Up to My Nose in Feet

It was so nice to have both Charlee's (left) & Jamie's feet planted to my nose.

The blog below was originally published in Soles of Silk's Column section. It was archived and then republished here in 2016.

Cute title, huh? Yeah, I thought it was perfect especially with these two great photos taken by none other than Charlee (top) and Jamie (bottom), which features both of their feet on my nose. It was taken just before we started shooting their first ever sets together on Monday.

The two are good friends and I told them I wanted to get them to pose with each other before summer was over. They both took a day off work and we made the plans. We ended up getting in two sets with both of them together, and then after a short thunderstorm, a set with each of them solo. All in all, it was a very productive day with some great photos.

Toward the end of the day, when I was shooting Charlee, Jamie came up behind me and expressed a desire to take a couple of photos of Charlee. I handed her the camera and let her take some shots. I said I'd display them in a column on the site. Then added that when Jamie posted afterward, Charlee could then take some photos of her too. Those are the photos you see up above. Too cute, huh?

And then there was the night cap. For several hours I switched back and forth between rubbing Jamie's and then Charlee's feet. I got in some real solid one-on-one time with each of their feet. And then there was the stuff dreams are made of. I got to rub both of their feet at the same time. I did this several times throughout the duration as well. The girls even managed to grab a photo or two on their cellphones (not posted). It was fun times! This all lasted for a couple of hours.

Switching subjects, and models, leads me to Wednesday. I have talked to Ryan about getting together for another set. She told me she is open tomorrow before we head into work. If the weather is good, she should be back in front of the camera again. Not sure of a theme/location yet, but I'll figure something out. Looking forward to her posing yet again.

And then there is the model who started this whole thing years ago - Abby. It has been forever, but Abby has agreed to pose next week. If everything happens as planned, I should have a few new sets of her to post real soon. I'm sure I'll post one of them ASAP since it's been so long since she's last showed off those baby soft, wrinkled feet here on Soles of Silk. WAY too long!

I've also had talks with a few other models about planning some shoots with no concrete plans yet set. Those models include: JessieMindee, Shae, Mileena, Carlin, Kelsey, Layla, Lady Steph, Taylor, and Nikki.

Over the past few weeks, I did manage to get in some new sets with several models as well. That list includes: Jordana, CierraKayleigh, and of course, Jamie and Charlee.

And finally, several of the girls have mentioned that they have friends interested in posing for the site too. Be on the lookout for some new feet to possibly be showing up soon.

Two feet of two different girls (Charlee & Jamie). Talk about bliss!

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