Monday's Shoot - Ryan

I can always count on Ryan to take great photos whenever we shoot. From her 2011 debut in the Wu's Feetlinks Deadliest Catch feature set, up until today, she just has a presence, and above all else, has fun when in front of the camera.

My plan this summer was to try to get Ryan to do more sets than we had done in the past. Last year we only shot three new sets and we've already done that this year with plans to do a lot more next month. If you read the fifth part of the Soles of Silk Model Statuses blog series back in April you might remember what I said about shooting Ryan more often this year. If you missed it, here is what I said in that blog:

Why I don't have more pictures of Ryan is beyond me. I have a set of her waiting to be posted, but I work with the girl and she's also one of my best friend's roomates. We talk all the time about shoot ideas, so this year, I'm going to push to get her in front of the camera a little more often. I'm sure she won't mind and I'm sure you won't either.

Back in June Ryan and I actually planned on doing the shoot we did today. Mother Nature said otherwise, however, and it rained off and on the entire day. We soldiered on and ended up getting in two good sets nonetheless. Check out the blog Today's Shoot - Ryan (June 10, 2013) for how that day went.

But today was the day. Today was the day where Ryan and I finally got to do a shoot in front of some roller coasters. We planned on doing one of these shoots three summers ago, but that day the park was just so crowded and it would have eaten up a lot of our ride time. We said we'd do it on another date, but until now, never planned it. With the rain out mentioned in the blog piece above, we finally made new plans and Ryan got to bare her soles in front of some wild rides. It's extra fitting too as Ryan is also a big fan of roller coasters.

Ryan posing in front of a roller coaster.

When we entered the park we went straight to the back end. On the way I looked around for possible angles and places too shoot. Luckily for us the park was slow on this 90-plus degree day. It's either that or everyone was in the water park. Nevertheless, we had our pick of spots in front of the coasters.

As we walked back toward the front of the park we found several spots where there wasn't a soul in sight. Well, there were two soles in sight, and might I add, cute ones, but that's different. Sorry, couldn't pass up the chance for a cheesy pun. Anyhow, we snapped a bunch of photos in several locations and then did shoot and moves in others.

At one point we were walking through a part of the park where water jets shoot up out of the ground. I thought it would make for a cute photo as you could also see a couple of the coasters in the background. Ryan kicked off her shoes and I snapped a few shots. Out of nowhere this ride attendant comes from a nearby ride to tell Ryan she has to put her shoes on. I just laughed thinking to myself, "Yeah, that's not gonna happen in a few minutes when we walk away to the next location."

Once we made our way back to the front of park I told Ryan we had taken enough photos and could finally ride some rides. After my road trip vacation a few weeks ago my Coaster Counter app on my iPhone had me listed at 199 total roller coasters. With a coaster added to this particular park last year that I had yet to ride, that's where we went. I'm glad to have finally hit that 200 mark, but I'm much more excited by the turn out of Ryan's photos.