Monday's Shoot - Abby

For the last few weeks Abby and I have been talking about what to do for the set we had planned to shoot today, October 6. I thought of a few possible locations in the days leading to today, but when the Orioles swept the Detroit Tigers in three games in the American League Divisional Series, a new idea blossomed.

Earlier in the year I had planned on doing an Orioles set with Aspen, but due to her standing me up for the shoot and then moving on in life from me and pretty much all of her friends, I was left without the set. As the season went along, I decided too much time had passed from opening day to have someone else do it. Well, now that we've made the playoffs and advanced to play the Kansas City Royals in the American League Championship Series, there is certainly reason to show some hometown pride! So an Orioles set it was!

I met up with Abby today and our initial plan was to head down to Oriole Park at Camden Yards to shoot outside the stadium. We learned shortly before our shoot, however, that the team would be returning home and fans were invited to welcome them back at the stadium. Since Abby had plans and I didn't want to fight crowds for parking and to shoot the photos, we decided to alter our plans. Plus, I had shot outside the stadium with Kayleigh back in 2010 (Sample 01 / Sample 02), so it was nice to do something more unique.

I picked Abby up from her house and we made our way to a local shop for some props and shorts for the set. Our new plan was to go to a ball diamond. Once we figured out what we wanted in the set, we were on our way.

Once we arrived Abby and I walked to the far end of the athletic fields to a diamond far from the people who were already there. After our short walk we pulled out some of the props and figured out how we wanted to shoot the set.

Abby shows her team spirit wearing the hometown colors of orange & black.

Abby began the set in the socks she grabbed from the store earlier. She loved all their different patterns, so I told her to get them. They were certainly busy to the eye, but still awesome! 

I shot a handful of photos before I had Abby pull those socks from her feet. And once she did that her awesome pedicure was on display for the first time. Before our shoot she had gotten her toes painted black and orange and loved how they came out. I loved them too and know all of you will.

We shot a bunch of barefoot shots and then moved onto a video clip. As soon as the clip started a gust of wind blew her hair all over the place and we had to restart the clip. We began again and toward the end of the clip the same thing happened. Oh well, the joys of shooting outdoors!

With the set and clip wrapped up we decided to go out onto third base and shoot a handful of photos on the diamond itself. I'm either going to post these the week after the main set goes online, or the same week - I'm not quite sure yet.

Until then... Go O's!


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