Wednesday, June 1, 2005

New Sole Mates for June

The blog below was originally published in Soles of Silk's Column section. It was archived and then republished here in 2016.

Here we are on the first day of June. My birthday is on June 2 and I'm getting to celebrate all month long with new models. Check out what's coming up here in the next few weeks.

June 8 - Part 1: This update will bring two new sole mates to the site. The first is Chloe, who is another personal friend of mine. Chloe has a cute pair of size 8.5's and has enjoyed having them massaged by me a number of times. You're going to love her soles and playful toes.

June 8 - Part 2: Also coming on this update is Chloe's good friend, Meagan. Meagan's little size 6.5 feet are going to impress for sure. Chloe told Meagan about this site and as soon as she saw it, she wanted to pose for us. According to Meagan, she loves the camera.

June 15: Soles of Silk gets a new sole mate named Cheri with a pair of tiny size 4.5 feet. And guess what, she's Indian. Not only will you see her, but she'll be flanked in her debut by Kimmie, Kellie and Carmen in a cute four girl set! A must see for sure!

June 22: A very sexy Layla, an experienced model, but new to foot modeling, will be joining us. According to Layla, she loves foot rubs and thinks foot fetishes are great. She also says she's very ticklish on her feet! Perhaps something with tickling will be in order?

June 29: We end the month with a lick, a Jacklyn Lick to be exact. Many of you know her from her site Foot Goddess, but she'll be showing off her sexy feet for all of us here on Soles of Silk on June 29. Just like with Lisa Tyler, I like to occasionally meet up with some of the foot world's celebrities combining their feet and modeling with my photography style. I am highly anticipating this meeting.

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