Monday's Shoot - Marcy

On July 8, 2013 I posted a blog titled, "Today's Shoot - Mindee & Marcy," where people got to see Marcy pose for her first sets for Soles of Silk in several years. I won't get into the details on why or how that day went here. You can click on that blog's link above for all that information. Instead, this blog is to cover her newest photos Marcy just got finished posing for three weeks after her big return.

When I shot Marcy back on July 8 I told her I didn't want to go too long without seeing her in front of my camera again. I figured I'd probably see in her August sometime at the earliest, but when she approached me about shooting at the end of July, I saw I was open and booked it.

Up until last night I wasn't exactly sure where I wanted to do Marcy's shoot. We only had about three hours to play with, so I didn't want to go too far away. I didn't want travel eating up our time. And after how yesterday's shoot with Aspen went with having to start and stop over and over again (see "Today's Shoot - Aspen"), I didn't want to chance coming away with very little to nothing.

The location I ended up picking is a place I shot Mindee a few years ago. I knew there were still a lot of locations left to still use, however. It is a park I used to go to as a kid with my parents every summer to catch turtles. I figured it was a good bet for some variety.

When Marcy and I got to the park, she couldn't stop saying how pretty it was. That's always something nice to hear while on shoots. I find when the model is in love with her surroundings, it inspires her to want to do things I might not even think of - whether it be poses, places to shoot, etc. That was the case with Marcy.

For Marcy's first shoot we walked out onto the long boardwalk area I used to catch turtles. That was years ago, however, when there was more water. In recent years there has been a lot of home building in the immediate area. Run off had made the water much shallower and in some spots, even created small islands. One part of the boardwalk, right by where we shot, is even all crooked from all the fallen trees and run off that has pushed against the pillars. Regardless, the area is still beautiful.

Marcy showing off how wrinkled her soles can get.

Marcy started her first set off the day off in her white sandals. She playfully began striking poses up on the railings. You know, right next to the sign that said, "Do not sit or climb on fences." She's such a rebel! But it looks cute and I shot it. I know, I contributed to her delinquency.

Before long Marcy was slowly pulling off her sandals without me even telling her. If I remember correctly she said, "I want these shoes off now!"

As a foot guy, those words were music to my ears. I pointed the camera at her feet and began taking photos. She began unstrapping her shoes and pulling them off slowly. But when she had them off, she spoke out again saying, "Patrick! You need to rub lotion on my feet."

Yeah, her instructions just kept getting better and better. In my book bag I always carry a few things. One of them happens to be a bottle of lotion. Outdoor sets can dry a girl's feet out quickly, so I always bring it along. With the lotion in my palm, I grabbed her feet and rubbed it into her slender feet for a minute or so.

Marcy looked right at me with a gaze and said, "That's it?"

I said, "More after the shoot. That's just enough to moisten them up for now."

Before dropping her feet, however, I put them to my nose for a playful sniff. "At least they smell nice now too," I said jokingly.

She laughed and asked me if they smelled at all. I put them back to my nose and inhaled for a bit. I said, "Nope, they smell like lotion now."

Marcy responded, "I took a shower right before you picked me up too, so they're not stinky. Sorry!"

She knows what I like. And with that, I told her lets finish up the set so I could give her a nice long foot massage.

Marcy looked at me with this cute pouty look that she does and said, "You better!"

Man did I ever miss this girl all those years. Shooting Marcy is so damn fun, but I digress. Back to our shoot.

With Marcy's soles now bare she began sticking her feet all over the wood fences so that I could get right up into them for some pictures. She was wiggling her toes all about, scrunching them up real nice. Knowing she struggles to spread her toes, I made sure I forced the issue. As playful as Marcy is, watching her fight to spread her toes is pure fun. I should really do a clip of just her trying to spread her toes. It would be behind the scenes gold!

At this point we had to do a quick pause for a mother and her children coming into the immediate area. It was nothing like Aspen's Jefferson Rock affair yesterday, so we stayed put for a few minutes, which gave me time to rub her feet a little. No complaints from her, of course.

Once everyone was out of our background Marcy began posing again. We got some great pose shots and some more sole shots from other angles. And of course Marcy felt the need to climb on the fences again. I think she just wanted some of the cops we saw back in the parking lot to come down and put cuffs on her. That would have made for a fun second shoot!

After shooting a video clip we walked around the park for a bit to find our next spot. We ended up going with a large tree stump that was by an outdoor presentation area. The stump was big enough for her to get on, so after she changed, that's where she sat her booty.

Marcy seated on a large tree stump.

Before we began shooting, I told Marcy to pull her black sandals off real quick. I applied more lotion to her feet and gave her a slightly longer foot rub. She commented on how nice it felt and I promised yet again to give her a really nice long one when we were done shooting. She gave a little cheer of approval and we were underway.

In sandals yet again, Marcy began posing her feet in various poses. She had told me earlier that she was in charge for the day and to be honest, I was letting her strike many of her own poses. Although I still gave suggestions, Marcy was on the ball today with just doing her thing. I found myself telling her, "Hold that," or "Do that again," for poses she was doing without my instruction.

Before long it was time to remove these sandals too. Those beautiful soles of hers were back in front of my camera and I couldn't help but give them a fun little tickle, or rub between shots. They're just so cute!

The entire time I was shooting this set I commented on how the grass in the area right around the stump was not cut. There was an older gentleman cutting grass off in the distance, but everything in the area except this spot, was cut. I figured that maybe they used a smaller mower for this spot instead of the riding mower, so I paid it no mind.

Right after I got done filming Marcy's clips for this shoot, another park employee rode over and teased us that we were keeping his coworker from finishing up the grass. Low and behold the reason it had never been cut was because we grabbed the area before he was finished. He just went elsewhere while we took photos. Since we were done we apologized, but he laughed saying it wasn't a big deal. And with that, we were off to the much awaited, foot rub!

Marcy and I walked back towards the car, but took a detour over by a fishing pond. Around the pond are numerous benches. We picked the one with some backing to it so Marcy could sit back and relax. I gave her my camera and she looked through her photos as well as some I had left of Ryan on my camera card. Those photos were from Ryan's most recent shoot in front of the roller coasters (see Today's Shoot - Ryan).

I ended up rubbing Marcy's feet for about 40-45 minutes while catching up. We also had a few fun conversations that I won't repeat here, but it was good times. If she would have had more time, I would have just kept rubbing those adorable feet of hers. Guess that means I have to schedule with her again. I wonder what I'm doing in another three weeks?