Monday's Shoot - Mindee

Mindee enjoying lots of blue balls.

For those of you who follow Soles of Silk on Twitter (@SolesofSilk) or Instagram (@SolesofSilk), then you've already had a glimpse of the silly shenanigans that ensued Monday afternoon with none other than Mindee. If you didn't see the sample shots on social media, then the photo above shows off the obvious theme of the shoot - blue balls.

Months ago I came up with this idea. Many of you have loved some of the fun tease sets a few of the models have done in the past and have asked for more. When doing these, I like to keep them on the light-hearted side, but I will be the first to admit - I love a girl who knows how to tease. So a sports theme with nothing but blue balls would be perfect!

While shopping at a Five Below store shortly thereafter, I noticed they had a bunch of different balls of different colors in these large containers. With everything in the store $5 or less, I grabbed a clothes hamper (needed a new one anyhow) and filled it with countless balls - each and every single one of them, blue. Of course the person at the cash register was a teenage female. I came up with some story about them being for the family dog whose name is "Blue." Luckily, she thought it was funny, so my embarrassment was adverted.

I ended up keeping the balls in the trunk of my car for a few months. The original plan was to do this set with Jasey Rae. According to her, she can be a huge tease and thinks it's fun to keep us fellas in check. And what's more in check than a case of blue balls?

Eventually, due to scheduling difficulty with Jasey, I asked Mandy if she'd be interested. She thought the idea was hilarious. We planned on doing it the last time we shot back in June (see blog: "Sunday's Shoot - Mandy"), but things didn't work out. The theme was put back on hold.

A few more weeks passed and then I decided that it was time do this set and get the balls out of the trunk of my car. With no shoots scheduled, however, I didn't know who or when it would get done. And then Mindee sent me a text.

"Are you free to shoot on any of these dates: July 28, August 18, or August 24?" she asked.

"Right now, all three are open," I replied.

"Want to shoot one of those days?" Mindee asked.

"Sure. How about on all three?" I responded.

"OK! Haha!!!" Mindee answer.

"And yes, I'm being serious," I assured her.

"I know you are," Mindee said.

So with three different shoot dates, I thought she'd be perfect to do the blue balls set, especially after the popularity of her Size Teasing Gummy Worm set (Sample 01 / Sample 02). Plus, she really loved doing that set. I knew this would be in good hands... or is it in good feet?

Two days before we were set to shoot Mindee texted me a picture of her teal blue toes after her pedicure. She asked me if I like the color. I told her I did and then was reminded of the blue balls set I hadn't asked her about doing yet. I sent her a picture of all the blue balls with my theme idea and asked if she wanted to do it. She never replied.

It wasn't until the day of the shoot that Mindee agreed to the theme. Apparently my text with the photo never went through the day before. I resent it and she told me she'd love to, thinking it was too funny. I told her to bring something blue that would go with some blue knee high socks and that I'd see her in a bit.

Mindee picked a school for us to meet. There was some kids playing on the basketball courts, so we went over to the tennis courts instead. Being a windy day, as soon as we put the balls down on the ground they began to blow away. To circumvent that, we moved close to the net and just kept them pinned between her and the net.

Right before we were set to start, Mindee pulled on her knee high socks and I was immediately reminded of her recent Soccer Goal set with her cousin, Marcy (Sample 01 / Sample 02). Only difference this time, Mindee had to pull her own socks off.

Ultimately we shot about 90 photos and a video clip to go along with it. We didn't do much moving around either. I loved the perspective of being low to the ground and looking right into Mindee's soles, both bare and clad in her socks. Of course Mindee made sure to do several teasing poses as she pulled those socks from her feet - and afterward, with different balls between her arches and toes. She even carried over some of those fun gestures she used in her Gummy Worm set too.

This set was the only one we did on the day, although we could have done more. I had previous plans, however, so we decided to do this one and spend a little more time on it. We have two other shoot dates to do more, so I wasn't pressed. On one of those dates Mindee might even be bringing a friend or another one of her cousins with her. Either one would be making their debut, so I'm looking forward to it. Be sure to keep an eye out for that.

Until those shoots, however, I guess I'll just have to be thankful for and enjoy my blue balls...