Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Hot Feet Week: 2012 Edition, Part 6 - Olivia

The blog below was originally published in Soles of Silk's Column section. It was archived and then republished here in 2016.

Continued from Hot Feet Week: 2012 Edition, Part 5 - Nikki

After getting home from Nikki's shoots I began uploading her photos to the computer. While doing so I started looking for a place to shoot Olivia in a few hours. I sent her a quick text to see if she was still limited to two hours, which she was.

About an hour before we were set to shoot I decided shoot locally to maximize our time to try and get in two sets. I drove out to a waterfront park that I have used in the past with several models, including: Faith, Cierra, and Nikki. Faith did her Flower Flip Flops set, Cierra her Muddy Shoreline set, and Nikki did a set on the Boat Ramp all at this same park. It gets hard not to use a few locations over and over, but I can usually find a spot I hadn't yet used. That was the case with the two sets Olivia did for me to cap off my vacation week.

Set 16 of the Week - Broken Tree Table
Before Olivia and I were set to meet at the park, I headed down to scout out possible locations. I wanted to be sure we didn't have to waste shoot time looking around for a spot to shoot.

I ended up finding a recently downed tree that was literally hanging over a picnic table. About a week and a half prior, the region experienced some bad thunderstorms and it looked like this tree was blown over. The storm was also responsible for the downed tree on the path in Nikki's set earlier in the day and was also the reason why the gift shop at Blackwater Falls was closed in West Virginia on the day Mileena shot. Yes, it had that much effect.

Anyhow, I had Olivia start this set off in her black flip flops under the tree. After a while I got her up on the table itself and she began kicking them off to reveal her bare soles.

By this time the sun was out in all its glory. Earlier in the day, when I shot with Nikki, the sun was mostly behind the clouds. Fast forward to the evening and it was no longer the case. Both Olivia and I were feeling the heat. It was probably a good thing she kicked those flip flops off before they got sweaty, huh? Maybe not...

Set 17 of the Week - Rocky Shoreline
The second set presented a bit of an issue. I had scouted out several other locations to shoot after we finished up under the downed tree. Well, all three locations just so happened to have people hanging out around them. No one had been at any of them for over an hour prior to us shooting. It figures!

I decided to just start walking and find a spot to shoot Olivia's second set. After passing a few spots we decided to just shoot on the rocks that lined the shore. There was a small tree hanging over the rocks with some plants in the distance. It was good enough for me.

Olivia climbed down on the rocks and I followed behind her. I was cautious as my back was still bothering me slightly, but I ended up being okay. I just didn't want to take a tumble here and not only hurt myself, but probably destroy my camera in the process.

I had Olivia find several rocks and stick her feet out toward the camera. There wasn't going to be much creativity with poses, so it was up to me to get good angles - and I think I did. In many of the shots you can also see some of the sun shining through the nearby trees out on the rocks and onto Olivia as well.

Once we were done the set Olivia and I headed back to our cars. She wanted to look over her photos before departing. I handed her the camera and we made some small talk about an idea we have to go up to Atlantic City and do some sets. We're both really excited for that. We're planning something like Mileena's day where we do a larger number of sets. But for now, you have 17 total sets from six different models to look forward to. I hope you like all the sets you saw and I'd like to thank Mindee, Ryan, Mileena, Kellie, Nikki, and Olivia for giving me some of their time this past week to do some awesome photos at some awesome locations. Let me know what sets you like. I'm sure the models would also like to hear some of your comments.

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