Noticing Nude Hose

The set that began inspiring my newly found love of nude hose.

I've always been a barefoot guy. I've always preferred women's feet bare over other means, but I have to be honest here. Nude hose has been doing it for me lately!

As a kid growing up I always adored women wearing stockings. At that point I was more into legs than anything else. Eventually I began noticing women's feet, but never really tied the two fetishes together. As I grew older and began exploring the fetish, I saw that the love for stockings, whether pantyhose, thigh highs, knee highs, or any other variation, was enormous. When I met Kim T. and her then husband, I met two people heavy into the pantyhose scene. It rubbed off on me somewhat, but I still remained a barefoot guy.

Since starting Soles of Silk back in 2004 I have been sure to include stockings whenever I can. Usually they're of the thigh high variety so they can be pulled off to eventually leave the feet bare. Here and there I did some pantyhose sets with the likes of Cierra and Wendy, but they were rare.

Then I did a nude pantyhose set with Mindee...

Okay, you all know I'm Mindee's biggest fanboy, so you can only imagine how impressed I was seeing her legs and feet encased in some nude pantyhose in the set teased above. I had been after her to do a stocking set and I only picked nude hose because I hadn't really done it for the site. Black, white, pink, purple, and a few others I had shot, but never the standard old nude hose. And maybe that is part of the reason I didn't. I just found it to be the normal stuff. Nothing exotic about it.

So there I am, Mindee is before me and her feet are forever trapped in her pantyhose for the rest of the shoot. I wasn't going to have her remove them as it would have been a little too revealing. Plus, leaving the stockings on for the entire shoot was also outside of my norm. Boy am I glad her pantyhose stayed on too! I got so many great shots with Mindee's pantyhose-clad feet. Best part was, she also loved it!

"At first I wasn't really sure about the stockings, but it turned out to be awesome!" Mindee said.

Fast forward a couple of years and I was after Mindee to do another set wearing stockings. We once again went with the nude shade, although Mindee is eager to try out some other colors.

"I look forward to doing more, especially with other color stockings," Mindee shared.

So the idea was to do a set by a train stop. Our initial location failed as it was under construction and we ended up waiting about a year to find a new location and shoot the set. And man, did we ever pick a MUCH busier location!

You've all read the stories about the day Mindee and I did this set. So many people checked her out - either out of curiosity, for some laughs, and of course, because her legs and feet are lovely! Check out the blog, "Today's Shoot - Mindee," to see just went down on that day if you want some details. Anyhow, back to Mindee's nude stocking-clad feet.

This second time having Mindee in front of me wrapped in nude hose was such a tease. I wanted nothing more than to just sit there and rub her feet for her. Let everyone watch too! I'd be on the ground and her on the bench above. Knowing Mindee she probably would have let me do it, but I didn't want to make her anymore uncomfortable out in public eye. We already had our fair share of gawkers all around us.

"I had never been more happy to pull off a pair of stockings!" Mindee said in her 2K Club interview on Soles of Silk. "People were not even blinking an eye as they were staring so hard!"

Since that day I confessed to Mindee that she has sparked a huge love of feet in stockings - namely in the nude variety. Even though she expressed the desire to do other colors, she told me she wants to wear some more nude pantyhose and/or stockings since I like them so much. 

"Let's do more," Mindee said.

So I hope you don't mind, but you'll probably be seeing some more sheer trappings around Mindee's heavenly size 8 feet in the sets we shoot this year and into the future. And speaking of stockings, we're not ditching the idea to do other colors or styles. Mindee recently claimed this very flashy and very colorful pair of stockings I bought online for one of her sets. I can't even begin to describe to you the style and look of these things. I'll just let the previews do the talking once we shoot that set.

Lastly, be on the lookout for the set teased below. With so many great sets of Mindee going up regularly onto the site, I don't have a time table for this one as of yet. In the meantime, however, Mindee has made me put a picture from the set as my computer's wallpaper so I'm always gazing upon her silky, soft soles. She actually made me replace the wallpaper I had because it featured her with her cousin Marcy. Mindee told me I should ONLY be gazing upon her feet. I did as i was told!

I look upon these stocking clad soles daily on my computer.