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Soles of Silk 10 Year Anniversary - 2011

Olivia debuted in 2011 and has been a mainstay on the site since.

2011: At a Glance

Debuting Models: (4) Mileena, Olivia, Ryan, and Shae

Wu's Feet Links Feature Gallery: Ryan - Sexiest Catch

Ryan made her debut in a Wu's Feet Links feature set. No one had seen her before.

2011: The Year in Review

Although 2011 saw the least amount of new models (tied with 2012), the year was still quite memorable. Before I get into some of those memorable moments, I want to touch on the four models who debuted in 2011, including the one who is no longer featured, Shae.

Back when I was just starting out doing foot fetish photography with Abby she had a neighbor and good friend named Shae, a half Asian, half white friend with big feet. She posed for my old free sites back when I was still in college, but in 2011 I was able to touch base with her and add her to the site. She came on board doing a Fourth of July themed set in late June, but it would be the only set that she have published as she requested to be removed due to personal reasons. I actually had shot a second set with her that never made it to the site as well. I wish she remained on the site as her size 10 Asian feet were such a massive hit, but I respected her wishes. Maybe one day...

Only a few days later a second model made her debut on Soles of Silk, but actually did so from another site. Ryan is the only model to make her debut in a Wu's Feet Links feature model gallery. Ryan had recently turned 18 and I was looking to add her to the site. I knew she'd be a hit and I ran the idea past Wu to do something a little bit different. I sent him some of her photos and said she would soon be posing for me. I thought it would be neat to have her debut take place in the July Soles of Silk feature set he had scheduled me for. Once he saw Ryan, he was immediately supportive of the idea. In the weeks leading up to the feature, I had countless emails and forum messages asking me about Ryan, who at the time, was not yet on the site. I wouldn't give anyone any previews (except Wu) and it was causing quite the stir in my inboxes. When she debuted, people instantly fell in love and she became one of the site's most popular models ever.

Later in July I was able to pull off something I had been wanting to do for a long time - get Mileena to pose her adorable little feet. We had worked together some years before, but hadn't really been in touch for a long time. Oddly enough when I was out shooting Shae we ran into Mileena and Shae told her how much fun she had shooting. Mileena eventually came around and did a bunch of sets right off the bat. She was hell bent on doing one in my car, so I asked if she'd mind doing so with black thigh high stockings. She didn't mind and her debut set was quite the hit (Sample 01 / Sample 02). I know my car never looked better!

It wasn't until October when the next and final new model on the site would make her debut. Olivia, one of the girls many of you are surely familiar with now, showed off her 18 year old feet about a month after becoming legal. Always a hard person to find time to schedule shoot time with, Olivia's initial sets got a great response and I've made sure those slender size 7.5 feet of hers don't go too long without making an appearance ever since.

With only four debuts happening in 2011 you'd think I'd have my regular girls to fall back on, but that wasn't actually the case either. Mindee posed for only two sets in 2012, as did Kellie and Kelsey, Abby and Layla had one each, and Kimmie and Wendy both didn't have a single set in 2011. This was the year where some of the site's newer models stepped up and became ones that people associate with the site.

Two of the models who debuted actually saw four sets posted before the end of the year in Ryan and Mileena. Cierra also had four sets in 2011, but leading the way was Jordana and Charlee with five sets each and Kayleigh and Jamie with the most at six sets apiece.

Aside from whose feet you were seeing the most on the site in 2011, a few other memorable moments happened during 2011. For starters, Cierra slid past Madison as the site's most photographed model in January and then in December broke the 2,000 photo mark, something no other model had ever done.

January also saw improvements made to the interviews section of Soles of Silk. Many of the models had done an interview immediately after posing, but I thought it would be a neat idea to do follow up and specialty interviews. Add in that both Lexi and Abby had done interviews on Wu's Feet Links and there was a lot of promise of growth for the section.

In April of 2011 I attempted a unique contest called the "Know Thy Sole" contest. I did 20 cutouts of the site models' feet, turned them black and white and asked people to identify who each foot belonged to. Only seven people attempted even though it was open to both members and non-members. And just for fun I had Charlee, Katie, Kimmie, Abby, Cierra, Layla, Marcy, Mindee, and Kayleigh all try to figure out which foot was their own. Kimmie, Abby, and Kayleigh guessed incorrectly, so I guess if they didn't even recognize their own foot, it might have been a hard contest!

In hindsight 2011 wasn't groundbreaking in the amount of new models that came to the site when compared to years past. I can honestly say, however, that 2011 sure did create a lot of new favorites for people with the four models who debuted and several new girls stepping up with a lot of sets during the year. You can almost say it was a changing of the guard in a way - one that continued into 2012. Keep an eye out for the Soles of Silk 10 Year Anniversary - 2012 blog entry soon!

After asking her for years, Mileena finally showed off her super cute feet for Soles of Silk.

2011: Tidbits & Facts

- Although Abby only had one set published in 2011, it marked a return for her after a three year absence. The set was one I loved so much, especially for how well her wrinkled soles were captured (Sample 01 / Sample 02).

- Mindee's Log Cabin set in 2011 is one of my all time favorites as I got a lot of great views of her soles, teal painted toes, which all happened following her removing a pair of Ugg Boots and socks (Sample 01 / Sample 02).

- Charlee was also very eager to do a size teasing set and was quite convincing about her views on small vs. large fellas (Sample 01 / Sample 02).

- Most of the sets Cierra had published in 2011 were shot in 2010, but it took me forever to get them published.

- No matter how much I wiped off the table following Jordana's Baby Oil set (Sample 01 / Sample 02), it still felt slick in the area she poured the oil all over her feet.

- The week following Ryan's debut in her Wu's Feet Links feature set, she had her first set posted on Soles of Silk itself (Sample 01 / Sample 02).

- The day I shot Olivia for the first time a setting in my camera had reset down to the lowest quality setting. I went back and reshot the first part of the set, but didn't pay attention to which sandal Olivia removed. Once I reviewed the set, the lower quality images were still usable and I included them into the set. If you got through the full set in the members section, she actually is removing her left and then her right shoe back and forth. No one ever made mention of it (Sample 01 / Sample 02).

- Charlee almost fell on her ass when shooting her Fruit Salad set in her kitchen (Sample 01 / Sample 02).

- Mileena had no problem getting her feet all muddy the first day we went out to do photos when she posed her feet at a water pump (Sample 01 / Sample 02).

- It took Mindee until 2011 to do a food smashing set, but she did so in a very sloppy way when she rubbed banana creampie pudding all over her feet while eating some vanilla wafers and drinking milk (Sample 01 / Sample 02).

- A lot of Jamie's sets published in 2011 were shot in 2010 while at the beach. She actually did some sets in 2011, some of which were published, others of which didn't make it onto the site until 2012.

Jamie and Charlee stepped up as two of the site's regular and most popular models in 2011.

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