Soles of Silk Design Changes

I'm taking a few minute break here to let everyone know that I am in the midst of making some design changes to Soles of Silk. Truth be told, I really wanted to wait for a total site redesign, but that is on the bucket list right now. Time hasn't been on my side and I need to learn some current web design methods. I learned how to design sites in the early 2000's, so many things have changed.

New splash page graphic

The first change you'll see upon going to Soles of Silk is the splash page. I always liked the splash graphic featuring Madison and Mindee. But with Madison not having posed in years, I felt a change was due. Mindee, however, is still a big part of this site. Because of that I decided to make sure she was still featured here. Now you just get to see her with her cousin, Marcy. And don't worry, this fun soccer set will be on the site soon!

New guest area header image

The second change coming to the design is the header bar of the guest area. Ryan has been nothing short of popular since her debut. She's someone I wanted to feature in a big way in the site's redesign, so now she's going to be on the header until that redesign happens. And yes, this is another set coming to the site soon. Oddly enough, it was shot at the same exact location as the one with Mindee and Marcy found on the splash page above.

New members area header image

The third and final change (for now), is in the members area. Since I made a change to the guest header, the members header also needed to go. Featured on this graphic is none other than Colleen. I couldn't help but use an image from her black Converse set as it was one of my favorites of the summer. I wasn't the only one who loved it either as the set received a ton of positive feedback.

Over the next few days I will be updating pages on the site. Sadly the way this site was created, making changes to it's core design involves quite a bit of work. This is another reason why I want to update the site as a whole. So if things aren't showing properly, please give it a day or two and then give it a try. If you continue to experience problems after a few days, please bring it to my attention.

Thanks for your patience and feel free to let me know what you think of the new graphics. I went for a simple look with bigger images, which will probably also be the case in the redesign.