Hot Feet Week: 2012 Edition, Part 2 - Ryan

The blog below was originally published in Soles of Silk's Column section. It was archived and then republished here in 2016.

Continued from Hot Feet Week: 2012 Edition, Part 1 - Mindee

After trying to come up with a couple of locations to shoot Ryan the night before after finishing up with Mindee, I was driving to Ryan's with two shoot locations I really wasn't crazy about. When I arrived to find Ryan in a cute dress, looking damn good, I knew we had to come up with something else. The locations I had come up with wouldn't had worked with the outfits she picked out to wear. I thought she looked too good to make her change into more casual attire too. It was now time for a group brainstorm.

After throwing around ideas Ryan suggested we just go downtown. She said there was enough interesting stuff there that we'd be bound to find something. I agreed and we went on our way.

Set 3 of the Week - Inner Harbor Pier 5
I drove us to a location where I had done a handful of sets in the past with the likes of Kimmie, Mariah, and Carlin. Of course two of the locations Ryan really liked I had used before. Those being the waterfront bench from Kimmie's City Marina set and Carlin's Katyn Memorial Fountain set. She gave me some playful banter about using up all the good spots as we kept walking.

Getting closer to Baltimore's Inner Harbor, I pointed out a few locations I had shot Aliza, saying if worse came to worse, we could reuse those locations. We, however, found a spot by one of the cities historical buildings. It was along the waterfront and had a nice view of the city. We found ourselves a bench near a lamppost and began.

In the set Ryan did quite a bit of shoe removal shots and even put them back on at the end. Usually I have the models remove the shoes and shoot the rest barefoot. Sometimes I start them off barefoot and have them put their shoes on toward the end. I don't recall if I've ever had a girl do both, so that is unique.

Once this set is posted you'll find some of the shots in this set are a little on the artistic side. Ryan enjoys posing and she inspires me to kick it up a notch and add in a little of my artistic talents. Yes, the shots are still about her dreamy size 8's, but some of the poses aren't the typical sole, toe, or shoe shots. If you've looked through her past sets, you've already seen similar - especially in her Railroad Spikes set as that one was on the artsy side as well.

Set 4 of the Week - Aquarium Fountain
Since I had plans later in the evening to shoot with Kellie and since Ryan had previous obligations, we decided to find a second location nearby. After taking a quick break to cool off in a deli (it was a toasty 98 degrees outside), Ryan changed and we were on our way.

When making our way over to the Baltimore Aquarium I told Ryan that one of Aliza's sets was done in front of the building, but along the side there was a water fountain I had always wanted to use. So that is where we went.

With it being so hot the walls of the fountain were scorching. There was no way Ryan could have laid on that wall or even sat on it. Luckily for us, a corner area of the fountain was in the shade. We walked over and I put my hand down on the wall. It was warm, but not even close to hot. I was a little worried about the color in the set though. Shooting in the shade with the majority of the background in the sun can mess with your light meter. But I lucked out. I snapped a couple test shots and they looked good.

This set has Ryan starting off in some white sandals, but after pulling them off, they don't go back on - as in the previous set. In this set you'll see Ryan's dirty soles from stepping on the city sidewalks between photos. Believe me when I say it doesn't take long for a girl's feet to get dirty when shooting downtown. By the end of the set, however, Ryan is sticking her feet into the fountain and showing them off. This set has a bit of everything.

Once this set was completed Ryan and I began a long, hot walk back to the car. During that time, Kellie sent me a text saying she was going to be done really late at work and she was still up for shooting. She doubted, however, that we'd have enough daylight to shoot outdoors. She offered to do indoor shots, or reschedule if I preferred. I told her we should reschedule because I really wanted to shoot outside. Most of her recent sets have been done indoors as we shot them in the winter.

Oh well, now I had a couple of days to plan where I wanted to shoot Kellie and go over my plans for Mileena, who agreed to do an entire day of shooting. I had already picked a number of locations along a four hour road trip, but wanted to go over them again to be sure.

Continued on Hot Feet Week: 2012 Edition, Part 3 - Mileena

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