All in Good Tastes

The blog below was originally published in Soles of Silk's Column section. It was archived and then republished here in 2015.

Amber's sticky foot after being pulled from a banana split.

It is the first ever, "Sweets for Feet Week" here at Soles of Silk. In celebration of Valentine's Day, there are a number of photo sets, both original and contributed, that are themed with food crushing, mainly sweets/desserts. So what better time to explore the added turn on of food with your feet? Whether it is Amber's banana split, Sara Swirl's chocolate pudding, Britney Sweetstink's miniature fruit salad, Genie's strawberries and cream, or your very own food of choice, for some, seeing a pretty girl pressing her toes down into a tasty dish is just delish!

When I debuted Soles of Silk on Dec. 30, 2004, I opened with two food smashing sets — Lauryn's waffles and syrup and Madison's strawberry shortcake. Both sets were huge with members and those who saw the contributions on Wu's Feet Links. I am still getting comments on both.

Although many have a sweet tooth for both waffles and the strawberry shortcake, foot fetishists couldn't get enough of seeing both those foods coating the girl's size 8.5 soles. Lauryn and Madison had a blast doing the shoot and although food on feet is not my favorite (I love straight up bare feet), I have to say these sets are the most fun to do with the models.

Recently I was able to catch up with Madison and get her opinions on the whole feet with food idea. She had some great insight to why she thinks people are into seeing food on feet. She also took a few minutes to share her feelings on her strawberry shortcake shoot.

"I think a lot of people think about certain foods when they think of sex — strawberries are sexy, chocolate-covered strawberries are even better," Madison said. "Strawberries are a sexy food and chocolate is a natural aphrodisiac."

Britney Sweetstink's fruity contribution to Soles of Silk.

Britney Sweetstink, a regular contributor to Soles of Silk also has her own view on the subject. She said, "I think it is because they want to be dominated by a female. They like to imagine they are what is being crushed."

Since Britney offers custom photos and videos, she often gets request to crush things, though not only food.

"I get lots of guys wanting me to crush things! Believe it or not, I get more people wanting to see me crush insects. Lots of guys want to see me crush testicles as well... Ouch! I get some requests for fruits and eggs as well," she explained.

Having done a number of these requests for her fans, Britney's favorite food to crush thus far might surprise you. She admits to loving the way an egg felt as her sexy feet busted a few cartons.

"My favorite crushing moment with food would have to be eggs! I smashed a few cartons of eggs in a custom video once. I really loved the way the egg yoke felt all over my feet. I kind of reminded me of something else, if you know what I mean," Britney joked.

Madison, who has only one food crushing set so far on Soles of Silk had this to say about stepping her heavenly size 8.5's into a strawberry shortcake. "Since strawberry shortcake is my favorite I was very excited to hear that you wanted to use one. I had a lot of fun doing that shoot. I got very messy."

In a recent poll held in the Soles of Silk Forum, I gave fans the power to vote on an upcoming food smashing set to be done with Madison and Lauryn. There were five choices to choose from: grapes, caramel, macaroni & cheese, chocolate chip cookie dough and jello. When the poll closed on Feb. 6, chocolate chip cookie dough won with 35 percent of the vote. Jello finished second with 24 percent. Grapes was third with 18 percent and caramel and macaroni and cheese tied for fourth with 12 percent each.

Excited about this upcoming cookie dough shoot with Lauryn, Madison said, "I wanted cookie dough to win! I think it will be fun because it's so mushy and I think it will feel so good in between my toes!"

Lauryn, who voted for grapes has also suggested some other food options for a set, namely honey. But if she is disappointed that her grapes finished third in the voting, I don't think I will have a problem watching her squish grapes between her long, powerful dancer toes. If I don't get drunk on the sight of her doing it, I am hoping to get drunk on the wine created between her stunning toes. I'll be sure to bottle some for later.

Another model who is eagerly awaiting a photo shoot with a watermelon is Cierra. When we were throwing around ideas, she perked up and staked claim to the idea. She loves pink and plans on making sure her feet are covered in the pink juices of the watermelon. But with the contest that is currently running to win her pink stockings from a photo shoot, you fans could choose a food of your liking for her to step in. It would be posted on the Easter update. So if food tickles your fancy, make sure you tell Cierra you want to see her step in the food of your choice!

Getting back to Britney, I asked her if she could have a choice of any one thing to step in for a photo shoot, what would it be? Her answer was quite unique and one that made me smile.

"I'd probably pick chocolate. My main reason for picking that would be so I could smash it all over your face as I pressed my soft smelly feet all over your nose! It would be a major turn on to me to see you sniffing my feet as you licked the chocolate off with your tongue. How strange this fantasy involves you doesn't it? I like nice guys and I consider you one of the best. Nice guys always win with me. I can't stand selfish rude people."

Now I say it is about time someone appreciated us "good guys." Thanks Britney! And since I am a "good guy," I hope you enjoy the sneak peak at a photo from one of Sue Lovely's future sets where she smeared peanut butter and jelly all over her adorable little Asian feet. Talk about a sexy set! See, reading these columns has its perks!

Sue Lovely replaces the bread in this sandwich with her little feet.

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