Thursday, April 4, 2013

Soles of Silk Model Statuses - Part 1

Back in 2009 in the site's columns section, I did a series mentioning the statuses of each and every model on Soles of Silk. Being it is four years later and there are numerous new models, I thought it would be as good of a time as any to do a newer, updated series.

Many people send emails asking me if certain models are still posing. While many times those models are, I just haven't gotten around to posting a new set of them. Various reasons such as a backlog of content, scheduling conflicts, and more can cause some of the models to fall behind. So with this blog series I'm going to cover whether each model is still posing, if she has any sets already shot, or if there are immediate plans to do new sets.

Having over 70 models on the site, I'm going to do this blog in several parts. It would be too long to do in one shot. That being said, here is the statuses for the first 15 models on the site:

A'Kasjia - size 4.5
A'Kasjia - I only shot with A'Kasjia one time, getting in two sets. She was always interested in doing more, but we never found the time. Currently A'Kasjia lives half way across the country and we aren't in contact much. I wouldn't expect a return from her, but if she should ever come home for a visit or move back, I would try to hit her up again.

Abby - size 6
Abby - I see Abby almost every day at work and she is still posing for me. Abby has two sets currently shot that are waiting to be posted. We have also discussed getting in some more sets here in the spring and summer. The site's resident "Wrinkled Sole Queen" isn't going anywhere.

Alaynah - size 7.5
Alaynah - I have only shot the one New Years 2013 set (Sample 01 / Sample 02) with Alaynah thus far. Being she is still in high school (yes, she's 18) and working, we just haven't had the time to plan any new shoots. The original plan was for her to wait to pose until spring, but when I saw an opening for that New Years set and offered it to her, she was all over it. Don't worry, her little Indian feet will be back sooner, rather than later.

Aliza - size 6
Aliza - Perhaps one of the more unique situations with the site was the fact that Aliza was removed from the site about two years ago. She had since returned and it took me quite some time to get her never before seen sets onto the site. Before the weather got cold last fall, Aliza was able to squeeze in a couple new sets with me. I have yet to post these sets, but they'll be coming soon for sure. As for Aliza, she's horrible at communication, so we haven't been in touch for a while.

Amber - size 9
Amber - I haven't talked to Amber in years. She was one of the site's debut models, having posed for my previous site, The 10 Little Piggies. All of her sets were shot prior to the site's opening in 2004 and none have been done since.

Amelia - size 7
Amelia - Coming to me late last year, I squeezed in a couple sets with this model because I didn't want to wait until 2013. I currently used the last remaining set of her that we had done, but we've been talking about doing more. With the weather getting nicer soon, I am looking forward to spending some more time with Amelia in front of my camera. She's excited to be more active as well.

Andrea - size 6
Andrea - I haven't shot Andrea in years. After posing for a few sets for Soles of Silk she expressed to me that for personal reasons she was no longer able to do so. It was upsetting as she was the most shot model on my old site, The 10 Little Piggies years before. We're still in contact with each other, so if she should ever change her mind, I'd welcome her back in an instant.

Ann - size 7.5
Ann - I only met Ann one time. She was a friend of Wendy and I'm not even sure if they're still close.

Aspen - size 8
Aspen - Since Aspen posed for me the day after turning 18 in 2012, she hasn't gone long without being in front of my camera. I actually just shot a quick set with her this past week. She has four sets waiting to be posted and we have plans for a handful of others here in the spring/summer months. She is also slated as Wu's Feetlinks June 2013 Feature Model. You'll be seeing a lot of this girl.

Autumn - size 8.5
Autumn - I see Autumn at least once a week and I've told her numerous times that she has to find some time to get back in front of my camera. Although she's never expressed not wanting to pose anymore, she just doesn't seem pressed to find that time. It's been years since she's posed and it's been years that I've been telling her to find me some time. She's a question mark for future updates.

Barbie - size 6
Barbie - Another model I only met one time. She was traveling with Danielle several years ago when I met up with her for some photos. I ended up getting Barbie to pose as well. For some time after I was in contact with Barbie and we had plans to shoot again. Years have now passed since those communications, so I wouldn't expect her to return. I'm not even sure I have current contact info anymore.

Bethany - size 8
Bethany - I was really hoping to have Bethany as a site regular after she debuted. I only met with her several times to shoot. Because she lived several hours away, it wasn't easy to plan regular shoots. We lost contact briefly, but the last I've heard, she's moved to California and I doubt I'll ever see her again. She'd be someone I'd love to have back, but I just don't see it in the cards.

Briezzy Lane - size 8.5
Briezzy Lane - This long-toed model only posed for several sets and they were all done on the same day. She was traveling with Jordana and agreed to pose. I never really was in contact with her as the planning of the only shoots we did went through Jordana. I'm not even sure if the two are in contact themselves.

Carlin - size 6.5
Carlin - Here's another model I wanted to have on the site on a regular basis. Instead I've only gotten to shoot with her several times, doing a handful of sets each time. I currently have one set of hers still not posted. I was holding onto it as Carlin is currently pregnant and I knew it might be a little while longer before she's back in front of the camera again. When she's feeling up to it, however, I'm going to push the issue of wanting to shoot a lot of stuff.

Carmen - size 5.5
Carmen - One of the site's most well-known models from it's early days, it's been years since this cutie posed. I always wished she could have been a regular, but a number of years ago, Carmen moved several states away. We missed each other once when she returned home for a couple of days to visit family. While I see no immediate plans to see Carmen on the site again, I've always toyed with the idea to go visit her and take my camera with me.

... to be continued in Part 2, which will include the following 15 models: Charlee, Cheri, Chloe, Chrystine, Cierra, Colleen, Danaya, Dani Dare, Danielle, Debbie D., Delicious, Emerald, Faith, Ginger, and Jacklyn Lick.

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