Monday's Shoot - Kelsey

Back on April 6, 2013 I wrote the third part of the blog series titled, "Soles of Silk Model Statuses." In that third part I made mention of Kelsey and said the following:
"Kelsey was a regular model on the site until a number of months ago when she became a mom for the first time. She's ready to pose again, so once the weather gets warm, expect to be seeing her return to show off her trademark soft soles and pudgy little toes."
Well, here we are at the end of June and Kelsey has finally made her return. We had this date planned for over a month now. I had tried to schedule as many models as possible to shoot before I was scheduled to go away on vacation. Kelsey picked June 24 and it was a date I was looking forward to. Kelsey hadn't shot in over two years. She was overdue, but we almost ran into some trouble. Just like most of my other plans this month, the forecast was calling for rain and a chance of thunderstorms.

The morning finally arrived and the sun was shining. I checked the forecast and it said that there was still a chance for the rain and storms, but I was hell bent on doing these photos - just like with Ryan several weeks ago (Today's Shoot - Ryan).

After Kelsey came by we got in the car and took a drive to a location I have been looking at for a while. For the entire ride the skies were clear and I really thought we'd luck out. I should have known better. When we were less than five minutes away, the skies let loose on us. It was pouring.

Thankfully the rain only lasted about 5-10 minutes and by time we found a place to park, it was over. When we got out of the car, however, we found the day just became very muggy. The humidity was horrible. I knew it was going to be a tough day to shoot.

Before we did any shooting we took a stroll around the city to look at a handful of potential spots I had eyed up on Google Earth. After walking by a few of them and not liking the setting as much as I had hoped for, we made our way to the capitol building. In front of the capitol is a large fountain I really wanted to use. Luckily for us, there wasn't that many people there.

Kelsey in front of the capitol fountain

The only shoes Kelsey brought with her was a pair of black flip flops. I decided to have her start off the set in them before kicking them off. Since we were walking around in the city, her feet were a tad bit dirty by time she got them off.

Every so often we'd have people make their way out of the capitol building and take a long look all around the fountain. We kept having to start and stop the shoot as the grounds were not the best for poses that weren't obvious. Hell, at the end of the set Kelsey even said she heard a woman walking by telling another woman, "He's taking pictures of her feet."

Sadly the set wasn't as large as I wanted it to be as the fountain was turned off when the skies grew dark and large rain droplets began to fall again. This time around we could hear thunder off in the distance. I put the camera away and we made our way to a shopping mall to get out of the rain and cool off for a bit. During the break I even stole a candid under the table foot shot of Kelsey for the site's Instagram page (@SolesofSilk).

After we cooled off and quenched our thirst we made our way back toward the car where I figured we would shoot the next set. My original plans were to use this very long foot bridge, but by the time we got there, the sun was just in the wrong spot. All the places where Kelsey could sit down and pose were covered in shadows from the nearby trees. Shooting it from the other way would mean she would have had to sit on the ground for the entire shoot. I find ground shots to be okay, but an entire set of it? No. We instead crossed the bridge and found a spot on the island out in the center.

Once out on the island we were also finding it very hard to locate a nice spot for her to sit down and pose. There was so many neat locations, but it was just finding an area to actually sit down and shoot. All the benches we found at first were under trees and the light was just bad. When we came upon an elevated overlook spot that I thought might be good, it was closed for the repainting of railings, benches, and tables. We just couldn't catch a break. Finally we found a few benches out by the boats where you could see all the bridges spanning the river in the background.

At this point, I won't lie. I was a sweaty mess. I knew Kelsey had to be feeling the same way. I playfully Tweeted that I wished she had brought her work tenners on the site's Twitter page (@SolesofSilk). Anyhow, I told Kelsey to stick her feet up and we'll get the set started.

Kelsey's soft soles close up

I didn't want Kelsey in her flip flops this time, but when she kicked them off this time they were even more dirty! I said screw it again and shot them as is. I think it worked nicely though as it was natural.

During the set we had a few more people pass us by and I'm sure they had to have seen Kelsey's feet kicked up and me pointing the camera right at them. This time, however, we just kept shooting. It was too hot and we had taken longer than I had planned to do these two sets.

After the set was over we made our way back to my very hot black car. Thankfully the air conditioner didn't take long to cool us off. We were on our way home shortly thereafter. And during the drive we talked about planning some other sets in the coming months since we didn't get in as many as we wanted to today. Still, it was nice to get Kelsey's soft soles back in front of the camera after all these years. I sure missed them!