Saturday, April 6, 2013

Soles of Silk Model Statuses - Part 3

In part 2 of this blog series I gave the current statuses of 15 of Soles of Silk's models. Those models were: Charlee, Cheri, Chloe, Chrystine, Cierra, Colleen, Danaya, Dani Dare, Danielle, Debbie D., Delicious, Emerald, Faith, Ginger, and Jacklyn Lick.. Now in part 3 we will look at the next 15 models from the roster:

Jamie - size 7
Jamie - Here is one of my models who hit me up each and every time she gets a little bit of free time to shoot. Since she is going to college away from home, we don't get to see much of each other unless it's during the summer. That's when we've made use of the time. Since then, however, we've been able to get some shoots done on breaks. Right now Jamie has four sets waiting to be posted and I'm sure she'll be doing more in the summer too.

Jaylee Austin - size 6.5
Jaylee Austin - Layla's younger sister, I've only ever shot with Jaylee when I was going over Layla's to do some shoots. Since Layla hasn't been the easiest to keep in touch with over the last couple of years, I haven't had any shoots or contact with Jaylee. I'm not sure if she'd pose again. I'll have to ask Layla if/when we talk next.

Jessie - size 9
Jessie - If you had asked me early in 2012 if Jessie would be doing anymore photos for the site, I would have guessed no. Later in the year, however, we managed to chat about her returning to the site for the first time in over three years. We made plans and got three new sets in, two of which I'm still waiting to post.

Jordana - size 7
Jordana - Jordana has become a fixture on the site for most of its existence. Although we do not shoot on a regular basis (she lives out of state), we do shoot a bunch of sets each time we do. At this time I am totally out of sets with Jordana, which is a rare thing. We've talked about getting together here in the months to come and I'm really pushing for some outdoor sets.

Kat Noir - size 8
Kat Noir - I met Kat Noir online when she used to run her own website. It has since closed and her email addresses no longer work. I believe she has stopped modeling to focus on family and life, so I doubt you'll see anything new from this cougar.

Katie - size 9
Katie - A one and done model, Katie posed immediately after turning 18. When she began dating her former boyfriend shortly after, she didn't pose again. I really wished we had shot some more sets in that short span as her bigger feet were a short lived hit with people. Katie is now currently married (to that same guy), so I doubt she'll ever pose again.

Kayleigh - size 5.5
Kayleigh - Until a few months ago I would have expected Kayleigh to be one of the site's regular models for years to come. I say until a few months ago because she went and moved half way across the country. I have two sets of her that I haven't posted, but she told me recently if/when she comes home to visit family, she wants to do some new shots. While Kayleigh might not be as regular as she was the last couple of years, she should still be having updates.

Keira - size 8
Keira - I met Keira through the twins, Kimmie and Kellie. She came by to do some shooting one day and I was able to get her in a solo New Year's set (Sample 01 / Sample 02) as well as a trio set with the twins (Sample 01 / Sample 02). We were never able to make plans afterward and the twins don't seem to be in regular contact with her either. 

Kellie - size 5
Kellie - I see Kellie almost every week. We always discuss trying to set up new dates to shoot, but never seem to come up with anything concrete. Right now we have some tentative plans to shoot some twin sets again with her sister, Kimmie, next week. In addition, I still have a set of her shot last summer waiting to go online.

Kelsey - size 6.5
Kelsey - Kelsey was a regular model on the site until a number of months ago when she became a mom for the first time. She's ready to pose again, so once the weather gets warm, expect to be seeing her return to show off her trademark soft soles and pudgy little toes.

Kerri Taylor - size 8
Kerri Taylor - I only met up with Kerri Taylor once. Layla mentioned her coming into do some shoots with her and wanted to know if I wanted in. I said sure and I was able to get in a couple of solo sets with Kerri as well as a duo set with Layla. We've never shot again and really don't talk much, if at all. I don't know if you'll ever see Kerri on Soles of Silk again, but I'm not opposed to it for any reason.

Kim T. - size 6.5
Kim T. - Talk about a mystery model. I made friends with Kim T. and her ex-husband back in the days when I ran The 10 Little Piggies (actually prior, finding them in Leg Show Magazine). Kim posed for that site, but was nowhere to be found when I began Soles of Silk. Out of nowhere she contacted me via a text message, doing so accidentally. Since we had each other's attention, we made some plans for her to make a Soles of Silk appearance. We did three sets and I really figured she'd be back to posing before she disappeared again. I don't know what she's up to these days, or how to find her. If she were to return again, it would have to be by her contacting me the way it looks.

Kimmie - size 5
Kimmie - I see much less of Kimmie as opposed to her twin sister, Kellie. That being said we have some plans to hopefully shoot some new pictures this coming week. I have nothing left of Kimmie to post, so I'm looking forward to whatever I can get of her and her sister.

Krystie - size 6.5
Krystie - One of the former models on my old site, Krystie didn't debut with the launch of this one, but made a return a few years later. Shortly after she began dating a new boyfriend who wasn't crazy about the idea of her being on a foot fetish site and she told me she wouldn't be posing again. We really aren't in touch with one another these days, so there is no reason to expect anything new from Krystie.

Lady Steph - size 7
Lady Steph - This firecracker, who lives about an hour and a half to the south of me, has only posed for me several times. We always talk about doing more, but for some reason we just never make the plans. She's overdue for new pictures as I have nothing left of her. While she doesn't make what I'd call regular appearances, I don't expect Lady Steph to become a total stranger to the site.

... to be continued in Part 4, which will include the following 15 models: Lauryn, Layla, Lexi, Lisa Tyler, Lizzie, Madison, Marcy, Maria, Mariah, Meagan, Mileena, Mindee, Molly, Natalie, and Nessa.


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