Getting to Know... Wendy

Meet Soles of Silk Model Wendy

Model Statistics

Debuted: May 2006
# of Photo Sets: 24*
# of Photos: 1,485*

Foot Facts

Shoe Size: 8
Ticklish: No
Favorite Parts of Her Feet: Arches
Favorite Nail Polish Color: No preference - loves all colors & designs
Favorite Type of Shoes: Open toe, high heels

Model Interview Quotes

"I plead the fifth when it comes to my feet smelling. If they smell at all, they smell like roses!"  - Wendy, Model Interview

Short Bio

Imagine this... You're 18 years old, love pretty female feet, and are just attending college for the first time. As you go from class to class on your first day you notice an attractive blonde sitting just off to the right. You look down and she's wearing sandals. You check out her feet and find them immediately attractive! Careful, don't get caught staring!

Now imagine this... You're sitting in that class, trying to pay attention to the instructor and this blonde begins dangling those sandals of hers just enough to give you brief glimpses of her soles. You're a sole guy, so you have to stare now. Again, don't get caught!

Talk about being in a pickle! There you are trying to put your scholarships to good use and this blonde is dangling her sandals from her pretty feet, distracting you like no other. Seriously, how are you supposed to pay attention to the flower vase, broken window frame, old shoe, and who knows what else the instructor placed in the middle of the room as still-life? You can't possibly do that with her soles popping in and out of view. At this point they could bring in a nude model and her feet would still be getting all of your attention. 

So yeah, this blog is about getting to know Wendy and I just gave you a glimpse into my life as a freshman attending art school. To get to know Wendy however, I thought it would be interesting to explore how I got to know her first. So let me get past the point where she was a distraction and tell you how she became my friend.

For two years I attended an art college with Wendy. At first she seemed very private and I didn't know much about her at all. As time progressed she slowly began to open up. We both hung out with the same crowd and once I got to know her, I really enjoyed her company. I found her to be motivated, very creative, obviously attractive, and even a little assertive. Yeah, I admit it! There is something I've always liked about a woman in charge. I probably shouldn't get into that here though. 

As time went by many of my classmates took notice my obvious foot fetish as it was displayed blatantly in my artwork. My drawings, paintings, photography, and computer graphic work all regularly featured female feet - mostly that of my then girlfriend, Abby.

Fast forward a semester or two and I slowly began asking some of my classmates if they'd also let me use their feet in my art and photography. This is when I really began my journey of shooting multiple girls showing their feet on a consistent basis. Wendy was the first person I thought to ask.

When I approached Wendy about taking some photos of her feet, she happily agreed. I couldn't tell you how happy I was. Our class had just ended and she let me take them right there on the spot. It was my first time getting an up close view of her soles too. I was always left to spy on them from a distance while I had work to do. Not this time. Those feet were side-by-side and those soles were flawless! I only took like six photos on my old 35mm camera, but I couldn't wait to develop them and find a use for them in a future art project.

During my final year at the art school I created my very first web site, and man was it crude! The focus was on my artwork, but I later began adding pages for the models too. It was my way of saying thanks. And once I did this I immediately began receiving countless compliments about Wendy and her feet. They would say how attractive she is and how they'd love to see me do more photos and/or artwork featuring her. So that is just what I did!

Although Wendy and I would transfer to different colleges shortly thereafter, we continued to remain friends. And over the years that followed, Wendy continued to pose her size 8 feet becoming one of the most popular models on my old site, The 10 Little Piggies.

Skipping past all the details about how I'd eventually close The 10 Little Piggies and take a break from my foot fetish photography (see blog:"Soles of Silk 10 Year Anniversary - 2004"), Wendy was one of the first people I thought of when I began planning to do Soles of Silk. For whatever reason we didn't connect right away and she'd make her return in May 2006 instead.

As soon as Wendy's images were teased on Soles of Silk I began getting an influx of email asking, "Isn't that the same Wendy from your old site?" Or, "OMG, you got Wendy to come back?!?!?!" Maybe they didn't write it exactly like that, but it's pretty close to the dozens of emails I was getting at that point. She had Soles of Silk fans buzzing, the photographer included!

Now here we are. It was 17 years ago that Wendy and I met and about eight years ago that she left her foot prints on Soles of Silk for the first time. She has remained one of my most requested and dependable models since her return and I'm not surprised. She's done awesome work since her May 2006 Soles of Silk debut. The odd thing is, I feel like she's getting better and better with each and every shoot. That's certainly a good thing for me as I plan to keep shooting this blonde haired beauty - the one who used to unknowingly tease me from across the classroom, dangling her sandals. Now this same blonde haired beauty knowingly teases me, dangling numerous pairs of shoes from her feet, doing it inches from my face and in locations much more scenic than a classroom.

Photographer's Final Thoughts

If you add up the number of photos Wendy currently has published to the site (1,485), the number of her photos in currently unpublished sets (+200), and the countless photos she did prior to Soles of Silk, one might think I'm in no rush to get Wendy back in front of my camera. That couldn't be further from the truth!

Wendy and I have been known to shoot sets in bunches. Three to five sets at a time is the norm when her soles are in front of my camera. As a matter of fact, two times over the last several years she took brief pauses from posing, but you would have never known it. I had so much content of her to post I just kept adding it. Like right now I'm sitting on three unpublished sets that we did at the end of 2012. These have taken so long to post because we had did a bunch of sets only a couple of months prior. But now it's time to begin posting these sets - two of which are previewed on this blog (above and below). It will still take me some time to get all three up, but in 2014 I want Wendy to pose for me regularly. I don't care if I have 10 sets of her still to be published. I will never turn down more.

So what do you say Wendy? I'm sure you're going to read this. How about this year we set aside time to keep those super soft soles as a regular fixture in front of my camera? But don't worry, there will still be plenty of time for me to give those curvy feet a good massage. It might mean a set or two less since you know I tend to be thorough when it comes to massages. I'm sure you won't mind though. So how about it? 

* as of the date this blog was posted