Cierra Slides Past Madison as Most Photographed Model

The blog below was originally published in Soles of Silk's Column section. It was archived and then republished here in 2016.

Since this site opened, one model had sat on top with the most photos of any of the others. That model was Madison. I say "was" because with this week's Baby Oiled Feet set, Cierra has slid past Madison's total of 1,832 photos with her 1,844. It's only 12 photos more, but more photos nonetheless. Both girls have 28 total sets as well.

Truth be told, Cierra would have overtaken Madison's total months ago, but I decided to hold the several sets I had of Cierra's back. Cierra was unable to pose for a few months and I wanted to make sure all of her fans were getting at least a small taste of her little feet every so often. With her Baby Oil set now posted, I'm only sitting on one more set of hers, which is previewed below. It is a blueberry pancake and syrup set. We thought it would be a small nod to one of her early sets where she smushed a Blueberry Pie in a set (talk about messy). This pancake set didn't get quite as messy, but boy did those pancakes taste good.

With Cierra now tops on the charts, I don't expect anyone to be taking over soon. The closest is obviously Madison, but Madison hasn't posed for over a year now and has pretty much forgot all of her friends once she met the guy she's seeing. So unless Madison suddenly leaves him and wants to pose again, I don't think you'll see Cierra in anywhere but first on the list for total number of photos. The next closest after Madison is Layla at 1,632. Mindee, at 1,209 has been doing a lot of photos over the last year, but she's still quite a bit behind.

In some of my other columns, I've done what I like to call "Footographies." I treat them like a small bio/shoot list - like you'd find online or on a DVD pertaining to your favorite actors. I usually do them when a model hits 1,000 photos, or does something I deem special. And although I've already done a footography on Cierra, I want to do an updated one here with a small break down of some thoughts I had about each set. I am going to post the shoots in the order they were actually shot and not the order they were actually posted. It helps me to remember the days a little better.

It was Cierra's first set and one of the three we did that day. This was shot even before the site was open. I had seen Cierra's little feet before this day, but it was the first time I ever got to really look them over this much.

Broken Wood Bridge
The second set of the day had us in the woods. I had her keep her flip flops on to start the set, but pull them off by the end. Had a few shots I even found to be a little artistic in this one.

Picnic Table
We had already used two neat locations, so for the final set on the day I decided we should just be simple. Her feet were already dirty from the Broken Wooden Bridge set above, so we kept them that way and had her pose those soles on top of a picnic table.

Pink Stockings/Easter
This set I actually had fans write up a small set description and the one that Cierra liked the best, she'd do as a set. The winner would get the stockings we used (only requirement of the set) mailed to them.

Blueberry Pie
We did this one the same night as the Easter set above. I figured I'd try to get in a second set since she was coming by for the Easter one. When I texted her and asked her what she thought about smashing a blueberry pie under her tiny feet, she said "sure." I think this set created a monster too because since then, Cierra is always wanting to step in something messy. 

Chesapeake Bay Bridge
This set was done because we were heading out to do some bikini photos for a side project I was working on. I liked the location and since we almost died getting out there on these rocks (Cierra doing so in flip flops), we decided to do a foot set there too.

Watermelon Smash
Yes, another smashing set. Funny thing was, we were almost to the park when I said, "Oh shit. We forgot to go buy a watermelon to do your watermelon set." We laughed, but then found a grocery store. Sadly though, all the watermelons they had were seedless. I wanted those little black seeds to get stuck between her toes, but oh well.

Green Playground
Man was this set HOT! Of course it was hot because Cierra is so pretty and her feet are heavenly, but I also mean temperature wise. It didn't help that this playground was one of those eco-friendly ones that had recycled tires instead of sand/dirt below. All that black rubber was making it so hot and you could smell the rubber. Would have much rather smelled Cierra's feet!

Train Bridge
Cierra and I decided to do a quick set one day and I couldn't think of a location. Then I remembered this train bridge that passed over a street way back from where we'd be seen. Plus, I NEVER saw a train on that bridge. We decided to use it, and although Cierra was scared she was going to get smashed by a train most of the shoot, she sure did one of her best sets - looking so sexy.

Muddy River Rocks
I've said above, I created a monster. It doesn't have to be food either. Cierra likes getting her feet dirty. The set above she also got her feet dirty, but that was more of a blackened sole dirty. This was mud from along a river. It was mushy and Cierra sure had some fun looks on her face in this one.

Crayons/Color Book
While waiting for Mindee to finish up something at her house, Cierra and I did a set at the dinner table of her "trying" to color a coloring book with her toes. Picasso, she is not, but cute as hell, most certainly!

Sock Smelling w/ Mindee
Once Mindee finished, both girls got on the couch and put on their tennis shoes and socks. Well, Mindee already had hers on. Cierra had put hers back on after her Crayons set. Both girls pulled each other's shoes and socks off and this was the first time I noticed just how sweaty Cierra's feet got. She wasn't even in her socks/shoes for 15 minutes and they were drenched and had sock fuzz clinging to them. Mindee laughed and teased her.

Fuzzy Boots
Wanting to capitalize on my newly found sweaty foot model, I told Cierra I wanted her to do a set wearing her fuzzy brown boots without socks. She laughed and told me her feet were going to be real sweaty. I told her that was the plan and she was obviously embarrassed. It had the desired results though and I even got to smell them and massage them a little.

Cookie Dough
I had been wanting to do a set with a girl smashing cookie dough between her toes since I first opened the site. With Cierra loving to have messy stuff under her feet, I figured she'd be perfect. I was 100 percent correct. Talk about gooey. And best of all, we baked the cookies. Yummy!

Tickle Me Elmo w/ Kimmie
When I walked past Cierra's son's room and saw all the Tickle Me Elmo stuff, I knew I wanted to do a set. After all, many of you like ticklish feet. We asked Kimmie if she wanted to take part and she agreed. It turned out to be such a fun set between those two.

Donut Smashing w/ Jessie
Jessie and Cierra used to be roommates and Cierra got her to do a couple of sets for me. Jessie and I have been talking about doing more as of late too, but in this particular set, you can see her and Cierra having a bunch of fun doing what Cierra loves best - making a mess with her feet.

Asian Fountain
Two days in a row Cierra and I took a trip south to just outside Washington, D.C. to do some photos at a botanical garden. I used to go to this location while in art school for nature scenes and wanted go back and do some photos there. The first location we used was the Asian style fountain.

Bell Fountain
The second set we did on the first day was also at another water fountain. This one had these flowers that reminded me of bells. Being I know nothing of flowers, I called this the bell fountain set. Cierra looked so cute in the middle of this location. It was just beautiful without her, breathtaking with.

Metal Fountain
On the second day we went back and found yet another water fountain area to use. I had wanted to use it the first day, but there were people all around. We lucked out on this day as no one was there. We got some great photos of her feet up in the water.

Hollow Log
The final set we did at the botanical gardens during our two day visit was inside this massive, hollowed out log. It gave her a chance to get her feet dirty - which it seems like she craves. Best part was, the dirt was dry, but with the way her feet sweat, you can easily see in some photos (mainly along her arch) where the dry dirt was getting moisturized by her foot sweat.

Wu's Feature - Foot & Size Tease
When Wu asked about Cierra doing a feature set, I was excited. She was perfect as one of my site's main models and one who I always have great sets from. But what to do? Well, I decided we could try something a little more outside the norm for Soles of Silk (well, then anyhow - since some of the girls have since asked to do sets like this). We ended up doing a foot and size tease set. In it, Cierra shows off her little feet and makes fun of guys with little... well, you know! Be sure to check out the full set, Foot & Size Tease, at Wu's Feet Links.

Workout Stations
On a free day we both had, I asked Cierra if she'd mind getting in a few sets. Never one to turn that down, she said sure. We met in the late afternoon and went over to a nearby college. They have a walking trail with little stretching stations scattered all over. Going around the path, I had Cierra pose her sweaty soles on most of them. Hey, foot modeling is hard work - of course her feet would be sweaty! Okay, they're always sweaty... Right Cierra?

This set we did right after the one above back at her apartment. Cierra has a thing for Converse shoes. She has so many pairs. I told her we should make use of them in a set. Always looking to exploit her sweaty feet, I told her no socks. In the set she pulls on and takes off a couple pairs of shoes. And yes, you can see some of that trademark sweat going on too.

Trix Cereal
After doing the Converse set, we made way into the kitchen for the last set of the day. This one was my idea, but Cierra sure didn't mind. I had told her in conversations that she was doing so many food sets, or asking to, that she needed to let me save some of them for the other girls. Well, when we needed a last minute idea, this was what I came up with. Good thing too because this set turned out to be so colorful and fun. So one less food item for one of the other girls. Oh well...

Ravens Stadium
Each year I do a Ravens themed set. I asked Cierra to do one. She was so excited. She had a new Joe Flacco jersey and got a pair of black and purple Converse. This time I let her wear some socks too. It was, I think, 99 degrees outside that day - that's what my car read. It was so hot, but Cierra was hotter (as always).

Silver Heels
The last time Cierra and I got together was to do mainly a Valentine's Day themed set. I got a hotel room for the day, so I told her I'd like to just shoot as much as we could into the night. The first set we ended up doing was one with a pair of silver high heels she brought with her. She expressed that she really wanted to use the shoes in a set and I said by all means. I love when a model is passionate about wanting to do a set and I am all for it.

Baby Oil Set
This set is the set that is being posted this week. We did this set up on the dresser, under the television. The surface of the dresser was a shiny stone surface and I thought it would be great for letting the baby oil puddle up under her as it dripped off. It worked out great, except for the fact that it seemed to stain the stone slightly. Oops!

Gray Socks
I wanted to throw my sock fans some love, especially those sock fans who also love sweaty feet. Cierra brought some cute socks to sleep in, but I told her she had to wear them in a set. She said sure and we got her up on the bed and had her pose away. She had lots of fun with this one, as evident by some of her silly expressions. Gotta love her!

Blueberry Pancakes
This is the only set of hers that I haven't posted at this time of this column. So I hope you enjoy this sneak peek from the set. Anyhow, I said we should make use of the kitchen in the hotel so we didn't overlap on backgrounds. She agreed, so I ran to the grocery store and grabbed some blueberry pancakes and some syrup. Thought the blueberry pancakes were a nice ode to the Blueberry Pie set from years ago.

Valentine's Day Tub
When I asked Cierra prior to the trip what she thought about doing a lingerie set in a hot tub where she'd also be wearing thigh high stockings and high heels, she said it sounded neat. I was so glad because I hadn't yet used a hot tub for a set all these years, and thought it would be even better if she was in wet clingy stockings and had bubbles on her heels. Aside from the water being hot as hell and the photo lights adding to it, the photo set came out quite cute. It was also nice to end the night by jumping in and relaxing for a bit.

Well, those are all the sets to date I have of Cierra. I can't wait to get her back in the swing of things and doing some more photos. She'll easily hit the 2,000 mark once she does. Here is to even more! Thanks Cierra for all that you've done and for being a great friend.

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