A Public Display

The blog below was originally published in Soles of Silk's Column section. It was archived and then republished here in 2016.

Have you ever noticed how many photographers for foot fetish sites use places like a park or marina as the backdrop for their photos? As of this update, the contributors featured here on Soles of Silk have nine sets (both of Steph's sets counted as one) that were done outdoors. And the Soles of Silk sole mates have so far combined for 17 published outdoor sets. I say published because there are a number of shoots that are awaiting your eyes for the future.

So this begs the question, "Have you ever seen someone outdoors taking foot photos?"

One of several sets I shot of Layla in Baltimore's Fells Point.

In my day I have done dozens of outdoor photo shoots and quite a few of them were not in what you would call a secluded spot. Just last weekend I was in Baltimore's Fells Point taking photos of next week's newest sole mate, Layla. For those of you who aren't familiar with Baltimore, Fells Point is one of the oldest areas of the city. It is rich in maritime history and is one of the hottest spots for nightlife in the city with countless bars and shops. But during the day, which is when we did the shoot, it isn't uncommon to find a festival or fair of some sort going on. That was the case the day that I met up with Layla for the first time.

Layla and I ended up doing a number of shoots in different locations around Fells Point and were passed by lots of people. Some people would pay you no mind. After all, this is the city and you get a wide array of people. But for the most part, people were checking us out as they walked by or sat on a nearby bench. I've grown quite accustomed to the glares. The only time I really stop is if they're in the way or if they're young kids.

Being out at Fells Point for three hours with Layla only one person had a foot related comment. A biker-looking guy told me to, "Photograph that dirty foot" as he passed me taking a close up of Layla's dirty sole. I just looked up at her said, "There's always one!"

Shooting this set in public drew the ire of a nearby woman playing tennis with her husband.

In reality, however, most people keep their mouths shut. The only time someone was offended at the foot photos I was taking was during the set that was posted this week with Carmen, CheriKimmie, and Kellie playing dodgeball. Without repeating what I wrote entirely on that page, I'll just say that a woman thought what the girls and I were doing was "disgusting" and she "couldn't believe it." Whatever lady!

So, since foot fetishism is the most popular fetish out there and being most people don't bother to comment, does that mean that most people don't care or maybe even think it is neat? Probably not. But you do have to ask yourself, "I wonder how many fetishists sat there watching?" There was a restaurant with outdoor seating close by where Layla and I were shooting at one point last weekend. I can only imagine if I was on a date at that restaurant with some of my past girlfriends and saw someone else taking photos of Layla out there. I probably would have been smacked for watching.

It's hard to tell what all those who pass me and any of my models by during a shoot, but I still wonder, how many foot people out there enjoy the free show?

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