Soles of Silk Would Love to Shoot #7 - Kylie Deville, Roni, & Twisted Toes

Here we are again with another "Would Love to Shoot" blog entry. By now you should all know the deal. There are three girls below. Each one is someone whose work I've found online and admire. In some cases I might have made contact with the girls to introduce myself and a handful of those I might have discussed shooting. But in each and every case, these are girls who I think you should check out. And if I ever had the chance to meet them and take their photos for Soles of Silk, it sure would be awesome! If not, I'll just remain one of their many fans. Now, onto the seventh installment of the "Would Love to Shoot" series:

Kylie Deville

Twitter: @KylieDeVille

I saw some shots of Kylie DeVille in the past on foot fetish forums such as Wu's Feetlinks. It wasn't until Twitter, however, that I really began to check out her work. Social media has been awesome for finding out more information about numerous models and their sites and Kylie is Exhibit A.

I found Kylie's Twitter page (@KylieDeVille) during a Tweet from Space City Soles (@SpaceCitySoles). He had posted an awesome shot of her and that's when I decided to let this girl know that I thought she had very pretty feet. Almost instantly Kylie replied with her thanks. We exchanged a few Tweets and I found her to be very down to earth.

Eventually I mentioned Soles of Silk to Kylie. There wasn't any kind of plans made, but I did say she seemed like a lot of fun to have in front of the camera. Who knows? Maybe one day I can see those curvy arches and wide spreading toes in person like my buddy over at Space City Soles.


Twitter: unknown

I've been a mostly silent fan of Roni for some time now. Back when the online fetish landscape was new, Roni was one of those women I came to admire. She's had her site, Roni's Paradise, online longer than I have had Soles of Silk (which celebrates its 10 year anniversary in 2014).

Part of the massive intrigue Roni possessed when I first saw her was she was a cougar before the term existed. I know a woman doesn't tell her age and we shouldn't ask, but I have a feeling if she told us, we'd do a double take. Let's just leave it at, she looks finer than many girls half her age.

One thing I always enjoyed about Roni's work is the pin up style photography. She does a lot with stockings and pantyhose, which just oozes elegance to me. I've seen her feet bare, but I sure would love to see them wrapped up in some stockings in person. Doubtful that will ever happen as I haven't even talked to her in years. Nevertheless, you should all check her out, if you haven't already.

Twisted Toes

Twitter: @TwistedToes

Oh Twisted Toes, how I love thee. I used to communicate regularly with Twisted Toes and let's just say, she could easily change her name to "Teasing Toes."

So yes, this girl is a tease and that's something I've always adored. She's put me in my place numerous times in chats! But as I got to know Twisted Toes we'd talk about getting together one day and doing some photos. It's still something I'd love to do.

Over the last couple of years I've began to travel a little bit more. It really hasn't been for photo shoots, but rather vacations. That being said, I've often thought about the possibility of trying to double dip and plan a vacation around where some of these girls, such as Twisted Toes, live. I just think in Twisted Toes' case, I should probably make sure I had a few days to spare. I'm thinking I won't want to put my camera down. Wonder how teasing she'd be with me inches from her feet with a camera?

* The majority of the photography seen in this blog series does not come from Soles of Silk. Please see the watermarks on the photos themselves for the ownership of each picture as some of the models have posed for many sites.