Monday's Shoot - Kaycee

Right about now Kaycee should be finished washing all the blood off of her body. Today's shoot saw her covered in it - a gaping wound on her side with her ribs exposed. No, she didn't get hit by a train or anything, but we actually did shoot on train tracks. Before I go any further, however, let me jump backward in time to preface this shoot.

For several months Kaycee and I had been talking about doing a Halloween shoot for Soles of Silk. I showed her some of the ones I've done in the past featuring the likes of Kelsey (Sample 01 / Sample 02), Kayleigh (Sample 01 / Sample 02 / Sample 03 / Sample 04), and Layla (Sample 01 / Sample 02) and she was overly excited to do one as well. But what to do? I wanted it to take it to the next level.

Shortly after coming up with the idea to shoot a Halloween set I decided it would be nice to ask my friend, and soon to be model for Soles of Silk, Felicia, to help us out. Felicia is big into cosplay and has created so many neat looking outfits and can make one heck of an exposed rib wound! Needless to say, she was on board as soon as I asked.

Our first plan for the set was to do a character from a popular video game series. I was very much into this idea, but as time drew closer, I felt like I just didn't have a good location to shoot the set. We put the idea on the back burner for now, but it is one I'd still very much like to do. We then decided on doing a zombie school girl theme instead, but make her a little nerdy as well.

Fast forward a couple of weeks and Felicia and I had been grabbing props and clothing for Kaycee's shoot. Things were coming along nicely and I was overly eager to do this shoot. Well, today was the day and to say this shoot was fun would be an understatement!

Felicia got out of her class around noon and I headed out shortly thereafter to meet up with these two fun loving cuties. Much to Felicia's dismay, we met at a park to find it completely empty. A small trail at the back end of the park led to the tracks, but Felicia was really hoping the park would have been packed so everyone would have seen Kaycee in her gory goodness! Oh well...

We made our way back to the tracks and walked about a quarter of a mile down to a small bridge. I really liked the way the bridge looked and thought the setting would be perfect for the set. Just shooting on the tracks would limit poses, but there was enough at the bridge to change things up a bit.

After setting down our items Felicia started throwing blood all over Kaycee's body. I just watched as she worked her artistry. She does great work and I'm glad she's going to pose this coming week as well. She's got some ideas she wants to do and I'm sure you'll see her do some of her cosplay magic in the future.

Once Kaycee was a bloody mess it was time for photos. We began the set shooting a lot of full body shots. I was feeling a little artistic and wanted to take a handful of non-foot fetish photos to begin the day. I even adjusted the contrast and exposure afterward to give it a harder look. What do you guys think?

Eventually we moved on to those adorable little feet that had been trapped in her school girl shoes and stockings for over an hour at that point. I also told Kaycee to go ahead and flash that cute smile of hers in this portion of the set. As much as I liked the blank stares and somber feeling of a zombie bitten Kaycee, it was time to have some fun.

Kaycee gave her shoe straps a tug and proceeded to show off her stocking clad feet - all covered in blood and grime. Watching those toes spread in her opaque stockings sure looked cute too!

Eventually Kaycee would pull the first stocking down her leg and off her blue toenails. A lot of fans have told me how they love seeing poses with one sock/stocking on and one off. I made sure to get in quite a few of those here. Once we had enough, the second stocking was then pulled off as well.

Kaycee posed for a bunch of photos showing off her size 7.5 feet before we decided to go ahead and wrap things up. I handed my camera off to Felicia to take some photos for herself and then we were done for the day.

I normally don't go all out with costumes like this in my sets, instead electing more for the girl next door look. But in all honesty, this was a lot of fun to do. And since Felicia asked me to pose, I'm thinking you haven't seen the last of her talents on Soles of Silk. It was a team effort today and the results were amazing.