Friday, February 21, 2014

1K Club - Jamie's Footgraphy

Early preview from Jamie's teal & black sneakers set.

Every time I turn around this year an important milestone is being reached on Soles of Silk. On the January 8 update Mindee became the second model to join the 2K Club (2,000 photos), also overtaking Cierra for the most photos on the site. Less than two weeks ago Kelsey joined the 1K Club (1,000 photos) and now, Jamie is doing the same. If you remember back to the 2013 Trivia Contest, one of the questions asked which two models were the next closest to reaching 1,000. That turned out to be Kelsey and Jamie and both have broke that mark, doing so on the same month at that.

Jamie began posing the day after her 18th birthday back in August of 2010. This makes her one of the fastest to hit the 1,000 photo mark in the site's history. She's done some amazing sets along the way too, but I'll get into that below. First, let's take a look and see how she compares to the other girls who have reached the 1K and 2K Clubs:
  1. Mindee - 2,145 photos
  2. Cierra - 2,075 photos
  3. Madison - 1,832 photos
  4. Layla - 1,802 photos
  5. Kellie - 1,740 photos
  6. Wendy - 1,485 photos
  7. Kayleigh - 1,284 photos
  8. Jordana - 1,266 photos
  9. Kimmie - 1,164 photos
  10. Charlee - 1,162 photos
  11. Abby - 1,103 photos
  12. Jamie - 1,027 <---
  13. Kelsey - 1,010 photos

As you can see, Jamie joins a list of some of the site's long-standing models. In less than four years she's become someone many associate with Soles of Silk. She's a favorite of many and my inbox regularly has requests for new sets of hers to be published. It's easy to see why!

From Day 1 Jamie has been a ball of energy in every set we've done. She truly enjoys posing for all of you and can't wait to do so every chance she gets. She jumped onto the scene in a big way that first summer in 2010 and hasn't looked back since. 

Jamie had less than a month before she was set to go away to school that first summer she posed. We planned a day trip to Wildwood, NJ and shot five great sets and had a lot of fun. About a week later I had her in my bedroom posing for a comic book themed set before going over to our friend's house to shoot a set in the midst of his 1,000-plus bobble head collection. So while the feedback from her first set came pouring in, I had a so many great photos waiting in the wings to be published. It came in really handy since we wouldn't shoot again until the following summer.

When Jamie returned for her first summer break I was able to get her and Charlee to do some sets together. I'll tell you, seeing Jamie's little soft soles next to Charlee's slightly longer, smooth soles was a sight to behold. I also did a set with each of them solo before we went back to Charlee's house. Although we did some awesome sets, the most memorable aspect of that day was how both girls instructed me to rub their feet pretty much non-stop when I didn't have the camera in my hand. That's also why we hung out at Charlee's afterward. The girls were hungry and both wanted their feet pampered some more. I'm not making this up. They were the ones who told me to stick around because I wasn't done massaging their feet. Who was I to turn that down? Even I never really ever had two girls sitting side-by-side beckoning me to rub their feet while I was focused on the other's. It's a dilemma I wish I had more often!

As the years went by Jamie's feet found their way in front of my camera (and in my hands) on pretty much every break she has had. She'd come home and hit me up to see if we could shoot. Sometimes we really didn't have too much time to plan anything, but that didn't stop us from getting together and shooting some memorable sets. As you can see below, Jamie has done a wide variety when it comes to themes and locations. Here is a list of all the sets she's done, both published and unpublished:

If you made me pick one of her sets as my favorite, I'd be hard pressed. I thought her Surf Shells set was great, especially since it was her idea and I love when my models come up with their own themes. Then there is the set she did in the room full of bobble heads with her hair in pig tails. I just think it is one of the cutest I've done all around. Of course seeing Jamie's feet right next to Charlee's at the playground when they both acted like big kids was too damn fun. But wait, I love when a girl kicks off a pair of tennis shoes without wearing socks! So that set on the bike rack has found its images adorned on my computer's desktop numerous times. You can't, however, forget about her slickest set she's done with all that baby oil she poured on little feet - way more than she needed! Not much could have been sweeter than when she rubbed cannoli cream up and down those curvy foot bottoms though. And her most recent set, in the white pantyhose, was just so good! Seeing her feet tightly encased in those white stockings after kicking off those black heels... See, I told you I can't pick one!

Okay, now that my mind is rushing with all those great visuals of Jamie's feet, there are still three sets of hers you can look forward to in the months to come. That should work out nicely as once they're published it will be time for Jamie to hit me up again for some more foot massages... I mean, photos. In all reality though, that day she shot with Charlee is far from the only time I've spent hours massaging her feet. I think it's kind of expected now that I will be tending to them for at least an hour. Guess you can call it a job perk. Question is, who's the one getting the perk? She loves the pampering and I feel VERY lucky to even be able to touch them! I should probably text her and thank her for that now that I'm finished here.

Early sample from Jamie's Riverside Park set.

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