Cute to Some, Nasty to Others

The blog below was originally published in Soles of Silk's Column section. It was archived and then republished here in 2015.

For about seven years now I have been know to many of my friends as the "foot guy." Yes, I have gotten teased and messed with over an over, but in the long run, being open about my foot fetish has had more than its share of benefits—female friends wanting foot massages, showing off their fresh pedicures, wanting me to critique their shoes, and best of all, modeling proposals.

But having had the three year break between The 10 Little Piggies and Soles of Silk, I pretty much stopped taking photos of female feet. I was no longer in college, so my pool of potential models dropped off quickly. When I decided to create Soles of Silk I had a number of friends such as Amber, Carmen, Madison, Mindee and Cierra who knew of my fetish. Asking them was no problem. And then I had the pro models such as Maria, Sue Lovely and Lisa Tyler who had posed for foot fetish shoots before with other sites.

To those girls, my foot fetish isn't all that strange. Although some of the girls don't really understand the attraction, it isn't gross to them.

Lauryn was excited to know all about foot fetishism, what foot guys like, and why.

And then models such as Lauryn come along. A friend of Madison, Lauryn was curious to know about the fetish. She immediately started thinking of other guys she knew who might have a foot fetish. She asked me many questions. I felt like I was being interviewed for a change! But it was cool and she finds the fetish to be neat. I know she sure doesn't mind the foot massages between photo shoots... Madison either!

The same holds true for Sara Swirls. Never having posed for a foot fetish shoot, she found the fetish to be interesting and wanted to know more about it. Again, I was practically interviewed as she asked me question after question about feet and what the attraction to them is all about.

But every so often I come across a girl who thinks feet are just plain nasty. This was the case with a girl I dated at the end of 2003. She couldn't stand someone touching her feet, much less wanting to do things such as smell or lick them. It was a struggle to get her to allow me rub them while we watched television, but sometimes she caved and I got her size 7's in my hands. She'd never say it felt good though. Well, except when she was a little tipsy. Then it was like, "Rub my feet. It feels nice." [Editor's note: This girl would later pose for the site. Her name is Paige Noelle.]

That relationship was short-lived, but as odd as it may sound, this former girlfriend knows of this site and has mentioned she'd pose for it if I wanted. You have to love women sometimes! Where was the eagerness to show off her feet when we dated?!?!?

And just this week I was talking to a new friend I work with about things and I ended up showing her this site. Her immediate reaction was, "Ewww. Feet!" But she didn't knock me for having the fetish. She just doesn't like feet.

I defended the fetish a little, but there are some people's minds you cannot change. I pretty much told her of the site because she is a very attractive girl and wouldn't mind her being a model for Soles of Silk. Just the week before she had been talking about getting a pedicure and wearing flip flops when it was freezing cold outside. I was thinking her feet might be pretty nice and it sounded like she didn't mind showing them off. Wow, was I wrong!

Hearing such comments I am not sure if I should still even pursue such a model, even if she wanted to do it. The girls appearing on the site now all seem to either like their own feet or find the fetish to be interesting. I think that attitude makes for some good photos because the model is into showing off her feet. But maybe I am wrong. I guess time will tell if I bring in a model who hates feet and finds the fetish strange. What do you think? Hey, I've converted some girls who were skeptical before.

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