Saturday, October 19, 2013

Soles of Silk - 10 Fun Facts

Every once in a while I feel the need to just write mindless facts about Soles of Silk for all to read. It's been ages since I've done this with the last time appearing in the site's now retired Columns section. So this will be a first for those of you who read this blog. So why wait, let's jump right in as I post a bunch of random fun facts about Soles of Silk and its models!

Fact #1: The model on my site who I've known the longest is Andrea. We grew up as next door neighbors and were always friends.

Fact #2: Ryan made her Soles of Silk debut in a Wu's Feetlinks Feature Model set in 2011.

Layla talked her younger sister, Jaylee into posing.

Fact #3: There are two pairs of biological sister on Soles of Silk. Kimmie and Kellie were the first to pose and are identical twins. After posing for more than 20 sets, Layla asked her sister, Jaylee Austin, to pose, giving the site its second pairing.

Fact #4: Only two models on the site have a shoe size of 10 or bigger. Molly is the largest at a size 11 and Shae Spreadz is the other with a 10. A third model, also named Shae (no longer on the site), wore a size 10.

Fact #5: Seven models who appear on Soles of Silk also appeared on my former free site, The 10 Little Piggies. Those models are: Abby, Amber, Andrea, Kim T., Krystie, Madison, and Wendy.

Fact #6: 21% of Cierra's shoots contain food smashing of some kind. I told her once that I should just take her to the grocery store for a shoot. She loves squishing stuff between her toes.

Fact #7: Mariah went seven years between posing for her first set on the site and her second. Talk about a comeback!

Aliza had more than my attention during her first shoot.

Fact #8: During her first shoot, Aliza was asked by a male in the area if he could have his picture taken with her. We weren't sure if he thought she was a celebrity or something as he didn't really speak English.

Fact #9: Two models made their Soles of Silk debuts posing for New Years themed sets. Keira was the first in 2009 and Alaynah was the second in 2013.

As usual, I couldn't wait to rub Charlee's feet after her last shoot.

Fact #10: During our last shoot Charlee secretly took two photos of me giving her a foot massage. I got the first one, but not the second. That's when she realized she accidentally sent it to her boyfriend. Oops!

I hope you enjoyed learning all this fun trivia about Soles of Silk. I'll be sure to post some more of these in the future. And you never know, perhaps something related to these facts could appear in the next installment of the Soles of Silk Trivia Contest.

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