March Madness

Mindee's feature set combines the fetish with comics in a blend so many nerds will love.

The blog below was originally published in Soles of Silk's Column section. It was archived and then republished here in 2016.

Most of you know the term "March Madness" as the annual NCAA basketball tournament. Well, in 2010 the month of March has had just as much excitement for me, but has nothing to do with basketball. With only hours remaining in the month, I want to do a recap of some of the month's many highlights (in no particular order).

Wu's Feet Links Feature
First off I want to mention the biggest news. Once again a Soles of Silk model is representing the site in Wu's Feet Links Feature Model section. Several months ago Wu asked me if I'd like to do another set, this time with Mindee. He let me pick the theme for the set and I ended up using an idea I've been sitting on for some time - a series for the site. Being a huge comic book fan, I thought it would be neat to have girls do "fan girl" sets of different super heroines. I had thought Mindee would be perfect for Power Girl sharing some of the same qualities - namely blonde hair and a busty chest. What a better way to kick off the series than with this feature set?

Mindee's Power Girl & Piggies set was posted over the weekend and has had some positive feedback from fans of both Mindee and her feet as well as comic books. Be sure to check it out by clicking on the banner above.

Been waiting oh so long to shoot with Ginger!

Ginger Debuts
Not familiar with the girl above? That's okay, you soon will be. Ginger is a friend of mine that I've been after to pose going on 10 years now. I originally asked her when I was in college and ran The 10 Little Piggies site. She never would pose, but sure had fun denying me the privilege of doing so. There was only one moment of victory for me back in those days as it pertains to her feet. She once let me give her a foot massage when we were both buzzed at a friend's party. She of course rolls her eyes whenever I mention it.

Fast forward a few years and Ginger and I and weren't really in touch. She had moved out of state and it wasn't until last year that we touched base again. Having mentioned my new site a few months ago, I went for broke and asked her to pose again. To my surprise she said yes. Last week she had an opening in her schedule and I took it.

Ginger and I did three sets in the few hours worth of time we had available and boy was I happy with the outcome! Best thing was that Ginger really enjoyed posing and loved the results. Next week you'll get to see the above set in its entirety.

I don't think it will take long for Ginger to do some more photos. She was already tossing around possible ideas for the future. I know I sure as hell can't wait to do them.

It had been too long since I shot with Kellie.

Kellie Poses Again... Finally
It's probably not so evident to most of you, but it's been quite a while since I did some photos with Kellie. Since I generally do a lot of photos with a handful of models, Kellie being one of them, I tend to have photos in waiting to use. 

Well, Kellie's reserve has been bare for too long and we finally got together yesterday morning. We squeezed in a quick set before she had to go to work. I always love seeing those tiny feet in front of my camera and you'll soon get to see that set here on Soles of Silk.

Kayleigh's little feet keeping making their way in front of my camera.

Kayleigh Brings It Again
The same week that I shot Mindee's Feature set on Wu's Feet Links I also got together with Kayleigh for photos. It was a nice day and it was actually her idea to get in a couple sets.

The first set has already been posted and has the Alice's Adventures in Wonderland book theme. The response to the set was overwhelmingly good, just like her previous sets.

Kayleigh has really done nothing but awesome work since she first posed last October - on the day she turned 18. And sooner rather than later you'll be seeing the second set we did that day.

Barely Legal Hottie?
About a month ago a former co-worker of mine and Mindee's cousin turned 18. She has known about the site for some time being friends with some of the other models and related to Mindee. I told her once she turned 18 she could pose. Well, she's been 18 for around a month now, but got a new job and her open time slots haven't matched mine.

Just yesterday I exchanged a few emails with her and she's really trying to find some open time to do some sets. Mindee has also been talking to her and I fully plan on trying to get both of them together for some sets too.

I have no doubt that you're going to fall in love with this barely legal babe as she's super cute and really playful.
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