the area for an autumn theme. Sadly the leaves hadn't changed as much as I thought they would have by this time, but there was still some color splotches when it came to the tree leaves.

Felicia changed in the car prior to the set so that she was now wearing some boots, this time with socks, as well as a jacket. We walked most of the length of the boardwalk until we found a nice little spot without too many overhead shadows from the trees. There were also a couple of benches nearby, so I figured they would help with some pose variation.

This shoot took a little longer than I had planned due to countless people walking by, most of which, were walking their dogs. It was a nice day, plus it was a Sunday, so it looks like we weren't the only people out taking advantage of the weather. 

Eventually Felicia was able to pull both her boots and socks off, but only after starting and stopping too many times to count due to people coming by. Because of that, we jokingly came up with a code word system. If she saw people approaching behind me she'd say, "grilled cheese." If I saw people approaching from behind her, I said "corn dog," which of course she misheard as "horn dog." 

We snapped a few more photos with her feet totally bare and decided to go ahead and end shooting for the day. Felicia had to be back in time to go to work and I had some people coming by later on. I watched her slip her socks and boots back on and we finished up the day.

I'm really glad Felicia approached me about posing for the site. She said she had a good time and I know if we had done this sooner I would have shot her a few times by now. If her first shoots were any indication, any future sets should be good times! Plus, I thinking she'll be asking for, no demanding, more foot rub time before long...

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