Bethany at the Beach

My two day trip started with doing several photo shoots of Molly and her size 11 feet.

The blog below was originally published in Soles of Silk's Column section. It was archived and then republished here in 2016.

As you read last week, this week I went to the beach for several days and got to spend time and do photographs with the ever-so-popular Molly. We had an awesome place to shoot and we also ran out onto the beach for a few shoots as well. You'll be seeing some of those photos soon. But I had an unexpected bonus to the two day photo trip. Molly had mentioned shooting a friend of her's named Bethany

"Bethany is shy," Molly told me beforehand so I didn't know if that meant she probably wouldn't do it.

Well, the first night Molly had called and asked Bethany to come over and hang out with us in the hot tub. Bethany took her up on the offer and when she came by, I prayed Bethany would agree to pose for the site someday. Little would I know it would be only hours later.

Bethany is so cute and has an innocent look to her. She also happened to have gotten a pedicure two days before the night we met and her toenails screamed attention as they were painted in a hot pinkish-orange color. I was impressed.

Molly was kind enough to have mentioned me prior to that night, so Bethany knew of my site and work. As we all sat in the hot tub Molly asked Bethany if she'd like to pose her feet for me the next morning/afternoon. Bethany agreed and I swore I heard the roar of a stadium of fans. It might have been the alcohol though. I was just so happy she agreed. Molly was right, however, and she was quite shy that night. I didn't have much of chance to talk to her directly about it.

I got up the next morning and planned where I was going to shoot Bethany. I decided to make use of two of the rooms in the condo I hadn't shot Molly in the day prior. I also couldn't pass up doing a swimsuit shoot with Bethany since we were at an ocean resort town. And from the night before I knew she has a great figure.

Bethany's first shoot ever saw her smash cupcakes under her adorable feet.

When Bethany came by, she made small talk with Molly and the others who were staying with us. A few minutes later the others left us to our photos. This is when I learned just how nice of a person Bethany is. She was all smiles as I let her know what to expect during her shoots. Her first shoot was going to be smashing all kinds of cupcakes, so that might have influenced those smiles. I figured that would be a fun shoot to start with and open her up to. Either that or I am just a goofy dude and she couldn't help but laughing at me.

That smile was amazing, as I got to see a lot more of as she pressed her size 8's into the plate of cupcakes. She laughed the few times I swiped a piece of cake from the plate for a quick sugar fix, although those feet looked much sweeter to me. During that and her second shoot, which was a school girl theme, Bethany really impressed me for a first timer. I expected she might be overly shy doing the photos to begin with. I was wrong and I told her quite a few times she was doing an awesome job. 

The last set I did with Bethany saw her up on the rooftop of our condo wearing a bikini.

We ended up doing a third shoot with her in her bikini on the rooftop since the beach was full. All that in about two hours time. I would have kept on shooting if we had more time (she had to leave for work). I was also having a blast and found her to be a great person.

My only regret of the day was that I wasn't able to get Bethany and Molly in a shoot together. The two, I am sure, will be more than happy to put their feet side-by-side one day, however. I can't wait.

Thanks Molly and thanks Bethany!

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