Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Hot Feet Week: 2012 Edition, Part 1 - Mindee

The blog below was originally published in Soles of Silk's Column section. It was archived and then republished here in 2016.

In the past few weeks I've been quite busy getting in photo shoots with the likes of Jamie, Charlee, Wendy, and Jessie. This past week, however, I was on vacation and wanted to make use of an entire week off. I made plans with a handful of models throughout the week.

The temperature during this time was some of the hottest in the Baltimore/D.C. area - hence the column title, "Hot Feet Week." Of course the feet before me were just as hot, if not hotter than the 100 degree temperatures the girls and I were encountering.

On Monday I had plans to shoot with Mindee. My plan was to only shoot models who had no photos remaining for me to use for future updates. Mindee, however, was my only exception to that. I had one unpublished set of her from a little over a month ago. Mindee had told me a a couple of weeks back that she'd be going out of town a few times and would be hard pressed to find time to shoot. Because of this I made an exception and penciled her in. Can you blame me anyhow? I mean, come on, it's Mindee! Honestly, I probably would have made plans with her if I had four sets of her still unpublished.

Set 1 of the Week
- Water Wheel

In the days prior to our shoot, I was still trying to determine where I was going to shoot all of the girls, with one exception, Mileena, who was scheduled to do a an entire day of shooting and thus, I prepared her locations well in advance. In Mindee's case, the day before I was looking over some shoot locations when I found a park on the west side of town. Along a stream in the park was a large water wheel that had been preserved. Being a sucker for unique locations, I knew I wanted to use it.

On the day of the shoot Mindee and I had a little bit of an issue locating the entrance to the park. The park is quite large and we were looking for the entrance closest to the water wheel. We still had to walk a trail to get to the location, but on a day where the temperature was just under 100 degrees, I wanted to minimize the walk as much as possible.

Once we arrived and made our way to the water wheel, Mindee got to posing. She started the set out in a light purple pair of flip flops. Mindee had a purple theme going on with her shirt being almost the same color as her flip flops and her toes freshly pedicured in a darker bluish-purple. That color was picked the day prior when she sent me a text asking what colors she hasn't done in a set. I told her purple and yellow were the only colors - not counting white, black, or metallics.

The location ended up being a little on the darker side as it was totally under trees. A number of the photos came out a blurry and/or dark, but there is enough of this set that remains for all of Mindee's fans to enjoy.

Set 2 of the Week - Gwynn Falls Rocks
Mindee's second set on the day was done at the same park. After changing her clothes we made our way along the path to our second location. There was a small bridge along the trail I intended to use. I have been having good luck shooting around bridges lately, as Mindee knew since she had done the recently posted Paper Mill Bridge set the month before. Anyhow, while on top the bridge we both looked over to see a ton of large rocks with some small waterfalls and rapids going through. I looked to the end of the bridge and saw a small path going down under the bridge. I suggested we go down there to see if we might want to shoot there instead. Once we made it down, we knew we liked the scenery below better.

During this set both Mindee and I struggled with balance and finding comfortable spots to shoot and pose. We made due, however, and I got some really great shots with the rocks, water, and bridge behind Mindee's soft soles and smiling face. At the end of the shoot I even had her putting her feet down into the rapids some for some artistic toe shots. I really like how these came out and I am sure a few of them might find their way into the Wallpapers section of the Downloads area.

We only had time to shoot two sets this day. I tried to book more time with Mindee later on in the week, but without any luck. She really wanted to pose for a few more sets, but was unable to do so. I told her to find me some time once she gets back from her upcoming trips and she agreed.

After the drive home I uploaded all of Mindee's pictures to the computer and then began brainstorming for the next day. Ryan was set to pose in the afternoon and Kellie in the evening.

Continued on Hot Feet Week: 2012 Edition, Part 2 - Ryan

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