Soles of Silk 10 Year Anniversary - 2007

Bethany (left) got her cousin Natalie to pose in 2007.

2007: Quick Glance

Debuting Models: (11) Ann, Autumn, Chrystine, Danielle, Delicious, Krystie, Lizzie, Natalie, Paige Noelle, Taylor, and Tiff

Wu's Feetlinks Feature Gallery: Kellie & Kimmie - Football Fun

The twins Wu's Feature Gallery was the first to feature two girls, let alone sisters, or twins.

2007: The Year in Review

So far 2005 has seen the most models make their debut at 18. But 2007 didn't do too bad having 11 make their way onto the site. In April, five models would actually debut consecutively: Natalie, Krystie, Danielle, Delicious, and Ann. In the April 11, 2007 column titled, "Celebrating 40 Models, I had this to say:

"Every single model has been a pleasure to shoot. Whether it be someone like Madison, who I've photographed so many times that I'm still sitting on photos I did of her last year, or someone like Ann who has been on the site all of a few hours, every shoot is one I treasure."

The same feeling holds true with all the models I shoot today, but this blog is focused on 2007 and those who posed over that 365 day span. So as with the three past blogs in this series, let's take a look back at the year that was 2007.

Aside from the five models mentioned above who debuted in consecutive weeks, six other models also showed off their feet for the first time. Autumn (February), Taylor (July), Lizzie (August), Chrystine (September), Tiff (November) and Paige Noelle (December) all debuted with great fanfare. Looking at this list now, however, it's strange that none of them have had an update in the last four years - that being Danielle in 2010. Even worse, that set was actually shot in 2009. I've tried to get a few of these girls to come back, and some have agreed, but nothing has ever worked out.

Switching over to the site's established models, Layla, Madison, Molly, and Wendy all were big in 2007. Their photo counts all saw a massive rise as each of them posed for some memorable sets. All of them also saw their fan base grow and grow as they became models people associated with the site itself.

In late January the site had its second feature model gallery published on Wu's Feetlinks. Carmen's 2005 set was a major hit and there was only one way I could think of to outdo that one - with twins. Kellie and Kimmie posed in a football themed set, at the request of Wu himself. He always did an annual football feature to coincide with the Super Bowl. Wu had never featured a two girl set, however, let alone one with sisters. Having them twins was like a third layer of icing on the already sweet cake. Needless to say, like every set Kellie and Kimmie have appeared in, it was an instant hit.

Speaking of Carmen, in October I lucked out big in getting her to pose again for the first time in almost two years. Carmen was easily one of the site's most popular models. She was an instant hit from the moment she debuted in 2005, but after a few quick shoots, she disappeared. Sadly, she disappeared yet again after this return. I just hope that one day I'll get the chance to shoot with this fun loving friend of mine yet again.

On the non-model side of things, January 2007 marked the site's first attempt at social media when I set up the site's official MySpace page (since disabled). MySpace was all the rage for some time and I did get good response from it. Eventually, however, some Internet trolls had to ruin it by sending some of the models harassing emails and comments. I closed the page in 2009.

In June I ran the site's first ever, Soles of Silk Wallpaper Design Contest. Members and non-members entered in a chance to win membership prizes by designing computer wallpapers featuring: Chloe, Layla, or Precious. A total of 24 entries were submitted. Since then I've ran the contest a number of times with varying degrees of success.

Overall 2007 accomplished a bunch of great things. It was the last time more than 10 new models have debuted, it kicked off an ongoing contest, and helped me realize how social media can help with running a site. My only complaint about 2007 is what I mentioned above: none of these models are currently posing. I should try hard to change that! All that being said, be sure to check back soon to see the next installment of this blog series, which will focus on 2008.

Delicious was added to the model roster in 2007.

2007: Tidbits & Facts

- Both Taylor and Tiff were introduced to me by Abby. All sets shot featuring both girls were shot in Abby's old apartment.

- Both Andrea and Krystie informed me in August of 2007 that they wouldn't be modeling any longer. I was saddened by the news, but understood. Both girls posed for me back on my old site, The 10 Little Piggies, and I was super excited to have them back.

- Mindee posed for the annual Ravens themed set for the site, showing off her collection of football cards.

- The set of Andrea posted on January 24, 2007 was done in the same exact location I shot her first ever set on The 10 Little Piggies.

- Watching Bethany and Natalie exchange shoes in their shoe swap set was nothing short of amazing! Wish both girls posed for a lot more photos than they have.

- Cierra only appeared in one set in 2007.

- In Molly's August 22, 2007 set, she's totally nude under that blanket. Funny thing is, it's the second time she was nude in a set. In her June 28, 2006 set in the bath tub, the only thing blocking her lady parts was the soap suds.

- Taylor's only solo set is the only one on the site that caters to the smoking fetish as well. I'm not a fan of smoking, but I made an exception.

- In the first ever Soles of Silk Wallpaper Design contest 15 entries were submitted featuring Layla, five of Chloe, and four of Precious.

- I used to date Paige Noelle and she'd rarely ever let me touch her feet. No big surprise that we didn't last, but she did let me photograph them in December of 2007. Still after her for more.

Abby introduced me to Taylor in 2007.