Sunday, June 2, 2013

Sunday's Shoot - Aspen

Aspen in the falls for her Wu's Feetlinks Feature.

Today was the day. Today was the day that Aspen and I had been trying to get in the books since April. Today we finally got to shoot the Wu's Feetlinks feature gallery set. And I said "finally" for a reason. That reason I will explain at a later date when I post an entire blog about how this amazing set above came to be. It wasn't easy and deserves a blog of its own. So I'll save that detailed look for when Wu posts this set at the end of the month. For now, let's just focus on today's events.

After planning to take the day off for several weeks Aspen and I made our way to a nearby nail salon to get her nails painted blue. I know how many people love blue nails and thought it would work perfectly with the bikini. And I realized right away that today was going to be fun. While Aspen was getting her toes painted I texted her from the front of the salon to tell her that I'd love to shoot pictures of her with the small Asian girl painting her nails. Moments later I get a candid photo of one of the Asian woman's feet in her high heel sandal. I posted that to the site's Instagram (@SolesofSilk), if anyone is interested in seeing.

Once we left the salon the clouds rolled in and it began to drizzle. This happens every time Aspen and I have plans to shoot - especially when the shoots involve bikinis. Aspen was mad, but we saw the clouds move off shortly thereafter. We then made our way to the location featured in the photo above - a waterfall I had never heard of along the Susquehanna River in Pennsylvania. Once again, thanks to Google Earth for the assist on helping me find yet another amazing location.

Upon entering the park we looked for a lone bridge over the creek I had saw the night before on Google Earth. Once we found it, we parked nearby and grabbed our stuff. The walk was minor, but there was a very steep drop off from the trail above down to the falls. And when we finally got down to the bottom, we saw there was a couple already there with the same idea. They took a few cellphone pictures while we looked around. Shortly thereafter they wished us luck with ours photos and departed. We now had this beautiful location to ourselves. I suggested we make use of the main part of the falls first in case anyone else came by. Aspen agreed.

I had Aspen start this set off in a white tank top over her American flag bikini. I loved the design of the tank top and knew you'd be able to see the swimsuit underneath - especially once it got wet. And it didn't take us long to both get wet. Of course, Aspen looked much better than yours truly with Aspen telling me it looked like I peed myself.

Whenever Aspen and I do photos we end up doing quite a bit of artistic ones as well. She loves being in front of my camera, and truth be told, I love getting the chance to do some non-foot fetish stuff too. Of course with this being a feature set for Wu, I couldn't neglect those adorable size 8s for too long. But all in all, we got some awesome artistic and awesome foot fetish shots. You'll probably see many of the artistic ones in the feature set too because I'm just so proud of them and I think people will like them nonetheless.

Today was just a great day with a great girl. It was also my birthday and Aspen even made me a card from a traced cutout of her own foot (see below). I swear she's one of the sweetest girls I've met in a long time.

Generally I don't like to "spoil" a feature set that appears on Wu's by teasing any shots beforehand, but it's not like I posted a foot focused shot, so think of it as a teaser - something Aspen is quite versed in (teasing).

But back to the photos shoot...

After taking about 160 photos (yeah, that many), we decided to wrap up the set. We originally planned on doing a second set followed up by a long relaxing foot rub on a blanket. The massage was her birthday gift to me - me giving her one, of course. Getting all wet in the falls, however, Aspen asked if we could skip right to the foot rub. I sure didn't mind and said yes.

After climbing the hill, we made our way back to the car and found a spot in the park to spread out the blanket. While I tended to Aspen's soft soles she looked over the pictures, commenting on how much she loved them. I told her I loved them too, but was too busy to look at the ones she liked as I was rubbing away on those heavenly feet of hers. Those heavenly feet that were featured in those very photos - photos that are some of the best I've done in a while.

During Aspen's massage I sent a text to Mindee, who was originally supposed to pose for me tomorrow. Mindee mentioned to me yesterday that she might need to postpone until a later date. I decided to check in and see what her plans were as Aspen offered to pose again tomorrow. Mindee told me to go ahead and shoot with her and was glad someone could stand in.

A few minutes and few dozen bugs flying/crawling by later, Aspen was getting irritated. She literally told me, "Get your licks and kisses in on my feet because these bugs are really getting on my nerves."

Who was I to argue? I did as I was told and began smooching away on her soft foot bottoms. And since Aspen and I have this playful thing where calls me her "bitch" and instructs me how to pamper her feet, it felt just right. It wasn't the first time she playfully told me what to do and when to do it while at her feet. Sure it won't be the last.

Anyhow, back to the kisses. So we're in a park - not a heavily populated one, but there were a few cars in the parking lot and we saw a few people walking during the massage. Of course a couple minutes after I begin laying on the kisses, an older couple comes right off the trail and I make eye contact with the husband. I had Aspen's soles planted firmly to my lips and my eyes were just peeking over her toes. Yeah, busted! Oh well, it was my birthday present and I was enjoying myself. No regrets! And if you want to see some pictures of me enjoying myself, they're also on the site's Instagram page (@SolesofSilk). There you can see two shots Aspen took of me happily being her "foot bitch."

Now I'm just waiting for tomorrow as Aspen and I will be doing some more photos. She has even promised that she is finally going to let me smell her sweaty feet after her morning work out at the gym. Aspen has always resisted letting me sniff her feet when she knew they had been sweating or in shoes all day. Needless to say, I was astonished that she just plain as day tells me I can do that tomorrow. Cake is so overrated for birthdays! Aspen's feet... now there is my desired treat!

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