Monday, September 9, 2013

Monday's Shoot - Mindee

I can honestly say, without a shadow of a doubt, I could take photos of Mindee every single day of my life and I'd never get bored of it. Seriously, I don't think there has been a shoot where I didn't have a blast taking her photos. Okay, there was the snow set that was cold beyond belief. I still blame that on her though because it was her idea. Anyhow, that's ancient history.

Today was another one of those days I'll fondly remember as Mindee showed me her adorable feet yet again this year. This is the third time we shot, and the sixth and seventh sets we've done in 2013. Too bad we haven't done more! That might just happen, however, but more on that later.

I met Mindee at her new house this morning. She's in the process of renovating the property and gave me a short tour. Of course I was suggesting home improvement set themes during our walk through. Always thinking, I am! But after the tour we made our way out back to the pier. She had sat out a number of fishing related items for our first set of the day.

Now before you say, "Ryan already did a fishing theme for her Sexiest Catch Wu's Feetlinks Feature set in 2011," let me just say, this one didn't actually focus on the fishing. It was more of a background theme to go with the intended one - size teasing.

Mindee and I have talked about doing a size tease set for some time. It's been a while since I've had any girl do one and Mindee has always said she'd love to give one a try. So about a week ago I ordered the most important prop for the set - a 27 inch gummy worm! Talk about a stark size difference when compared to your standard, or should we say, average size gummy worm.

During the week that led up to the set I made sure to tease the web master/photographer of Space City Soles on Twitter (@SpaceCitySoles) about. He's done countless gummy themed sets on his awesome site, so I know he'd love this theme. I kept telling him I was going to do a set he'd love, but wouldn't share any details. All he knew was it involved Mindee, someone who he enjoys. He did attempt to guess that it had something to do with his hero, WWE wrestler, John Cena, but I wouldn't budge.

So there I was with Mindee out on the pier and we were figuring out just how we wanted to shoot this. Mindee claimed the regular sized gummy worms were big, but when the 27 inch fella came out, that statement changed. We put both in separate bowls and posed Mindee's bright pink toes right beside them. I snapped a quick photo for the site's Instagram page (@SolesofSilk), making sure to tease my friend over at Space City Soles.

Mindee approves!

It didn't take long before he was Tweeting me about pose ideas and I was showing Mindee all of his comments. She was loving it, but we had some photos to take. I began snapping away starting off the set with those little itty bitty worms. Mindee made a number of gestures about their small size, even going as far as to bite them, pull them, and throw them off the pier all together. Looks like I had picked the perfect girl for this sort of teasing.

Every so often during the set I'd hear my phone telling me there was a Twitter notification. Surprise, surprise, it was the my peer over at Space City Soles loving the photos I was snapping for Instagram every few minutes. I playfully told everyone to hush this guy up as I was about to shoot a video clip. It was all in good fun and played right along with the teasing nature of the set. He was just the first victim. Well, second as Mindee made sure I was teased throughout the entire set.

Once the first clip was in the books Mindee moved on to the, should we say, more endowed worm? She once again made numerous gestures before sticking that large, thick thing between her wrinkled soles - something a certain someone was requesting her do on Twitter. I obliged and that photo was quite the hit in the matter of minutes with the site's Instagram followers. Maybe it was a little phallic? Who knows...

Since Mindee's first clip featured her disdain for the smaller worms, the second would showcase her love for the larger one. I must say, her feet were a little more caressing and loving this time. I never wanted to be a gummy worm so bad in my entire life!

Before the shoot was over I decided we should do a few worm stomping shots. Mindee squished those little worms under her usually playful feet. But watching her do this, those feet were anything but playful. I'd go more with vicious! These worms didn't stand a chance. Again, I found myself jealous of these gummy snacks too.

We finished the first set shooting a clip of the worm squishing festivities. I know quite a few people have requested content of the girls stomping on various things, so this was a chance I wasn't about let go to waste. This time around, however, Mindee put up all out assault on the little worms. When the big fella entered the scene, however, her feet again became more loving. Looks like Mindee is a certified tease!

Our second set of the afternoon was one we postponed from last year. It turned out for the best though because we used a different setting that was even better than our original plans. Even though dozens of people would be looking at us at this new location, we didn't care. This would wind up being one of the most obvious foot fetish shoots I've done in public, but I'm getting ahead of myself.

We made our way downtown after Mindee changed into a skirt and top. The plan was to do another nude stockings set with the massive popularity of last year's Laptop Pantyhose set (Sample 01 / Sample 02). And when I say massive, I mean people really seemed to love seeing Mindee's plush feet encased in those pantyhose. I still get comments on it today.

We wanted to capture that again, but this time, do it with thigh highs that she'd ultimately remove out in public. Yes, a thigh high stocking removal in public. And not just in public, literally next to a Light Rail station one block away from Oriole Park at Camden Yards. I just loved the location and we were going to make this work!

After parking the car Mindee pulled on her thigh highs before getting out. While walking to our location she mentioned her stockings weren't staying up. She could feel them dropping with each step and was laughing hysterically.

"I need those, what are they called? The straps!" Mindee said.

"Garters," I responded.

"Yeah, those," she exclaimed as we tried to cross the street.

And that's when things got funny. Right in the middle of the crosswalk Mindee's stockings began dropping to where you could see the stocking tops. Her skirt wasn't even short, but they fell down that far and she was laughing her ass off trying to pull them up. Dozens, maybe a hundred or people were standing there looking on.

"You look a hot mess!" I said laughing at her.

"I know," she replied. "Hurry up. Go over here so I can fix them!"

Best part was, "over here" was the location for the shoot. There was a small sub shop with outdoor seating and the train stop all right there. So yeah, everyone who just watched her tugging away on thigh high stockings would now see me taking photos of her stocking clad feet. This will be one of those classic stories we will always remember.

Mindee's stocking clad legs and feet downtown.

With Mindee put back together, slightly better than Humpty Dumpty, we began our set. Since her previous stocking set started off in heels, we decided to just kick them off from the start. The theme of this set was a job search with classifieds. Mindee looked the part as if she was looking to do some interviews. Hopefully those stockings would stay up if she managed to land an interview. Then again, them dropping could work out in her favor too!

We did a number of poses with the stockings on and I didn't mind getting right up into her feet either. There was no way people were going to move on from this location, so we said screw it. Mindee did have a few admirers (other than myself) during the shoot too. At one point her legs and feet were heavily admired by a guy walking right behind me. Mindee said he just kept looking, not trying to hide it. I can't blame him.

Once she began to pull off her stockings I told her that I wanted to get in an ideal spot for some quick photos. I didn't want to make her feel too exposed with so many people around us.

One by one those stockings came off leaving those pillowy soft soles bare. The stockings, however, didn't go away. We left them on the bench and she even toyed with them in a few shots afterward. I said we should give them to her admirer, but he was long gone.

The set ended up going pretty quickly. We skipped doing a clip here just because the area was growing more crowded. A game was only a few hours away and you could tell people were coming down early. With that, Mindee slipped her shoes back on and we made our way back to the car.

With the awesome stuff we had shot today, I honestly could have kept on shooting. Unlike me, however, Mindee had plans later that afternoon. That didn't stop us from talking about potential future ideas on the way home, however. One of those ideas also happens to involve having her cousins Marcy and Mariah right alongside her. I really can't wait for that one. We also mentioned a few loose ideas that we might able to squeeze in during the fall. I hope Mindee will find herself in front of my camera again soon. Like I said in the opening, I could shoot Mindee every single day!

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