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1K Club - Abby's Footography

Abby's dirty little feet under the covered bridge.

Man, how do I start off a footograpy blog on Abby? Do I start back in 1998 when I first began taking regular foot fetish photos of her - a time when I didn't even have a web site to show them? Or do I keep it focused on what she's accomplished since I opened Soles of Silk - what has entered her into the 1K Club? Either way, there's going to be a lot to talk about. 

Oh screw it, let me recap those early pre-Soles of Silk days really fast... or at least try to without going on and on.

Pre-Soles of Silk Era

As many of you know Abby and I used to date. I was a freshman in college and she was a senior in high school. She always knew about my fetish and loved to tease with her feet whenever possible. It was during these years that I began doing foot fetish photography. And if it wasn't for Abby's acceptance and encouragement all those years ago, who knows if it would have happened.

About a year into the relationship we decided to submit some of the photos we had done to Leg Show magazine. In the February 1999 issue of Leg Show Abby's photos were printed in the submissions section and we were so excited. We even set up a P.O. Box to communicate with people. This was a time before the Internet. We did the whole picture swap thing and ended up meeting another Maryland native, Kim T.

Within the year that followed I really began taking a lot of photos of different friends and classmates with a foot fetish focus - all with Abby's encouragement. Once I began learning early web design, I posted my first site that featured a handful of pictures of each model as well as some of my artwork. For the longest time, Abby was the star of this site having the most photos and could be found in most of the artwork too.

Eventually Abby and I would go our separate ways. I continued doing photos with other girls and my site would change names to the The 10 Little Piggies. My neighbor Andrea would end up surpassing Abby as the girl who posed for the most photos, but Abby was still someone everyone came to see and someone no one forgot.

The 10 Little Piggies would be short lived as I focused my attention to a long term relationship, new job, and finishing college. But when that relationship ended and college was over, I felt that itch again. This is when I began work on Soles of Silk.

Now, Abby wasn't one of the original eight models to be featured on the site. It took her almost two years to join the roster. In 2006 she made her Soles of Silk debut and so many people were ecstatic! They loved and missed her trademark wrinkled soles. I was right there with them.

Soles of Silk Era

Since 2006 Abby has posed for at total of 19 sets - 18 of which are currently on the site. During the seven years she has posed for Soles of Silk she hasn't been one of the site's regulars for various reasons. She has always tried to get in sets when she could and hopefully she can continue to do more in the future. Here is a look back at Abby's photo sets to date:

Even though it took seven years, Abby finally joined the 1K Club with this week's Black Knee-high Socks set. She is the 11th model on Soles of Silk to reach the 1,000 photo mark. Her 1,062 photos puts her slightly ahead of the previous model to reach 1,000 in Charlee (1,059). Here is a look at all the models in the 1K Club to date (in order of photos):

  1. Cierra: 2,075 photos
  2. Mindee: 1,911 photos
  3. Madison: 1,832 photos
  4. Layla: 1,802 photos
  5. Kellie: 1,610 photos
  6. Wendy: 1,421 photos
  7. Jordana: 1,266 photos
  8. Kayleigh: 1,241 photos
  9. Kimmie: 1,094 photos
  10. Abby: 1,062 photos <---
  11. Charlee: 1,059 photos
While I've always enjoyed shooting Abby's photos, I can honestly say that I've enjoyed some of her latest work the most. Abby has expressed the same numerous times, so I'm hoping that she will continue to find time to do new sets. She booked her football theme over a year in advance as she was very eager to show her home team spirit. We were originally going to do another set that same day, but time wasn't on our side (see blog: "Today's Shoot - Abby").

I see no reason why Abby's photo total won't keep rising in the future. Hopefully I'll be back here to do a new, updated footography when she breaks the 2,000 photo mark. If I can help it, I'll try to make sure it doesn't take her seven more years to get there. More photos of Abby is never a bad thing.

Until then, enjoy the two samples from her still unposted Covered Bridge set. This was shot prior to the Black Knee-highs set, but we wanted to get that one up in time for the start of football season. So this one will be posted in the coming months.

Abby sitting in front of the covered bridge.

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