Monday's Shoot - Mindee

It feels like I haven't shot any photos in ages. I've really been itching to shoot some new sets, but truth be told, I'm still sitting on a lot of the ones I shot last year. I really did go all out with shooting in 2013.

Anyhow, in 2014 the only shoot I've done thus far was with Lela Beryl during the midst of a snow storm. Well, that weather is long gone and today was in the mid to upper 60s - perfect for getting in some foot fetish photos. Today's model? None other than Mindee!

Over the last few weeks I've been planning shoot dates with various models - even some brand new ones. When Mindee and exchanged texts about a week ago, I asked her what she had open. I'm always wanting to shoot new sets with her whenever I can. She told me to give her a list of my open dates and she'd pick one. Luckily for me, she picked something sooner, rather than later.

Two days ago I sent Mindee a text to verify that we were still on. She confirmed our shoot and we began talking about where we might go, or what we might do. I admitted to being dumbfounded as she's done practically everything. It's really hard to pick something that someone hasn't done, or a place I haven't gone. I can always just throw a model in the same old spots as I know you're here to look at their feet, but the artist in me likes to have unique elements to each set.

It wasn't until last night that I suggested we hit up a store called Five Below before our shoot to seek out some cheap props that might spark some ideas. I also found a park with a small lake. So our plan was basic. Not as thought out as I usually am, but with someone like Mindee, I know we can make anything work.

When I laid down to go to sleep last night, I felt like a kid on Christmas night. If you follow me on Twitter (@SolesofSilk) I'm sure you saw all the Mindee-themed posts I was making. I was just so excited to be doing photos with my good friend.

Hours later, while I was drooling, Mindee sent me a text asking me which color to use for her nails. It was already morning and she was at the nail salon. She sent me a handful of choices and I told which one I liked, but to surprise me. I then tried to go back to sleep for another hour, but that wasn't happening!

After her pedicure was over, Mindee texted me a photo of her toes. She wasn't crazy about the polish color, but I told her it was different from any of the colors she's had before. She deferred to my judgement as I started getting ready. Just as I was stepping in the shower, however, she sent me her post pedicure picture, which I promptly shared on Instagram (@SolesofSilk).

Once I was ready we met up, hit the store and made our way to the park. Mindee showed me some of the clothes she had brought, including a pair of tennis shoes. I didn't intend to use shoes today, but I really I liked them. I gave them a playful sniff and decided to have her use them in this first set. 

It was a beautiful day at the lake as we made our way to its far side. No one was over there and we had a bench all to ourselves. Mindee broke open the packaging on the bubble pinwheel we picked up at Five Below and got everything ready. But before we began, it had been way too long since I treated Mindee's soft feet to a foot rub. Again, if you were checking out the site's social media pages you know that I got to pamper those beauties for quite a while.

Sadly I'd have to let go of those fine feet after 30 or so minutes and do what we came to do - shoot photos. I started the shoot with her feet trapped in her shoes - and no, she wasn't wearing socks. Even though Mindee has an upcoming tennis shoes and knee high sock set coming to the site in June, we couldn't recall a time where she did tennis shoes without socks. Now she has!

All throughout the set Mindee blew bubbles, pausing only to slowly kick the shoes from her feet. She even took time to pose with one shoe on and one shoe off, which is something I always found to be cute. I love combining a bare foot with one still in a shoe, sock, stocking, etc.

Eventually her shoes would come off and those pretty soles were in their glory. As you've come to expect, I shot photos in every manner she posed them in. The only thing I did feel sorry for was all the blowing she was doing with the pinwheel. I thought she might get light headed. She is a blonde, you know. Yeah, I'm sure Mindee's going to get me back after reading this paragraph!

During this first shoot, and especially while we tried to film a few video clips afterward, we had a bit of a strange experience. This is in no way making fun of the gentleman involved. In reality, Mindee, being the super sweet person she is, was nothing short of kind to him. But while we tried to finish up a guy about our age came by trying to catch a turtle living in the lake. He had some mental disabilities and just wanted to talk... and talk... and talk. Like I said, Mindee handled things beautifully. She really is a good person. 

It was on his second go around, however, that he came by and told us about two geese that were having sex. Then he progressed into his own sexuality and at that point, I was glad Mindee was the one doing the talking. I felt bad for the guy, but I just don't know how to handle such things. 

He made his way around for a third time, once again stopping to talk. On the fourth time, I had Mindee act like she was on the phone so we could just get done. I wanted to do a second set and although he was nice, he was just killing our time. Just one of those unique moments during one of our many shoots.

Our second set of the day also had a bubble theme of sorts - this time, bubblegum! I've had requests for girls chewing gum and blowing bubbles, so when we found the large canister of Big League Chew at Five Below earlier today, we grabbed it.

We decided to check out a small college and use their ball diamonds for the second set. Only one of them was in use, so we took to the one with the best lighting angle. On the way in we saw a sign that read, "No gum," among other things permitted on the ball fields. Oh well, rule breakers we are! God forbid it said no bare feet as there would be no shoes in this one. Just bare feet and gum!

Before we began, Mindee stuck her feet out for another massage. She once again photographed for the Twitter and Instagram followers. I'm glad she loves my foot rubs as much as I love giving them.

There was no exact plan for this set. Just Mindee, her feet, and chewing bubblegum. She did get playful and began stretching it from her lips - even into her toes at one point. She also decided to smash the small gum balls under her heels and toes. I couldn't help but feel there was some kind of symbolism going on there. It's Mindee... of course there was!

Once this set was over we packed up and headed off to get something to eat. It was getting cooler by the minute and the sky was turning gray. It's actually raining right now, so we lucked out and got in some good sets before the skies opened up.

Now, as I write this blog, she's texting me to tell me that she's got yet a third cousin who is interested in posing for Soles of Silk. Her name is Myranda and she wears a size 7 shoe. We're planning on shooting on May 18, so I'll keep you posted! Until then, it was great shooting Mindee's first sets of 2014 - the first of MANY more to come!